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No Place That Far

Guest Zetti

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Story Title: No Place That Far

Type of story: oneshot

Main Characters: Aden/Belle/Amanda

Genre: Fear/Resentment

Does story include spoilers: Yes UK Spoilers

Any warnings: None

Summary: Aden in the psych ward after the OC...

So here is another oneshot I promised. I might do another one for October. I hope you all like this one, and I hope it isnt too long. Thanks.

Amanda responded "You don't look like an alien" Belle tried to argue back but Amanda was adamant "You look very beautiful and I won't have you thinking otherwise" Belle grinned and then looked very miserable very quickly.

She was losing her self esteem and changing into a person she really didn't want to be but she didn't have a clue how to stop it.

Amanda picked up on it. "Stop it Belle. Don't let your self esteem wade away because of him, he doesn't deserve your time"

"I love him though. I know that isn't what you want" looking at her pained expression. "But it is true. I can't imagine life without him. Have you ever felt that?"

"Yes" Amanda replied "After I lost Peter, that is exactly how I felt, but you cannot spend all your time worrying about that because you have a life to lead and Ryan and you needed me" her voice broke but she carried on "that is what life is all about, brushing away hard times and carrying on"

"How though?" Belle asked as she couldn't see how to do it

"By using your support network which is your family, me and Irene and your friends."

Belle smiled thanking her mother as she got a phone call. "Hello?"

"Belle it is Aden.?"

"Why should I waste time on you?" Belle said quietly

"I only want a chance to tell you how I feel and then you can reject me if you want to. I will respect your decision to do that"

"Tell me over the phone" Belle said

"It's better face to face" Aden frowned.

"No, I don't feel right after what happened, I still love you and have forgiven you but I cant forget so give me time

"Ok... Please come and meet me here. When you feel ready"


Aden's Diary Entry 07/09/08

Story of my life, I get the girl and then I screw it up. I made it all worthless. I just don't know how to have her in my life and not screw it up.

I just wish I had the power to say I love you without being reminded of the horrible and spine-chilling abuse my granddad gave me as I grew up.

And if that wasn't enough my gutless excuse of a dad tells me not only that he suspected the abuse that he himself was subject to it.

That was the finally straw. I gave up on all hopes of a normal life until I moved here to Summer Bay. The move to live with a good friend of mine; Roman Harris was a positive one. He never forced me to reveal how I was feeling just told me to be who I was and not trash the house.


To my total surprise my curiosity got the better of me and I found myself moving almost as if I was not in control of my body and mind and it frightened me to the point where I was actually trembling.

As I was moving my senses were on full alert and more awake as if they could feel the danger.

I plodded along allowing my body not to react to the danger but to move towards it, like a command was relaying in my head just to keep moving, in the subconscious corner of my mind.

My eyes slowly became accustomed to a very small and ugly little man. My shock was unbelievable; I almost fell out of sheer and utter fear. My worst nightmare was no longer fiction, it had materialised into reality; cold, hard reality.

The scariest thing to me is possessing the knowledge of how much I would never forget this feeling and moment as much as I wanted. You see moments fade away but memories last forever.

My face was covered in fear, the numbness escaping my mouth and drifting down towards my legs. It was only then I felt the intense cold on my bare arms running down every tip of my body…


Is this how life is supposed to be Aden thought as he walked through the psychiatric ward in the most coldest atmosphere. He wasn't even a visitor or even a patient. To the staff he was just a number. A number. Isn't every person supposed to be unique?

Is a fraction of who they can be in an institution like this really worth it if you are so drugged that you cant tell left from right? Life isn't supposed to be easy as nothing worth it ever is but to be someone you yourself don't recognise isn't an option in my book either.


"Patient 14587" a nurse called as Aden had to have an assessment

Aden stood up. That was his brand number. He still didn't understand how a number defined you. How it made you unique. It was a number that made him feel like he was worthless.

"Patient 14587! Please" Aden approached the lady and she smiled. "This way please"

Aden followed her as she led him down countless corridors and up and down and through staircases till she reached her office "In here" she said bluntly

He entered. The room was so clean. Aden was surprised. "Surprised?"


"Surprised it is so clean?"

"Yes I have to say I am"

"Why is that?"

"Cleanliness in my cell is a thing of the past. Don't have anything to clean with"

"Well cleaning products.."

".. are a potential means of suicide"

"When you are cleared as a suicide risk, I will personally give you some cleaning equipment"

"Thanks. Do you know when I ever will be cleared?" Aden asked smiling. She looked at him "Well I have to do an assessment of you today so maybe as early as next week"

"Why next week?" "Sorry I shouldn't ask too many questions"

"No feel free to ask, it is a good sign"

The assessment lasted for about an hour and then it finally finished when the psychiatrist said "That's it for now"

Aden was so relieved. His brain was pounding from trying to give so many answers. "So what's the verdict?"

"You are more sane than an average person" she smiled before continuing "but.." Aden hated buts. They never meant good things ".. you will need to stay somewhere you aren't likely to revert back to your old ways."

"I have Roman"

She referred to the file "Ah yes Roman Harris. Ok. I will set the ball in motion and if he is prepared to have you then you will be released"


"Today if he is ready"

Aden smiled "Thanks. Can I use your phone?"

"Of course, not long distance mind" she warned him

"No its local ish…" being very vague

"Summer Bay?"

"Yes but not Roman, someone else"

She beckoned towards the phone and let him know that she would be back in 5 minutes.

He dialled Belle's number and after 5 phone calls she picked up "Hello?"


"Who is it?" Belle asked unsure

"Its Aden?"

"Aden!?! I have been ringing the ward to contact you but I wasn't allowed to! How are you going?"

"Honestly. Really good, I might be out by tomorrow"

"Roman is here, he said that you are staying with him for at least 2 months and then you have to have…

"A reassessment to see where I am"

"Good. I am glad you are sane"

"I rang to ask. Will you meet me at the gates when I leave?"

"Yep. Roman is picking you up in 10 minutes"

"He agreed" the psychiatrist commented as Aden hung up. "Your things are packed and he will meet you soon"

He was led to the door and for once he was allowed out beyond the door of normal barriers.

He couldn't believe it, he was finally free to do what he wanted. As he ran to Belle he felt the door of his past 4 months closing on the unhappiness and he felt empowered by all the hopes and dreams for the future.


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