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Thurs, 4 Sept 08 – Episode # 4709

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It’s My Favourite BAD 1980s Movie Of All Time “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 4 Sept 08 – Episode # 4709]


Charlie is thinking about bailing, but Angelo arrives. Angelo comments on how great she looks, and then jokes that he is taking her to a pub. He then suggest that Charlie should ditch her high heel shoes


Moments later, we see Angelo driving one of the lifeguard vehicles. Charlie is beside him, and she can’t believe in when they arrive at fire lit arrangement of cushions. Charlie loves it, and Angelo is just pleased tat nothing has been stolen since he set it up hours ago.

Angelo tells/shows charlie that they are having prawns for dinner.


Miles enters Kristy’s office. He’s kinda surprised that she is still there. Kirsty tells miles that martin is stressing about a finance report which is due in days. Kirsty loves miles suggestions that they have dinner at the diner tonight.


Kirsty, miles, jai & Ollie have enjoyed a meal mother, and now jai tells the others that he is heading off. He takes Ollie to the bathroom before he goes.

Miles is keen form he & Kirsty to tell ppl about their ‘ship, but Kirsty isn’t so keen, esp. Because of Ollie. She does agree fro miles to tell Roman about Kirsty/Miles.

Leah & Vj approach – and they sit with Kirsty & Miles.


Charlie & Angelo have finished dinner, and Angelo reveals that he’s bought dessert as well – with them both being cops, Angelo suggests that doughnuts were the obvious choice.

Charlie comments tat as impressive as all this is, she’s still thinking about roman.


In Noah’s, Alf talks to Martin. The latter is worried that if Miles & Kirsty have a falling out at home, it could have a negative impact at work.

In the poll room, Ruby & Annie are playing pool. Ruby makes it clear that she knows Annie is watching the door – waiting for Jai’s arrival.

Jai arrives, and comments that he’s created a monster with this family thing. Jai & Annie bails.


Angelo suggest to Charlie that she should speak to Roman – find out one way or the other about the way that Roman fells bout her.


Next day, Roman is REALLY pleased when Miles tells him bout Miles/Kirsty. Miles is pleased that he has actually been able to tell someone.


Ruby talks to Charlie – and she isn’t keen that Charlie is prepared to give Roman another chance. Charlie disagrees with her headstrong sister.


Martin sees Kirsty yawning, and she comments on how Ollie kept her awake last night.

Jai arrives at the office door, and wonders if Kirsty has seen his assignment. She gives it to him – it was on the driveway of the vph [must have fallen out of his bag].

When jai has left the room, martin tells Kirsty that he hopes that she hackle taken on too much [with being jai’s mum as well].


Miles is pleased that Ruby is helping him set up for the surf carnival. She tells him that she likes both the idea of getting out of chemistry AND re-creating “Coolangatta Gold”. Miles can’t believe that Ruby has even heard of the film, whilst Ruby tells Miles that it’s her fave BAD 80s movie [and that her mum plated these movies on school holidays all the time].

As Miles exist the room, Roman enters. When Roman wonders about Charlie, Ruby tells him that she had a great time last night, and is probably going to go another date with him. Roman isn’t keen to hear this news, but its clear that Ruby enjoyed telling him.


After Kirsty yawns once more, she comments that Olli hogged all the pillows last night. Martin suggests to Kirsty that he can give her a neck massage. Kirsty isn’t keen on the idea, but Martini’s persistent. Martin starts massaging Kristy’s neck, and the look on Kristy’s face is one of shock, i.e. how can he be doing this.

Kirsty gets up, and says that she left her notebook in her car. It’s clear that she is glad to be out of there.


Kirsty tells Leah about what’s just happened. Leah agrees with Kirsty that it was inappropriate. Leah suggests that Kirsty should keep a diary of these kinds of incidents.


Chealie arrives and gives Roman back a book that she borrowed. Roman wonders about her date and she come nets tat she did enjoyed herself.

Charlie then “goes off” at Roman – she shouts up him that she just can’t do this. She can’t be a part time girlfriend.

Before she leaves, Charlie tells roman what she REALLY thought it the book – she hated its commitment-phobe central character, but can see why Roman likes it.


Kisrty is about to head for home, when Martin asks her to stay back – as the tone in some memo’s are all wrong and need re-doing.


Charlie is standing at water’s edge when Roman approaches. He waaaaaaaay admits to her that he HATED hearing about how great her date was. Charlie is intrigued when Ramón commented that Ruby made favourable comments about Charlie’s date.

Charlie admits tat she liked being doted on, and roman admits that the date made him realise how mush he rally wants to be with Charlie [and ONLY charlie].


Roman & chalrie enters and roman orders [form Alf] the bars’ top champagne. Charlie sees Angelo nearby and she thanks him – and comments that its intriguing ho a little bit of competition helps things along.


Annie, Jai & Ruby are hanging out together when Jai & Annie decide to bail.

After they do, Ruby approaches Miles, who is sorting through the surf carnival stuff. Ruby suggested that they can watch “Coolangatta Gold” [she has a copy of the DVD in hand]. Miles declines, so Ruby offers to help him with the surf carnival stuff. Miles muchly appreciates the offer and accepts.


Kirsty is about to head off home, when Martin suggest that they should reward themselves by having a glass of whine together. Kirsty isn’t that keen on the idea, but she agrees She takes a sip of the wine that Martin has poured.



Kirsty tells Martin how uncomfortable she is around him

Will Belle & Angelo get together???

Ruby is interested in Miles, and she suggests that the feeling is mutual!!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Ruby: ivory spangly halter top


Kirsty: light pink [red floral] thin strap top


Leah: red wide strap top


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Angelo: aqua button up shirt

Angelo: black button up long sleeve shirt

Annie: hot pink thin strap top/black watch

Annie: yellow knee length dress

Charlie: black scoop t/denim shorts

Charlie: red one shoulder knee length dress

Jai: grey & white check t/black jacket

Jai: grey [black & yellow lighting bolts] t

Jai: SBH Uniform

Kirsty: black [green floral] dress

Leah: yellow wide strap top

Martin: light blue button up shirt/2 tone blue diagonal stripes tie/dark jacket

Martin: white button up shirt/black [grey diag stripes] tie

Miles: purple [multi colour stones] t

Miles: dark blue button up shirt/blue [cityscape] t/white] yellow & blue check] long pants

Miles: grey [raised “urban (something)”] t/white button up shirt

Oliver: red [2 white vert stripes on sleeves] t

Roman: purple [black “140“] t

Roman: white singlet top/black boardies

Ruby: grey singlet top

Ruby: SBH Uniform

VJ: blue [white “munchen”] t

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