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Thurs, 18 Sept 08 – Episode # 4719

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ She Just Wants To Feel Normal “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 18 Sept 08 – Episode # 4719]

Note – due to various circumstances, this guide is less detailed than usual.

Miles [vph] reminds jai that he has an excursion today, whilst Kirsty [with Ollie in her arms] tells mils that she’s sorted out her finances and doesn’t need to borrow money form him.

At the school, martin gives Kirsty some letters etc to type. He urges that he isnklt to be distracted for next 30 minutes. After he goes into his office, jai enters the room, he saks Kirsty for money for the excursion – she gets it form the petty cash tin.

Kirsty gats a phone call form tyeh mechanics – they want her to pay the money she owes, and Kirsty once more goes for the petty cash tin.

Soon after, mart8in accuses jai of taking money form the petty cash tin, but he explains that he was putting that money back after Kirsty lent him money form there. When jai is hones, martin has a go at Kirsty – and issues her a 2nd official warning.

Kirsty tells miles about whirl’s happened – incl about the mechanics. She tells him that she didn’t want to rely on him, Miles giobes her the $200 that she borrowed form the preey cash tin, but when she tries to put it back, Martin has the key. He tells her that that is strike 3, and fired her!!!!

Kirsty enters the vph with a box full of her things. She tells miles what’s happened, and insists that tis is all her fault, but miles is very annoyed, so he goes to the school and confronts Martin.

Martin tells mile stat he had every right to fire Kirsty, but miles tells martin that he is going to take this further =- esp. in light of the massage etc that martin gave Kirsty.

When miles gets home, Kirsty tell him that she doesn’t want to be a damsel in distress. She also doesn’t want to go back at work at the school =- as she was a hopeless secretary.

They then decide to goo out to dinner tonight [see below] and the movies tonight – and they waaaaaaaaaaay kiss.

JnM are chatting at the diner with Alf. Martha is keen to go back to work at Noah’s. Alf surges caution, as does colleen, but Martha is adamant

Next day, it’s raining when Alf approaches the bait shop. Bridget’s already opened up – ashe tells his that she works best early on the morning. Alf asks Bridget about Martha. Brigit thinks that Martha is just gong to work so she can fell normal.

Soon after, Martha talks to Bridget atb the bait shop. Martha tells Bridget that she’s miuchly helped Martha with her takles of having cancer etc.

Later, colleen visits Bridget [bait shop] and they telak about Alf. Colleen tells Bridget how Alf is a “catch”.

Colleen & jack enter Noah’s. Martha assures jack that things are gong well at work, whilst colleen t6ells Alf that she is cooking diner for the family at the vph tonight.

Leah & colleen arte in the kitchen of the diner, when colleen tells Leah that she is cooking a casserole for the vph ppl. Leah is then intrigued when colleen suggest to miles that he & Kirsty should go out to a restaurant in yabby creek tonight. When Leah suggests that colleen is up to something, colleen denies it.

That night, Alf enters the diner and order a cake for dessert tonight/ he also tells Leah that Martha is doing a full shift at Noah’s and that he can’t get her away form the place.

Bridget enters the diner and she tells Alf that colleen gas invited her to dinner.

Soon after, Alf & Bridget netr the vph. They find a candlelit table for two. Colleen sys that everyone else has other places tonight. Alf & Bridget aren’t that keen on being set up, but they start to chat. Alf & Bridget like it that the other prefers a beer over wine.

Meanwhile, at Noah’s, a customer looses a bet when Martha is able to remember all the many [at last 6] drinks that he ordered. Martha then bends doemn behind the bar and as after she runs her hand through her hair, she realises that a clump has come out!!!!!



Alf tells someone that Bridget’s asked him out on a date

Belle’s involved in a protest at the development site

Rachel is worried for Joe [who she almost adopted in late 2006] when he is bought into the hospital

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: black thin strap top/silver necklace


Kirsty : dark green long sleeve cardigan/white top/yellow [brown floral] skirt


Bridget: hot pink long sleeve blouse


Alf: black button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: white [maroon check] button up shirt/bone long pants/dark rain jacket/wide brim white hat

Bridget: black [red v neck] dress

Colleen: gold blouse/aqua top/bright multi colour skirt

Colleen: light blue [green leaves] blouse/blue long parts

Customer who ordered many drinks: black [grey check] button up shirt

Jack: light blue police button up shirt/dark blue police jacket

Jack: olive green button up shirt/white t

Jai: SBH uniform/bright green hoodie

Kirsty: off white [[brown dots] blouse & matching skirt – whit white top beneath the blouse]

Leah: red wide strap top

Martha: tan Noah’s shirtdress

Martha: white [brown dots] long sleeve top

Martha: white long sleeve blouse/dark long aunts

Martin: dark suit/white short/green [yellow dots] tie

Miles: dark grey button up shirt/light blue t/denim Jens

Oliver: brown t [over a grey long sleeve top]

Oliver: red t/black [white pandas”] jacket

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