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Tues, 9 Sept 08 – Episode # 4712

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ If A Man Can’t Swim To Save Himself, Can He Be Expected to Save Anyone Else? “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 9 Sept 08 – Episode # 4712]

Note – computer issues mean this ep guide is less detailed than usual.

IADL will be added tomorrow

Annie tells Jai tat she saw Ruby & Miles kissing, but he insists that they have to talk to Ruby bout this.

Next day, Martin apologises at school to Kirsty for his actions. He assures her it won’t happen again.

Also, Annie tries to pass a note in class to Ruby, but Martin sees this, and takes Annie out into the corridor. He reads the note and wonders if it’s true.

Soon after, Ruby, Annie, Miles & Martin are in classroom. Annie explains what she saw [miles kissing a girl who was waeing his jacket] and what she knows [that Ruby likes Miles. Martin realises form what Annie said that Annie didn’t actually see the girl’s face – and Miles tells them all that he kissed Kirsty in the classroom yesterday/. Martin doesn’t look impressed with Miles, and Ruby isn’t keen that Annie has “spilled” all the info that Ruby told her in secret.

Later, Miles & Ruby tlak at the diner. Miles hopes that ruby still enjoys his classes, iuncl an upcoming one on bad 80s movies. Both agree that the friendship is, and I quote, “good”.

At the vph, miles tell Kirsty that he had to tell Martin about them, because of Annie’s accusation. Jai & Annie enter the room. Jai tells Miles & Kirsty that he suspected that they were together – and the he likes them as a couple. Annie apologises for jumping to the wrong conclusion bout the kiss.

Nic & Geoff search unsuccessfully for Melody. They agree to tell the police that they’d been in contact with Melody.

Next day, Alf fonds Melody asleep on the beach. He wakes way, but she runs away form him.

Soon after, Charlie agrees to Geoff’s suggestions that he should go with the police as they search for Melody.

Nic sees Melody near the school building, and as she starts talking to Melody, Nic discreetly phones Charlie = who overhears Nic & Melody chatting on her phone. Nic & Melody talk at ytehnchool about how their mums’ both want them to be something else, eg Christine want Melody to be the perfect daughter.

Charlie arrives at the school and she grabs Melody and teaks her the clinic

As Charlie brings Melody into the clinic, Melody ANGRILY calls the nearby Geoff a traitor.

Soon after, at the beach house, Geoff wishes that he’d been to help Melody more, he tells Nic that she was amazing with Melody. He also tells her tat what happened pon the island was special for him too. Geoff wonders if they can get back to9gther, but when he insists on the no [more] sex before marriage, Nic says that she can’t do it – as that would be moulding her into something theta she isn’t. They agree to be friends for the time being.

Aden & Dr Hornby has a difference of opinion about Aden’s father’s action. Hornby pus it to Aden that if someone can’t swim to save himself, ho can he be expected to save any1 else.

Next day, belle & Angelo encounter each other at the gym. They agree to go to the movies today.

At the clinic, Aden tells Hornby that he now realises that his dad couldn’t help his when his grandfather abuses him, as Larry still to scare because of what had happened to him. Hornby lies that Aden is thinking this way, and lets him leave the clinic to spend time with friends.

Later, Aden enters the beach house via Bell’s bedroom window. Belle arrives home with Angelo after the movies. Aden sees them KISS!!!



Bridget tells Rachel that she is staying in the Bay for a while

Tony tell Rachel that he misses her

Martin STERNLY tells Kirsty that he hopes her standard of work improves

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


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