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Wed, 17 Sept 08 – Episode # 4718

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I Don’t Want Her To See Me Looking Scared “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 17 Sept 08 – Episode # 4718]


Roman has a go at Nic & Aden because he got a call form Alf about what occurred at the surf club.

Nic is further annoyed when Roman tells him that her mum wants her car back.

Roman then talks to Aden about his plans. Aden wants to go back to work at the diner, and doesn’t think that it will be a problem with Belle. Aden also agrees to Romans’ suggestions that she should concentrate on his school work.


Annie & Geoff talk to IOrt5ene about Melody. Geoff esp. thinks that melody isn’t ready to be out of the clinic, but Irene sys that the docviotrs wanted have released her if they didn’t think it was wise.


Next day, Christine talks to Martin. She wants to enrol Melody at SBH once more. Christine thinks that familiar surrounds aetc will be good for melody. Martin accepts Christine’s idea and lets melody come to school here.

As Christine leaves the office, Geoff enters. He hands some paperwork to martin, and when he hears about melody enrolling her, Geoff voices his opposition. Martin insist tat she is going to attend this school once more.

Geoff goes onto a classroom and talks to Miles about his opisthion. Miles insists that his hands are a little tied [boiyt the miles/Kirsty situation] but he will keep an eye on melody.


Nic gets into further trouble with Alf for talking way to loudly on her mobile – Nic was fighting with her mum about the car.

Matthew Lyons approaches Aden and bad mouths his – calls him “psycho” etc. Aden tells Nic that he can’t del with this, so they decide not to go to school.


With Aden behind the wheel of Nic’s car, the pair “hoon” around the streets.


In the corridor, Matthew sees melody and immedaiet5l;y starts teasing her. Geoff, Annie & jai come to her defence, and mile shave to break up a fight tween Geoff & Matthew. Me while, Kirsty tries her best to console the petrified Melody.

Soon after, in martin’s office, Miles & Kirsty express their concerns for Melody. Indeed, Kirsty suggest that, in melody’s condition, that she should be here. Martin insists that he told Christine that he would let her attend, and he’s not changing the view.


Miles & Kirsty are talking when Melody & Christine. When they enquire about melody’s home life, Christine admits that Edwards has left her, and when they ask Melody about school, she tells them [and her mum] that school is going well.

When melody & Christine has walked way, Kirsty & miles express their thoughts on how blinkered cahrtine is if she believes melody. Kirsty tells miles that she is gong to speak to martin alone about this, but he thinks that martin dislikes Kirsty as much as he does miles [because of their ‘ship].


After Nic & Aden gets out of the car, Aden can’t believe in when Nic tells him that she & Geoff slept together on the island. He realises that that is why Geoff proposed. Nic makes it cxakler that although she & Geoff want different things form a ‘ship, she still likes him.

Talk turns to Aden & Belle,a nd Aden admits that they had the worst break up ever imaginable.

Aden & Nic talk about how they relate to each other. Aden reminds Nic how BADLY she wanted Aden when she 1swt arrived, but both now admit that she just great mates.


In Martin’s office, Kirsty expresses her concerns for melody, but martin isn’t changing his views.

In the corridor, Geoff talks to melody. She insist that he mum will be here to pick her up soon – and that she doesn’t want her mum to see that she is scared. After Geoff walks way, Melody enters a classroom.


Miles, Kirsty, Annie, Geoff & jai are in the diner, when Christine enters. She is looking for Melody. Geoff tells her that melody siod that Christine was packing her up form school, but chstriyine say that melody must have got confused.

Christine bails, and although Irene urges caution, Geoff, Miles & the others exit to look for Melody.


Martin enters on of the classroom. He sees melody lying on the floor -0 she is asleep. He wakes her, and she insist that she wants to stay her, and she feels safe here


Nic & Aden enters, and almost immediately, roman makes them aware that he knows they wagged school. He is particv annoyed at Aden. He insist that if Aden wanted to show ppl that he is a model citizen, and that kidnapping Rachel was just a one off “brain explosion”, he better not pull any more stunts like this.


Melody is in martin's office when Christine enters. Christine tells melody how worried she was. Martin asks melody to leve the room, which she does.

Martian then tells Christine that from what he has seen today, melody isn’t ready for the rigours of high school. And they he is withdrawing her enrolment. Christine thinks that martin is heartless, but he doesn’t change his stance on the matter.


Miles ^ Kirsty arc hating when Martin enterers. He tells them, that Melody won’t be attending trh school for the time being.

He also tells Kirsty that he is giving her an official warning – for telling him ho to do his job. He reminds her about the school’s 3 strike policy,

As matin leaves, miles & Kirsty are stunned – and annoyed.



Martha’s hair starts to fall out

Colleen matchmakes Alf & Bridget

Kirsty’s got bills to pay – and it looks like she’s “borrowing” money for the school’s petty cash tin

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: gold wide strap dress


Irene: purple blouse


Annie: dark blue [black straps & white floral pattern] wide strap knee length dress


Aden: SBH uniform

Aden: grey & black horizontal striped t/dark long pants

Alf: black button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: SBH uniform

Christine: black long sleeve dress – with red top beneath

Geoff: SBH uniform

Geoff: yellow [blue tropical motifs] t/olive green shorts

Irene: red elbow length sleeves blouse

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: red shirtdress

Martin: black suit/light blue button up shirt/maroon [black & white “tears”] tie

Matthew Lyons: SBH uniform

Melody: SBH uniform

Miles: apple green button up shirt/grey [black unknown motif] t/apple green [dark green check] long pants

Nicole: SBH uniform

Roman: brown t [with red t beneath]

Roman: olive green t/dark long pants

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