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Wed, 3 Sept 08 – Episode # 4708

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You Jumped Straight Out Of Her Bed, And ...... “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 3 Sept 08 – Episode # 4708]

Note – I’ve been “slightly’ affected by a cold over the last few days. Much appreciation for ppl’s concern !!!

IADL for ep 4707 follows the results for this [4708] ep.

The guides for 4709 & 4710 will be posted within the next few hours.


Tony introduces Rachel & Bridget to each other. He describes Bridget as an old friend. Bridget tells the other 2 that she’ll be off now – and she bails.

When Bridget is gone, Rachel wonders what Tony didn’t invite here to stay here. Tony has a kinda guilty look on his face.


Martha is on the couch – she is looking at one of the ultrasound pics of her child.

Jack approaches – and they both comment on how colleen’s delivered more than a few cakes to them this week.

Martha tells jack that she’s not ready to discuss having chemo as yet.


Rachel asks Tony about Bridget, and although it takes a bit of digging, Tony reveals that he met, AND slept with, Bridget at Broken Hill. Rachel bails – in tears.


Rachel runs along the sand before coming to a stop. She’s totally in tears.


Angelo & Charlie are chatting when Nic & roman enter. Nic comments on the awkward greeting tween Charlie & Roman.

Roman comments to Charlie that Nic is nursing a broken heart. Nicole suggests that Charlie should eat with them, but Charlie has to head back out on the beat with Angelo.


Bridget tells Alf about how she’s arrived here and now things aren’t as they seemed. After Bridget comments about not having a place to stay the night, Alf offers her several suggestions. Bridget chooses the van park. Bridget tells Alf that it’s good that at least someone [Alf] is friendly to her in this town.


Rachel arrives, and Tony is pleased that she is back. Rachel is waaaaaaaaaay angry, and comments to Tony that he seems [with Bridget] to be acting the way he did after Beth died.

Rachel can’t believe it when she realises that Tony was living with Bridget, and that he has jumped straight out of Bridget’s bed, into Rachel’s,

Rachel insists that she has to get out of her – but Tony offers to leave the house instead.


Jack is surprised to see Tony [with back in hand] at his door. Tony wonders if he can stay. It initially sounds like jack isn’t keen on the idea, but he lets him stay.

When they are inside, Tony tells Jack that he’s got to works things out with Rachel.


Next day, Tony has just finished exercising when Bridget approaches. She wonders if he & Rachel are back together. Tony tells her that they aren’t [back tog there]. Bridget comments harshly that Tiny didn’t leave her much of a note when he left. Bridget, as she leaves the room, hopes that Tony sorts things out with Rachel.


Earl [who appears to be a homeless man] is sitting at one of the tables. Miles enters that room, and sees Earl. He gives the middle aged man $20 – and asks for nothing in return.


Martha & colleen are in the kitchen. Colleen comments to Martha about how a friend held a small ceremony of their own for their miscarried child. Martha tells Colleen that it sounds like a god idea, and that she would like colleen to help her arrange it.


Angelo & Charlie run on the beach. Earl is in the shallows of the ocean, and he’s totally naked. Angelo “suggests” that Earl should put some clothes. Earl challenges Angelo to make that happen. Angelo remnioves his shirt, trousers and grabs Earl’s shorts. Angelo goes into the water – and is able to get Earl to put his shorts on.

Miles approaches Charlie & the several teenage girls who were that ones who made the complaint bout Earl. When Angelo gets Earl to where Charlie & co are, Miles tells Earl that he can use the amenities block of the vph.


Charlie & Angelo tell Nic & Roman about what happened on the beach.

Colleen approaches and invites Roman to the ceremony for JnM’s child. Colleen invites Charlie too – but roman doesn’t think that’s a good idea. To say that Nic doesn’t look impressed by what Romans’ just said is an understatement.


JnM joke about how weighty Colleen’s wisdom is, i.e. all those cakes she is bringing over.

Martha tells Jack that she go ahead and begin the chemo etc treatment.


Angelo & Charlie talk about Roman. Angelo insists that Charlie is hoping the roman will eventually change.

Angelo is a tad surprised when Charlie agrees to go out on a date with him – he thought it would takes ages to get her to agree/ Angelo promises Charlie that he will show her how a girl should be treated.


Alf & Bridget are talking about her situation, when Alf goes over to speak to a kid who is bashing the side of one of the video games.

Whilst alfs is doing that. A customer is keen for a drink at the bar. Bridget gets behind that bar and serves the guy. Alf sees this = and Bridget comments that the dude looked thirsty and Bridget knows her way round a bar.


Tony approaches Rachel. She tells him that Martha knows that she isn’t going to the ceremony [rach has to work]. Rachel can’t believe that Tony moved on so quickly, but Tony tells Rachel that even Leah thought that Rachel had run off with Hugh. Rachel insists at she will need time to think about all of this.


JnM, Roman, Nic, Alf & Colleen are all gathered for the ceremony. After JnM plant a tree, Martha says a moving speech – that the tree is a symbol that they will never forget their daughter, who they named Lindsay.

At the end of the ceremony, Martha kisses a plaque that says “In Loving Memory Of Our Darling Lindsay”.


Charlie has a go at roman for the way that he is treating Charlie. Nic suggests that if he doesn’t pay Charlie more attention, he could lose her.


Roman’s just bought a bottle of wine when he sees Charlie. He says that he was just about to head over to her place, but Charlie tells him that she is about to go on a date.



Angelo & Charlie have a date on the beach at night

Charlies “loses it” at Roman – she just can’t be a part time girlfriend

Martin gives Kirsty a neck massage at work

It’s A Designer Label [iADL] – ep 4708


Charlie: red one shoulder knee length dress


Martha: silver blouse/white [black tribal patterns] long skirt


Nicole: black kinda low cut t/white skirt [wide white belt]


Alf: bone jacket/white button up shirt

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Angelo: blue top/red jacket/dark long pants/dark blue jacket

Bar Customer: off white [green vertical stripes] long sleeve button up shirt

Bridget: mauve long sleeve top/dark long pants

Bridget: red floral “Asian style” top/dark long pants

Charlie: blue top/red jacket/dark long pants/dark blue jacket

Colleen: black [multi colour floral pattern]\ blouse

Colleen: grey [purple floral] jacket

Earl [homeless dude]: marron button up shirt

Jack: black long sleeve top/white t/denim jeans

Jack: grey t/faded denim jeans

Martha: black v neck dress

Miles: dark blue button up shirt/blue [cityscape] t/white] yellow & blue check] long pants

Nicole: silver & white singlet top

Rachel: white [grey & black jungle-esque print] wide strap top

Rachel: royal blue [black straps] singlet top/dark long pants

Roman: dark t/dark long pants

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah”] t

Tony: red [white ‘PUMA”] t/faded denim jeans

Tony: white [2 diagonal black stripes] t

Tony: green [apple green stripe across chest] polo shirt/denim jeans


It’s A Designer Label [iADL] – ep 4707


Rachel: royal blue [black straps] singlet top/dark long pants


Melody: mauve top/red cardy/denim jeans


Bridget: red floral “Asian style” top


Aden: black [grey tree] t/black watch

Aden: grey [black crest] t/dark long pants

Belle: black kinda scoop dress/blue-grey scarf

Geoff: brown polo/olive green shorts

Geoff: red [yellow “California 82”] t/denim jeans

Melody: purple cardy/faded black top/bon long pants

Nicole: black kinda low cut t/white skirt [wide white belt]

Nicole: gold wide strap top/faded denim jeans/white watch

Nurse Gale: apple green long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Tony: green [apple green stripe across chest] polo shirt/denim jeans

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