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Mon, 8 Sept 08 – Episode # 4711

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ He Should Have Taken Clarkson’s Advice, And Bought An Ariel Atom “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 8 Sept 08 – Episode # 4711]


It’s the morning after the events of ep 4710, and Kirsty bails from the house, as Ruby enters.

Jai wonders why Ruby is her and she tells him that it was on her way and that they can walk to school together.

Jai goes top get his schoolbag, so Ruby talks to Miles. He apologises for what Earl did, but Ruby isn’t so worried as she knows that Miles was once homeless [and knows that homeless ppl aren’t all bad].

Jai & Ruby bail.


Nic & Roman [minus the sling on his arm, but he still has bandages] enter, And when Nic tries to talk t9o Geoff he ignores her. Indeed, Geoff bails before his order is ready and when it is, Nic tells Leah that she’ll take what goeff ordered.

Nic enters the kitchen and talk to9 Roman. He insists that she just has to keep on trying to get Geoff tro talk to her.

When Nic was bails, roman asks Charlie about Eliot – she tells him that Elliott is in prison awaiting trial. Roman tells Charlie that he honestly believes that knowing the truth has helped Elliott.

Charlie’s phone rings – and when the call ends, she tells Roman that Melody has run away form the psych clinic.


Ruby & jai are walking in the grounds close to the buildings. Jai accuses ruby of using him this morning so she could talk to Miles. Ruby admits that she’s kinda jealous because of how happy jai/Annie are, so that’s why she’s into Miles.

Ruby & jai see someone ruiding a motorcycle [a silver Ducati to be precise] into Martin’s car park – and these 2 ans everyone else [incl Kirsty & Miles] can't believe that it’s MARTIN on the bike!!!!

In the corridors of the school, Martin tells Kirsty that their recent chat inspired his decision. After Martin walks walks away, miles approaches Kirsty and he wonders [mockingly] who Martin is trying to impress. The look on Kirsty’s face makes it makes that she thinks/knows that the bike purchase is to impress her.


Nic arrives, and she hopes that she & Geoff can at least try to be normal around each other, rather than what happened this morn at diner.

In the middle of their chat, Melody arrives. She tells them that she had to get away form the clinic, and that she urges them to help her.


Whilst Jai, Annie & Ruby chat at lunch time, Martin gets on his new bike, Kirsty hands him some letters etc before Martin starts backing uip the bikes, but its waaaaaay heavy and Martiun falls over!!!!

Jai, ruby, Matthew Lyons & the others students laugh. Kirsty looks embarrassed at what’s occurred, whilst Miles gets that bike off Martin & then helps Martin to his feet.


Melody tells Geoff & Nic that her mum keeps on vitiong her, despite the fact tat melody has “requested” the staff at the clinic that she doesn’t want to see her mum. Melody also insists tat she hates that colour of the [apricot]top that she is wearing, so Geoff suggest that Melody should go upstairs and borrow some clothes form Annie.

After Melody goes upstairs, Nic tells Geoff that they rally should take Melody back to the clinic, but Geoff vehemently wants to go with Melody’s plan for them to help Melody. Nic is annoyed, and bails.


In the corridor, Kirsty tells Martin & Mingles that she will take Martin to hospital to have everything checked out after Martin’s fall.

Ruby &Annie in a omne of the classrooms. its looks like they’ve arrives at class earlier that everyone else. Annie doesn’t like it when Ruby tells her that there was a teacher/student ‘ship at her old school. Both got into trouble, but now the 2 are MARRIED< so ruby says there is hope for her.

Ruby comments on how coooooooooooool Miles is – and walks over and puts on his jacket, which was on the back of a chair. Annie hears voices and urges Ruby to tke the jacket off. Ruby does, and the 2 sit back down, just before Miles & the rests of the students enter the room.


Dr Bentos tells Martin that he’s got no fractures form the bike incident. Martin doesn’t like it when Bentos orders him home = with his knee raise for the rest of the day, but Kirsty insists that she will tell the ppl at the meeting that Martin was to attend what’s happened. Both Martin & Kirsty inform Bentos that he’s made an error when he suggests tat Kirsty is Martin’s DAUGHTER!!!


Martin & Kirsty go inside his house – it’s sparsely furnished. Martin tells Kirsty – as she lifts his leg onto a coffee table that this is his mum’s house, and he only moved in recently after she died.

Kirsty looks at a farmed pic of a woman. She doesn’t ask Martin who the woman is.


Melody comes down stairs [now in the aqua cardy]. She suggest to Geoff that she want to stay here – but he knows that Irene wonl;t agreed with that unless the clinic ppl do. Melody doesn't want them involved, but she does agree to Geoff’s plan from him to go to the clinic and tell the ppl there about how badly Melody is affected by the actions etc of her mum.


A bunch of student of near Martin’s car space. Miles investigates – and even he laughs a bit when he sees the hand drawn “L” plates, basket and pink steamers on the handlebars of Martin’s Ducati!!!!

He asks the assembled students [incl Ruby, annie, jai & Matthew] who did this, and says that they'll all be on detention unless someone come forward. Ruby owns up – jai & ani are surprised, as is Matthew [who I’m guessing actually did this].

As Miles haul’s Ruby away, there’s a big smile on her face.


Kirsty tells Leah that she firmly believes the bike purchse is all for Kirsty. She also tells Kirsty that that photo changes her opinion of Martin, i.e. now she thinks that he’s at least capable of love etc, and not just a lonely etc person that she thought he was.


Ruby & Miles are in a classroom for her detention. Miles makes it clear that he doesn’t thinks that Ruby actually did this, but she insists that she did. Before Miles leaves the room, he tells Ruby that he is going to inform Charlie of this. When Miles does leave the room, Ruby’s still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smiling though [after having just spent more time one on one with Miles]


Edward sees Charlie and wonders how the search is going. After she tells him that they haven’t found Melody yet, Edward says that they haven’t informed Christine as yet – who is in New Zealand on holidays!!! Nic overseers that last bit as she enters the diner.


Nic catches up with Geoff, and tells him about Christine being in NZ.


Nic & Geoff search the hose, but Melody isn’t there.


Martin tells Kirsty that she could be VERY happy here, and as he say it, he touches Kristy’s leg as she walks by him It’s the last straw for Kirsty, who tells Martin that she had enough of this kind of behaviour [the massage & drinks at work etc]. Kirsty bails in disgust.


Alf picks up a glass of the floor near the pool table, he wonders who put it there. Matthew [with his mates around him] says that ruby will own up to it, even if she didn’t do it.

The nearby Annie tells Jai that she is going to the school to tell Mils that Ruby didn’t do tose things to Martin’s bike. Annie bails.


Ruby frustrates Miles with his constant questions, incl whether he will marry again.

Kirsty enters the room – almost ion tears, and Ruby picks up on the fact tat Miles & Kirsty are “close”.

Miles lets Ruby bail, and after Ruby has gone, Kirsty tells Miles that she’s been running after Martin all day. Miles puts his jacket on Kirsty and they kiss.

Annie arrives & looks though the window in the door – and sees Miles kissing someone with a brown jacket on. You can see form the look on Annie’s face that she thinks that he is kissing RUBY!!!



Annie tells Martin that she saw Miles & Ruby kissing

Aden sees Angelo & Belle kissing

Nic tells Melody that she knows what it’s like to be alone & scared

Geoff tells Nic that what happened on the island was special for him as well!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: SBH uniform/brown jacket


Leah: yellow wide strap top/silver necklace


Miles: brown jacket/red button up shirt/ black [black & white pic of a man] t/dark long pants


Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: light pink thing strap knee length dress – over an apple green blouse

Annie: SBH uniform

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Dr Bentos: grey button up shirt

Edward Jones: dark blue button up shirt/white long pants

Geoff: SBH uniform

Jai: orange t/black long sleeve top

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: white [grey diag stripes] thin strap low cut v neck top – with black top beneath/red skirt/brown jacket

Martin: black leather jacket/white button up shirt/dark [white check tie] dark long pants

Matthew Lyons: brown [grey dessert scape?] t

Matthew Lyons: SBH uniform

Melody: apricot long sleeve top

Melody: aqua cardigan/dark blue top/denim jeans

Nicole: SBH uniform

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah” logo] t

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