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Story Title: Chances

Type of story: Short/Medium

Main Characters: Aden and Belle

BTTB Rating: A

Genre: Romance, slight angst

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Some swearing, slight sexual content, alcohol abuse

Summary: Several chance meetings over two years. The feelings were always right but the timing was always off...Will Aden and Belle ever get the chance they deserve?

AN: *Sneaks in* please be gentle, it's been a long time since I have posted anything I have written :unsure: . OC never happened. Belle knows about Aden's grandfather and Larry died while on the run.

December 23rd 2010 Sydney

Belle had forgotten just how hectic Christmas shopping in a large city was. While living in Summer Bay her Christmas shopping had consisted of a day trip to Yabbie Creek to pick up the bits and pieces she had jotted onto her list.

Now back in a big city, Belle had gotten behind, not only in the shopping itself but she hadn‘t even managed to write the simple list that detailed what gifts she wanted to get for what person. Now, with no list on board, she was attempting to do her shopping on one of the busiest days of the year.

She had begun her Christmas Shopping Expedition, at 9am this morning and now, three and a half hours later, all she had to show for it was a new DVD for Geoff and two new dresses, a bottle of Channel and a pair of boots for herself.

Now sitting on a bench next to the fountain she stared at the $140 bottle of perfume she had just purchased. Yes she worked hard for her money but this was not the time to be spending it on extravagant gifts for herself. It was two days until Christmas for gods sake. She wasn’t able to fly home for Christmas until tomorrow night, she had left her shopping to the last minute and now she was buying things for herself instead of her family. As far as she was concerned, she basically sucked.

Dropping the perfume back in its bag Belle gave herself a stern telling off. This is it. No more wandering around aimlessly around the mall waiting for the perfect gift to pop out at you. It’s time to do some serious shopping.

Standing up she made her way into the throng of people rushing around her. Head lifted and shoulders squared, Belle was prepared for the onslaught of people one had to face while walking through the mall two days before Christmas. What she was unprepared for however, was the man who caught her eye as he walked out of the CD/DVD store she had been in earlier.

She stopped dead in her tracks and stared, ignoring the mumbles of abuse she was receiving from those around her.

It wasn’t as if they had parted on bad terms. Yes their break-up had been painful but all break-ups were when it was with someone you loved. Despite the pain, it had been an amicable parting brought about when they both realised that their future lay in different places.

Unfortunately that didn’t stop the rush of feelings that flooded Belle the second she had seen him. Feelings she had pushed deep down after their break-up and until now, thought of them as dead and buried. It also didn’t make the decision to walk the ten feet and say hello to him as he stood just outside the shop, reading the back of a DVD, any easier.

Thankfully the decision was made for her when he started to walk away and the realisation that she would regret not saying hello to him washed over her. The realisation that this fluke sighting could very well be the last time she ever saw him again. Before she knew what was happening, his name had fallen from her lips and she was making her way to catch up with him.

“Aden?” She called, but through all the hustle and bustle of the mall her voice was unheard.

“Aden!” Louder this time and somehow, when he stopped, she knew that he knew who was calling him.

And then he turned and he was looking right at her. Again she stopped in her tracks, emotions filling her every pore, the same kind of emotions she thought she saw filling his eyes to.

“Belle?” He said her name as if he didn’t really believe it was her.

She was grinning like an idiot and she damn well knew it but his voice had always had that effect on her. Whether he was yelling at her (as he had done many times when they first got together) or whispering the most erotic of words in her ear or simply discussing his thought on Global Warming, his voice always managed to bring Belle to her knees. So deep and masculine, yet so warm and tender.

She felt herself being pulled towards him as if his eyes were a magnet that only she could feel. Blue eyes that, in the past, she had been able to read every emotion that floated through them simply by the change in colour depth.

“Hey,” she breathed as she reached him, unsure if a hug, a peck on the cheek or a simple handshake was the best way to greet him.

He stared at her for a moment before grabbing her shoulders between his large hands and giving her a once over. “You look amazing,” he said, a smile forming on his face.

“You’re looking pretty good yourself.” Belle laughed, thinking that in actual fact he looked amazing.

“Ha! I knew you never stopped wanting me.” Aden replied with his usual bad-boy grin.

“Hmmm,” fighting to keep the amused grin off of her face Belle decided to change the subject. “Anyway, what on earth are you doing here?”

Of course by ‘here’ she meant Sydney. After their break up Aden had taken the place offered to him at Charles Darwin University where he was to do a six month advertising course followed by an internship. As far as she knew that was where he still resided.

“Spending a few days over Christmas with my brother actually.” He replied and Belle felt the loss of his touch when he let go of her. “What about you? I thought your job was in Melbourne?”

“It is.” Belle nodded. “They sent me out here yesterday to do a quick shoot before I head home.”

Aden said nothing, merely nodded and continued to stare at her. Belle was readying herself to speak again, about what she was still unsure, when Aden finally said something in reply.

“Have you eaten yet?”


Fifteen minutes later the were sitting in the busy food court, each with their respective lunch choices.

“I still wish you had let me pay.” Belle said with a roll of her eyes. “For my own food at least.”

“Not a chance.” Aden replied laughing and grabbing one of her wedges out of her bowel.

“Hey!” Belle said, grabbing some of his fries in retaliation. “If you wanted wedges you should have got your own.”

“But your stuff taste so much better.” The glint in his eyes and they way he was looking at her made belle blush like a sixteen year old school girl.

Get a grip, she scolded herself silently, lowering her head. It’s been-she did a quick mental tally-twenty two months since you have seen each other. That’s almost two years. He is not flirting with you, in fact he probably has a girlfriend.

“So are you seeing anyone?” Aden asked, cutting into her silent telling off.

Belle’s eyes flew to his. So he mind reads now, interesting. “No, I’m not seeing anyone at the moment. You?”

Aden stared back at her for a minute before returning to his food. “Na, I haven’t really dated anyone since you.”

The few moments silence between them was comfortable, both simply relishing in being back in each others company yet both unsure as to what this chance meeting could mean.

It means nothing, Belle kept repeating in her head. They still lived on opposite sides of the country to each other. Their futures, at least for the time being, were going in completely different directions. Yet neither of those reasons kept their feelings for each other at bay, feelings they had both, until twenty minutes ago, thought no longer existent.

“So, how has life been since I dumped you?” Aden asked with a teasing grin.

“Oh!” Belle had to resist throwing a wedge at him. “I seem to remember us dumping each other, thank you very much.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night Belle.” Aden replied and laughed as he dodged a flying wedge.

“I sleep perfectly well at night and it has nothing to do with what I do or don’t remember about you.”

“So what you’re saying is that you think about me before you go to sleep at night?” Aden asked, unable to help himself.

“So how long are you in town for?” Belle asked with forced casualness.

Aden chuckled and said he was leaving town on the 27th, and Belle was thankful he let her blatant change of subject slide.

They spent the rest of their lunch discussing their respective jobs and reminiscing about old times, though never bringing up anything that directly involved them. Belle was watching in amusement as Aden, having already finished his lunch, stared on the wedges she was unable to finish when Led Zeppelins Immigrant Song came out of nowhere.

“Oh! Sorry that’s mine.” Aden said, dropping the wedge he had just picked up back into the bowel.

“Take this.” Belle offered him a napkin, but too late she realised as she watched him wipe his greasy finger on his shorts and grab his cell out of his pocket.

“Some things never change.” Belle said with a smile and a small shake of her head, causing Aden to laugh.

“It’s Justin,” he said with a check of the Caller ID. “I won’t be a second.”

Belle nodded and made a mental note to ask when he had managed to get back into contact with his brother. She watched as he pressed ‘Talk’, grinned at her again and spoke into his phone.

“Hey man, what’s hap - what - Jus-Justin, slow down man. I can’t understand you.” Belle saw the grin be replaced with concern as Aden spoke to his brother. She could hear a hysterical Justin on the other end of the phone but was unable to make out what he was saying and, if she was honest with herself, she wasn’t sure she wanted to try. She was beginning to feel like she was intruding on a private conversation.

After a minute of listening, Aden calmly spoke to his brother. “Ok, ok, I’ll come up right now. See you in a bit.”

Belle noticed that as soon as he hung up his phone all his calmness went straight out the window. “I’m so sorry Belle, I have to go. My niece has been taken to hospital and it sounds serious. I - I have to go right now, she’s only two and Justin and his wife are beside themselves I - I have to go.”

And with that, Aden Jefferies went running for the door and out of Belle’s life.

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Thanks for being so patient while I've been slowly dying. Here is chapter two, remember to keep an eye on the dates at the beginnings of each chapter as they will run over a couple of years. thanks for reading, I hope you like it :)

January 1st 2011 - Melbourne

Aden took a swig out of his beer bottle as he took in his surroundings. The mansion behind him was one thing but the pool, tennis court and very spacious garden area was another. Not to mention the bar of free alcohol he was currently leaning against.

Having made his mark in the advertising world very early in his career, Aden was often invited to theses kind of shindigs. A party at the Hilton, dinner the most expensive restaurant Perth, afternoon tea at a friends mansion in Melbourne. All were normal to Aden now.

Yes, Aden had worked hard and attained himself the kind of life he defiantly deserved. He was earning excellent money, making some great contacts, sometimes even friends and really enjoying his life. Even with the loss of his phone last night he would almost go as far as to say his life was perfect.

At least he had been until nine days ago when he realised the feelings he thought dead and buried were very much alive and kicking. In fact there hadn’t been much else going on in his brain.

And kicking was exactly what he was doing to himself every time he thought about the way he had left her. Of course Belle would understand why he had to leave, that he was sure of, he just wished he had been calm enough to say goodbye properly.

Laughter floated out the open door that led back into the mansion and Aden felt the hair on the back on his neck rise. Surely it couldn’t be. There was no way he could be that lucky.

Turning to look at the small group of people exiting the mansion Aden felt his breath catch and he stood straight up. Apparently he was that lucky. Deciding to play it cool he leaned back against the bar, took a long and calming swig of his beer and stared at her until she looked his way.

She must have felt some sort of sixth sense that she was being watched for she turned and set her eyes on him almost immediately.

He grinned at her and raised his drink in a silent greeting. Watching as she excused her self and began walking towards him, Aden took a moment to study her.

She looked even better than when he had seen her in Sydney. But he hardly found that surprising, even when they had been together he thought she looked more and more beautiful every time he saw her. She was wearing a flowing white sundress, under which he could make out a navy coloured swim suit. Her hair was casually pulled back and her sunglasses were hiding her eyes.

“Two chance meetings in as many weeks,” she said as she stopped in front of him and pushed her sunglasses to rest upon her . “Must be fate.”

“Pft, fate shmate. What did you do? Memorise my schedule while I was in the toilet?” Aden smirked at her, a teasing glint in his eyes.

“Yes. That is exactly what I did.” Belle replied pursing her lips to keep the grin off her face.

“Mmm.” Aden nodded knowingly. “I knew you couldn’t resist me.”

“Actually I don’t remember you even going to the toilet so there goes that theory.” Belle told him and ordered a glass of wine from the barman before continuing. “That reminds me, how is your niece?”

“Fine thank god! Turns out she is allergic to bee stings. Justin and Lisa didn’t even know she had been stung until they got to the hospital.” Aden remembered arriving at the hospital, worried to death about his sweet little niece, only to find her parents drinking coffee and ready to take her home.

“Well that’s a relief.” Belle laughed and Aden felt something stir inside of him at the sound. “Anyway,” she continued as she picked up the fresh glass of wine, “what are you doing here? I thought you would have been back n Darwin by now?”

“That was the plan.” Aden said as he took her by the elbow and led her to an empty table in the garden area, glad he was able to find one with a bit of privacy. “But then I got an invite from Zac to his new years bash and today’s lunch, both of which sounded a lot more fun than a few beers with some work mates.”

“How do you know Zac?” Belle asked, referring to the owner of the mansion and their host for the day.

“He’s actually my bosses son.” Aden said as they sat down together. “We worked together for a few weeks until he decided to focus on his pro surfing. But we stayed in contact and I do all of his publicity for him.”

“That’s cool.” Belle said nodding, “And how is work going?”

“Great.” Aden answered with a wide grin. “As I said the other week; I make myself and other people a **** load of money by doing something I’m awesome at.”

“Wow. I see modesty is still not in you list of vocabulary.” Belle laughed.

“I have nothing to be modest about.” Aden said with a grin. “I worked hard and became really good at what I do, now I get to do something I love and earn great money while I’m at it.”

He averted his eyes towards the tennis court where a game was in place but he could feel Belle‘s eyes on him and he could tell she was in deep thought. Surprise overcame him as he felt her small hand cover his on the table between them and his eyes immediately travelled back to hers.

She was smiling softly at him and he felt like a fool when it caused his chest to tighten and his breath to hitch. “I’m really proud of you Aden.” He heard her say.

Aden nodded in response and turned his hand up so they were palm to palm. “That’s something I’ve always wanted.” He replied, gently rubbing circles on the top of her hand with his thumb.

They took the moment offered to them and stared into each others eyes, blissfully unawares of the disturbance that was to come until it was yelling their names and making it’s way over to them.

“Aden! Belle!” Their hand flew apart the moment they heard Zac calling to them and both tried to look as nonchalant as possible as their host reached their table, dripping wet and in nothing but his bathers.

“Hey I didn’t even get the chance to introduce you guys. Do you already know each other?” Zac asked and although Aden was angry that his “moment” with Belle had been ruined he was glad that Zac seemed oblivious to how close him and Belle had been.

“Yeah, we went to school together.” Belle responded and continued to make polite conversation while shooting Aden, what he assumed was, apologetic glances.

Aden watched as she chatted to Zac about the surf in Summer Bay, all the while trying to ignore the feeling of jealously that was growing inside of him. He had no right to be jealous. He and Belle had not been together for almost two years. Yes he still had feelings for her - hell, he was still madly in love with her - but that did not mean it was o.k. for him to want to take the chair he was sitting on and use it WWE style over Zac’s head. No, that defiantly wasn’t o.k.

Therefore, instead of doing anything violent with the chair, Aden simply leaned back against it, uncurled the fists he had clenched somewhere along the line and breathed ten deep breaths just the way his counsellor had taught him all those years ago. Not only had that guy helped his sexual issues but he had also improved Aden’s anger management.

“Aden?” Belle’s soft voice cut into his calming breaths and he looked up to see Belle looking at him worriedly and no Zac in sight. “Are you o.k.?”

“Yeah, sorry. Kinda zoned out while you two were talking.” Aden paused. “So how do you know Zac?”

Belle grinned and Aden had a funny it was because she could sense his jealously. “I actually only met Zac today.” Aden felt something akin to relief wash over him. “My boss was the one invited today but she was unable to make it and asked me to come in her place.”

Aden nodded, so he didn’t have to turn to pro wrestling tactics after all. “How is your job going? Last time we saw each other you mentioned something about London?”

“Ah yes. The six month contract in London.“ Belle said as she leaned over to fix the strap of her high heel.

Aden tried not to look, he really did, he looked everywhere but there. But in the end his own lust won out and he found himself staring intently down the front of her dress, gazing longingly at her cleavage.

“But I’ve seen the work of some of the other applicants at work and their work is brilliant and - Aden stop staring at my breasts!”

It was the word ‘breasts’ that caught Aden’s attention and he looked up sheepishly. Belle was looking at him in a mix of anger and shock but he was positive he saw a bit of delight hidden in there.

“Sorry Babe, couldn’t keep my eyes off them.” Aden grinned and could tell Belle was fighting off a grin of her own.

Taking the chance and speaking before he even knew what he was saying, Aden leaned over the table and took Belle’s hand back in his own, loving the feel of her soft skin. “Lets stay in touch.” The words that came out surprised him almost as much as they seemed to surprise Belle but he knew they were right. The jealousy, longing and lust he had felt today added to the regret of not saying them last time made him sure of it.


“Lets stay in touch.” Aden repeated himself. “Look, I know that technically we still live on opposite sides of the country but this is the second time we - ”

“O.k.” Belle’s simple reply interrupted him and he grinned at her, squeezing her hand. “Do you have your phone?“

“Ah, no. I kind of lost it last night.” Aden told her laughing.

“O.k.” Belle paused, grinned and grabbed a pad of paper and pen out of her bag. Aden looked at her inquisitively she simply replied, “you pick up some good habits being a photo journalist,” before writing her number on the corner of the pad and ripping it off for him.

Aden took it and placed it in his wallet for safe keeping. This was good, it was right. Sure they weren’t back together but they were going to be in contact, something they hadn’t been for years.

Two hours later lunch had been finished, everyone had had their fair share to drink and Belle was waiting on the front porch for a taxi.

“I’ll call you in a couple of days,” Aden told her, “once I manage to buy a new phone.”

“I’d like that.” Belle said with a smile and Aden felt a jolt run through him as she placed her delicate hands on his broad chest, stood on her tiptoes and gave him a soft kiss on his smooth cheek before, very slowly, pulling away.

Aden stared at her. “Um, my lips are here,” he told her with a grin as he pointed to said lips.

Belle replied exactly as he knew she would with a slight slap on the arm. “I’ll see ya.”

Aden nodded in reply and watched her leave before walking back out to the backyard, mentally kicking himself for not kissing her properly. She had been unhurried as she drew away from him, as if waiting for him to make a move, but his brain had hardly been in its right state on mind to think of keeping her close. That damn kiss on the cheek had killed him.

“Idiot,” he muttered to himself as he neared Zac who was standing next to the pool.

“Dude, what’s up?” Zac asked him placing an arm around Aden in a manly way.

Aden shook his head, he was only thinking of the negatives. “Nothing dude, all is good.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” Zac said and with a mischievous grin and a slap on the back, Aden found himself falling into the swimming pool.

“Argh! I am so gonna get you!” Aden cried to his friend once he resurfaced.

“Bring it on.” Zac replied with a grin before running to hide behind some scantly clad girls.

“You think those girls are going to save you?” Aden asked, climbing out of the pool and walking towards Zac. “You just wait my friend, I will show you - ” Aden stopped. Nonononono!

“Show me what buddy?” Zac was calling out to him but Aden was no longer listening.

“Sh*t.” He muttered to himself as he calmly pulled his wallet out of his wet boardies. He knew hurrying would make no difference, the damage had been done. He opened his wallet and carefully pulled out the wet piece of paper that had had Belle’s number on it. Now all it had was a bunch of blurred, unreadable numbers.

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Here is the next bit, hope you all like. Your comments mean a lot so thanks for all of them :)

June 17th 2011 - Melbourne

“I cannot believe you managed to talk me into this.” Belle told her work friend Emmy as they sat down at the table they were shown to. “The first date I go on in almost a year and it’s a blind date.”

“And I owe you big time for it.” Emmy replied running her fingers through her blonde curls. “I was going to have to wait another week for a third date with Isaac because this guy is staying with him on his only free night, so you have done me a huge favour and for that, you’re getting a puppy for your birthday.”

“Make it two ginger kittens called Fred and George and all is forgiven.” Belle replied seriously.

Emmy laughed and waved over a waiter, “Just remember; it’s not as if you ever have to see this guy again, he’s going back to wherever he came from tomorrow.” She paused as the waiter approached to take their drink orders. “And then there’s the other thing…”

“Don’t even mention that.” Belle interrupted unhappily. “I’m anxious enough as it is and tonight is not helping.”

“In that case, how about something to help you relax a bit, or a lot, you‘re looking dead nervous.” Emmy continued as the waiter reached their table.

Belle nodded. She was dead nervous and still a little surprised she had let Emmy had talk her into this, but the promise of a free meal at a great restaurant and all the Tequila she could handle sure sweetened the deal. The last guy she had properly dated was Aden and their dates had mostly consisted of either hanging out at the beach or making out in her bedroom, there had been a few dates when she moved to Melbourne but nothing for at least a year, therefore her dating etiquette was more than a little rusty.

“O.k. we would like one Long Island Iced Tea and - oh! Hang on two seconds.” Emmy stopped having only ordered Belle’s drink. “Here they are now.”

Belle inhaled deeply and turned her head to where Emmy was pointing, inhaled breath catching in her throat as she saw who was walking towards them. Emmy had mentioned she was dating Isaac which meant - she blew out her breath heavily - her blind date was Aden.

The mere sight of him - albeit very good - caused a familiar pang in her stomach making her turn her head away. She hadn’t seen nor heard from him since new years day, over five months ago, and felt like a complete fool for giving him her number. Admittedly it had been his idea to stay in touch and Aden certainly wasn’t the kind of guy to take her number and never call, but she was still too angry - and a little hurt - to take those things into consideration and admit to herself that there was probably a perfectly good reason for his not calling.

“Belle.” As with the time she saw him before Christmas in Sydney, his voice alone sent her body into all sorts of chaos. Looking back at him she saw the grin on his face and knew he was happy to see her.

“Aden.” She all but sighed his name. Damn those good looks, she thought to herself, all anger melting away. Get a hold of yourself girlie, she told herself, he never called remember?

Aden quickly ordered himself and Isaac a beer each and sat down, taking her hand and holding it tight. Belle blinked in surprise and, ignoring the tingles that raced through her at his touch, shot a look at Emmy and Isaac to see if they were watching. She needn’t have bothered as they were already off in a world of their own. Hmph, some friend, Belle thought to herself, Aden could have been a psychotic serial killer for all we knew.

“Belle.” She turned her attention back to Aden as he said her name, hoping her palm wasn‘t as sweat as it felt. “I’m sorry I never called.” Aden said it with so much sincerity that Belle immediately believed him and realised her gut had been right, there was a reason he hadn’t called. Whether or not the reason was good enough, Belle had yet to decide.

“Well, why didn’t you?” She was trying to keep her voice as nonchalant as possible but even she could hear the hurt that leaked through.

In reply Aden grinned, he actually grinned as he pulled his hand away from hers and took out his wallet. “It happened basically as soon as you left,” he said as he dug through his wallet. “I was beyond happy at the day we had spent together but then Zac pushed me into the pool.”

“So?” Belle was starting to feel irritated at the lack out straight forward answers she was getting.

“So -” Aden handed her a piece of paper, “- I don’t know what kind of crap pens you photo journalist use but this is what happened to your number.”

Belle looked at the paper Aden handed her. If it hadn’t been for her barely eligible name in her own writing at the top of it, Belle would not have know what it was supposed to have been, for the numbers beneath her name were nothing more than faint lines, too blurry for her to comprehend.

“I asked Zac for your number but as the two of you had only met that day he didn’t have it and I rung your work but every time I called you were on location and they wouldn’t give me your cell number so I’ve kept it on me all this time in the off chance we would bump into each other again and I could show you why I never called.” Aden explained in one breath.

Belle thought for a moment as she continued to stare at the small scrap of paper, knowing that Aden was telling the truth. He really had kept the tiny bit of paper in his wallet and the paper had obviously been wet, ruined and dried. Plus those damn receptionists at the magazine certainly were a stickler for privacy.

“Hey!” Emmy’s voice broke into her thoughts. “So do you two know each other or is Aden here just really smooth?” She asked with a laugh.

“Both, but mostly the smooth part.” Aden replied with a smirk and Belle grinned at him, letting him know all was forgiven.

Their drinks arrived, their meal orders were taken and Emmy and Isaac went straight back to their own world. Taking a large sip of her highly alcoholic drink, Belle felt all previous nervousness about this date fade away. If only all my other apprehension would do the same, Belle thought dully.

“Thirsty?” Aden asked, arching an eyebrow at her and breaking into her thoughts.

Belle grinned, deciding to have a good time rather than stress about things that could not be helped and took another long drink. “Yes actually, I am” she laughed.

“Trying to keep your mind off of how sexy I am?” Aden asked, a hint of a smirk on his mouth.

Fighting a roll of her eyes, Belle nodded as she continued to sip at her drink. It really was delicious. “It takes a drink full of five different alcohols and a little bit of lemon juice to keep me from throwing myself at you.”

Aden nodded his understand and patted her hand softly before subtly letting his hand rest atop of hers again. “It’s a serious condition.” He told her gravely before a look of confusion came over her face. “Wait, five parts alcohol? You’re kidding me right? We both know what a lightweight you are, how on earth are you possibly going to finish that?”

Belle laughed. “Is that a challenge Mr, Jefferies?”

Aden smirked. “I do believe it is Miss. Taylor.”

Grinning Belle downed what was left of her drink before ordering two more. The night was turning out to be perfect. Aden had explained his lack of phone call and, well, more importantly, he was here. With her.

“Two more? You really think you’ll manage?” Aden cut into her thoughts with a teasing tone that sent thrills through Belle’s body.

Belle smirked. “One of those if for you my friend.”

Two hours later dinner had been eaten, Emmy and Isaac had said goodnight and left and Belle had only started on her third drink, Aden still slowly drinking his second.

“How number three treating you?” Aden asked with a smirk.

Belle snorted, slightly too inebriated to be embarrassed about it. “Pft, three is nothing,” she said with a casual wave of her hand. “Twenty bucks says I can do five.”

“Twenty bucks says you’ve done enough.” Aden said laughing.

Even in the state she was in, Belle knew he was right. She had always been a cheap drunk but did not want to give up the challenge that easily. Grinning she took another sip, albeit a very small one.

“I’ve still had more than you. This, this right here, see this here? This is number three! And I do believe that - ” she pointed to the drink in Aden’s hand “ - that is number two, T-W-O, two. Therefore I win.” Her words were coming out without even making sense but in her head they all sounded very logical.

Aden simply laughed in reply, earning himself a glare. “You’re laughing at me.” Belle said it as a statement rather than a question.

“Yeah, but I will make it up to you by walking you home, how does that sound?”

“I should think so.” Belle said and stood up, surprised at how steady on her feet she was. “The only reason Emmy willingly left me with you is because you agreed to walk me home.”

She watched as Aden, being very gentlemanly, chucked a couple of bills onto the table, grabbed her hand tightly in his and led her out of the restaurant. Assuming she would simply be getting a ride home with Emmy, or at least in a taxi if Emmy left her, Belle hadn’t bothered to bring a coat and the strapless dress she had on certainly wasn’t doing anything to keep her warm. The cold that hit as they stepped out of the restaurant sobered her up rather quickly.

“God it’s freezing.” She cried, rubbing her bare arms with her hands.

“Here,” Aden shrugged of his suit jacket and urged her to put in on, actually making sure she put her arms through the sleeves instead of simply draping it over her shoulders.

Belle smiled at him and, feeling courageous, slipped her small hand into her large one. He grinned back at her, squeezed her hand and they began walking in the direction of Belle’s apartment.

They didn’t speak a word to each other as they walked, simply held hands and, every minute or so, caught each others eye and smiled. Belle was beyond happy. She knew it couldn’t last but she was happy to enjoy it for what it was while she could.

Fifteen minutes later they reached Belle’s apartment complex. Belle looked up towards where her bedroom window should be and sighed to herself. She didn’t want the night to end.

“So.” Aden said and turned to face her but instead of continuing he slipped his hand out of hers and placed both of his on her face. Belle knew what was coming and her stomach flipped in anticipation. His hands already felt amazing as they caressed her face, she knew his lips on hers would feel just as wonderful, if not more so, than they used to.

She wasn’t disappointed. Aden tilted her head slightly upward and tenderly brushed his lips against hers. Belle whimpered, she couldn’t help it, but didn’t get the chance to be mortified over it as it seemed to cause an almost feral reaction in Aden. She heard him growl deeply before capturing her lips in his own.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, underneath his jacket and ran his hands up her back, gently stroking the available skin above her dress. Belle felt all her resolve break in response and reluctantly pulled away. This had to stop before she did something she ended up regretting.

“Should we go upstairs?” Aden’s voice was husky in her ear, his hands gripping her waist.

“No.” Was her only response.


“Aden,” Belle paused, “I’m moving to London.”

Silence. The horrible kind you get where someone says something shocking and the other person doesn’t know how to respond. Well duh, Belle mentally scolded herself, that’s what just happened.

“But I love you.” If the cold hadn’t sobered Belle up, Aden’s plain and honest statement definitely did. It also broke her heart just that little bit more.

“I love you too.” And she did. She had never stopped.

“Then why are you going?” Belle had to look away when Aden asked that. His eyes were so sad that he reminded Belle of a puppy that had been kicked too many times.

“I’m so sorry.” Belle said, tears welling up as Aden, obviously realising she wasn’t immediately going to change her mind, wrenched his hands away from her. “I got the six month contract I told you about at Zac’s.”

Aden’s voice and angry and hurt now. “Then turn them down. Turn them down Belle. Stay here with me.”

“I can’t.” Belle whispered, not wanting to say the words. “It’s been planned for over a month. I - I fly out the day after tomorrow.” A shiver of fear went through Belle at the words and she remembered her earlier conversation with Emmy.

“…he’s going back to wherever he came from tomorrow.” Emmy had said. “And then there’s the other thing…”

Belle had stopped her before she could continue, knowing she was going to bring up Belle’s trip. Problem being that Belle broke out in a cold sweat every time she thought about getting on the plane and flying off. Flying had become quite the fear since the helicopter crash years ago.

Ignoring the chill she got from the though of flying, Belle fought off tears and looked back at Aden, unsure of what she was going to say but not needing to say anything as Aden spoke first.

“So you’re just going to go? After this incredible night we’ve had, after that amazing kiss, you’re just going to go?” Belle didn’t know what to say but it didn’t matter, Aden hadn’t finished. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? All night I’ve been thinking of ways for us to make it work. I didn’t care that we were on opposite sides of the country, I just wanted us to be together. But now you tell me your moving to London? That‘s too far Belle.”

“I’m sorry.” Belle didn’t know what else to say. "I never meant to hurt you."

Aden grabbed both of her hands in his and, staring intently into her eyes, he pleaded with her. “Don’t go.”

Belle’s tears finally fell and apparently that was answer enough for Aden. Nodding in silent understanding he pulled his hands away and walked to the edge of the footpath, calling for a taxi. One stopped almost instantly and with one last look at Belle, Aden got into the cab and left, leaving a sobbing Belle alone on the sidewalk, still wearing his jacket.

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Major thanks to Sloaris for her help - everything you said made sense, thank you sooo much :)

Hope you all enjoy

September 30th 2011 - Darwin

Aden had just arrived at work and climbed out of his car with a satisfied smile, thanking the Gods once again that his bosses paid so well.

The 1964 Ford Mustang had been a dream car of his since the day he had realised cars were cool and having not spent any of the good money he had been earning over the last few years on anything but rent for his nice apartment and the usual necessities, Aden had decided a few weeks ago that it was time to treat himself.

So, using some of the contacts he had made in his job, he had found his dream car and flown from Darwin to Sydney to pick it up. There he had paid the asking price and driven the whole way home, music blaring and feeling really good about life for the first time in a while.

Of course that feeling hadn’t lasted as long as he would have liked, but that was not the point. The point was, he had his dream car and that it made him feel extremely happy…at least as happy as a car could make a man, which technically was very happy indeed.

Aden chuckled at the though and headed into the building, chucking his keys into the air and catching them along his way.

“Afternoon Gorgeous.” Aden said, winking at Gwen Wilson, the fifty eight year old receptionist that had always taken a fancy to him since his first day here. Her husband Ted was one of his bosses and also liked Aden, often offering him a glass of Whiskey before home time.

“Ah Mr. Jefferies, don’t you look handsome today,” she said standing from her chair and leaning against the counter to talk to him. “Just got back from your night in Perth I take it?”

“Ha! It hardly even seemed worth going just for one night, for one launch party, but yes I did.” Aden replied with a grin. “Of course I couldn’t come to work without picking up my sweet Gina.”

“Ah yes, how is that prize car of yours doing?” Gwen asked with a grin.

“Fabulous Gwenie, just Fabulous.” Aden rested his elbow against the counter and gave Gwen his trademark bad boy smirk. “Now correct me if the rumours aren’t true, but just before I left for Perth yesterday, I heard that Mr. Wilson is heading out of town for the weekend. Perhaps a nice young man like myself could come over to keep you company while you’re all alone.”

Gwen laughed. “Oh Aden. As much fun as that sounds I think you’re are going to be much too busy for me this weekend.” She said with a wink and a nod towards something behind him.

Aden turned to face the dozen or so chairs and coffee machine that constituted the waiting room and found himself face to face with Belle. He wasn’t exactly sure how he had managed to miss her when he first came in, she was sitting right there staring at him and must have been this whole time. To say he was shocked to find her there was a definite understatement. According to his calculations she had a little under three months left on her London contract.

“She came by yesterday afternoon but when I told her you wouldn’t be back until today she left and came back first thing this morning and has been waiting patiently for you ever since.” Gwen whispered in his ear. “So if I were you I would stop staring and say hi.”

Aden realised Gwen was right, he had been staring. He silently pulled himself together and took a step towards Belle. “What are you doing here?”

He watched as she stood to walk to him and couldn’t help but notice how pretty she looked. “I was hoping we could talk?” She asked as she reached him.

Though he didn’t like to admit it, Aden was still hurting from his last encounter with Belle (possibly part of the reason for his new car) and was unsure that another encounter was the way to go about fixing it. In fact he was downright concerned it would just make things worse, yet he was too damn curious as to what she was doing here to turn her down.

He denied to himself that it was the look in her eyes that made him nod his head and turn back to face Gwen.

“I don’t have any major work to catch up on,” he told her with a slight grin, “but if your husband asks, I’m not here yet and I’ve been held up at the airport.”

“Sure thing Love,” Gwen replied and Aden decided to ignore the wink she sent his way.

Instinctively Aden placed his hand at the small of Belle’s back as he led her towards the elevator.

“Where are we going?” She asked him.

“To my office. Everyone will be at lunch so we won’t be interrupted.” Aden said, pleased that the elevator doors opened almost as soon as the button had been pressed. “Let’s go.”

The ride to the third floor was not a pleasant one. Aden loved being back in Belle’s company but was simultaneously hating the memories that were coming with it. “Turn them down Belle. Stay here with me…I just wanted us to be together…Don‘t go.”

The silence between them was awkward, to say the least. Aden didn’t feel that he should strike up conversation, seeing as it was Belle who had come looking for him to have a chat, but it seemed that she wasn’t planning on saying anything either. At least not until they reached the privacy of his office.

The ‘ding’ of the elevator reaching its destination was the only sound made through the entire elevator ride and the short walk to Aden’s office. There, Aden closed the door behind them and took a seat in his rather large leather chair, indicating for Belle to take a seat in front of him.

“How have you been?” She asked him and Aden got the feeling she was avoiding whatever it was she was really here to talk about. Too bad for her Aden wasn’t in the mood for dancing around the subject…whatever that subject may have been.

“What are you doing here Belle?” Aden asked again with a sigh as he ran a hand through his hair.

“I missed you.” Belle replied so softly that Aden had to ask her to repeat herself.

“I said I missed you.” Belle said again, louder this time.

“You missed me?” Aden repeated, dumfounded.


“You missed me?” This was not what Aden had been expecting.

“Yes!” Belle said exasperated. “I missed you.”

“So you were sitting in you London flat, drinking tea and watching East Enders, you suddenly came to the realisation that you missed me. What did you do? Get on the first flight possible and come all the way back to Australia just because you missed me and couldn‘t stand to be away from me for another minute?” Aden asked sarcastically.

“No.” Belle said. “I knew all along that I missed you but after a while it just became to much. Then I got on the first flight and came all the way back to Australia because I missed you and couldn’t stand to be away from you for another minute.”

Aden stared. Then he frowned. He looked out his window. He looked back at Belle. He frowned again and ran his hand through his hair.

“You’re sh!tting me right?”

Belle glared at him. “No Aden, I’m not ‘sh!tting you’.” She said angrily.

“How the hell could you have missed me?” Aden asked feigning confusion. He understood perfectly how she could have missed him as not a day had gone by where he didn’t miss her.

“What do you mean ‘how the hell could I have missed you?’” She asked angrily. “What kind of stupid question is that?”

“You’ve managed missed me during the last three months that we haven’t seen each other, but not during the six months previous to that, the six months between new years day and out blind date?” Aden was being hypocritical but Belle didn’t need to know that. He had missed her in the six months between new years day and their blind date but definitely not as much as he had missed he in the last three months.

Though as far as he was concerned he had fair reason to miss her during the last three months. He had spent the night of their blind date thinking of ways they could be together, thinking that Belle would agree to them as eagerly as he had thought of them. Basically assuming they would be back together by the end of the night. My had those hopes had come crashing down around him.

“I did miss you during the six months before our blind date.” Belle’s voice was sad and Aden immediately felt bad for getting so angry at her.

Aden sighed. Damn girls were confusing. “What are you really doing here Belle? I mean, really? Despite what you said, I don’t think you came all the way back here just to tell me that you missed me.”

“You’re right.” Aden‘s heart dropped. “I also came to tell you that I love you and I’m sorry for leaving. All I’ve wanted theses last three months was to take back those last few minutes of out date and say yes when you asked me to stay. Upon realising that I didn’t have the power to turn back time I asked for my old job back, gave up my contract, packed up my things and flew home.” She paused. “To be with you.”

Aden was stunned. He finally got that she really had flown back to Australia for him. She wasn’t just here for a couple of days to tell him how she felt, which he hadn’t realised but is what he had assumed in the back of his mind. She had literally packed up her life in London to come back to him. She had ended the job she had left him for in the first place because she missed him.

“Aden?” Her sweet voice disrupted his thoughts. “Are you going to say anything?”

Aden didn’t know what to say so said just that.

“Just tell me what you’re feeling.” Belle said earnestly.

What he was feeling? Confuse. Angry. Hurt. Ecstatic. Delighted. Thrilled. A million more emotions were cursing through him and Aden was unsure which ones were for the present and which ones were from the memories of the blind date that seeing Belle had brought back. Obviously the positive ones were for right now, at hearing Belle’s feelings for him, but what about the others? Was he still absolutely heart broken at what had happened three months ago? If so then what was he supposed to do then?

“Aden?” Belle prompted again.

“I don’t know what I feel Belle.” He said, figuring honesty was the best policy. “I love you, never stopped. But - ”

“But you can’t forgive me for leaving you.” Belle finished for him. “It’s o.k. I understand.”

“I don’t know.” Aden paused and frowned. “You really gave up your contract to be with me?” He still couldn’t quite wrap his head around it.

Belle nodded.

Looking back out his office window, Aden decided some fresh air was in order. “Want to get out of here?” He asked Belle as he stood.

Belle looked surprised but hurriedly nodded and followed him out of his office and into the hall. It was a lot busier in here now than it had been twenty minutes ago. Aden wasn’t worried that someone would tell on him though. He made so much money for the company that if he wanted to skive off for the afternoon he could, without any repercussions.

At least he hadn’t been worried until he saw a blonde head bobbing through the busy hall, coming in his direction. Oh God. Not now, please not now.

But it was too late for prayers as the next second Daphne Smith, a girl he had not thought about in the last forty minutes but had spent the last few weeks dating and sleeping with, was standing in front of them. She threw her slender arms around his neck, pressed her curvaceous body against his and kissed him hard. Instinctively Aden’s hands came to sit on her waist, he hated that he had done it but couldn’t have helped it if he had tried. It was an automatic reaction.

“Oh Baby! I missed you so much.” Daphne said pulling slightly away. “You finish up here and I will be waiting in your office for you so we can catch up.” With that she disentangled herself from him and sashayed towards his office.

Aden felt his heart sinking as she walked away. He lowered his eyes to look at Belle but her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and it looked as though she were having trouble breathing.

“Belle?” He asked tentatively. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t mentioned Daphne! When a girl tells you that she has quit her very prestigious job in London for you the least you can do is tell her about the girl that you’ve been seeing but will be breaking up with ASAP.

“Don’t.” Belle said with a raised hand. “I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.”

Aden stood, rooted to the spot as he watched her leave. The fear of losing her again turned his blood to ice and it took several precious seconds for instincts to kick in - he took off after her.

She was already a few metres ahead of him and squeezing her tiny frame through the gaps in the crowd that he had to literally try and barge through.

“Belle!” He called but knew without looking that she would ignore him.

He continued to chase her and felt panicked when she slipped through the closing elevator doors.

“Damn it!” He cried, slamming his fist against the wall. Knowing there was no time to wait he took off down the stairs, two at a time, gasping as he reached the ground floor. Ignoring Gwen’s cry of concern, he exited the building and ran towards the street, hating his gut feeling that told him he was too late.

Reaching the street, his eyes flew in all directions, looking for any sign of Belle but finding none. As the realisation hit him, his knees felt weak and Aden had to place a hand on the lamp post next to him for support. He was unsure whether he wanted to cry or vomit for his gut had been right.

She was gone.

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Thanks for all the comments and another thanks to Solaris for her help...you rock.

Slight sexual scene and a bit of swearing. Also to any Mods etc, keeping an eyes on fic, I re-read the rating guidlines again because I'm never too sure about them so if this is too much for my A rating I can change it but I think it's o.k. :unsure: Happy reading

March 20th 2012 - Cairns

The fact that Aden had not yet seen her was something Belle was rather pleased about. It gave her time to collect her thoughts and properly assess the situation. The situation being that their last encounter had not been a pleasant one and she had a terrible feeling this one was not going to be much better. In fact she was downright positive that it was going to be much, much worse.

He looked great as usual. But then Aden had always looked good in a suit. It had seldom happened during their time together but on the few occasions that called for Aden in a suit, Belle had found herself finally understanding why Mattie had swooned over Mr. Darcy for she was finding herself doing the same thing over Aden. She was disappointed to realise that three years later, that had not changed. Even more disappointed in the reminder it gave her of his suit jacket she still had hanging in her closet at home.

“This is not the kind of thought collecting you should be doing.” Belle scolded herself, thankful that no one could hear her over the noise. The ‘noise’ being the “Fifteen Years on Air” celebration for one of the countries leading radio stations. It was being hosted in the ballroom at Cairns’ most luxurious hotel and Belle had been invited after becoming friends with one of the morning hosts who was also a part time model for the magazine. She guessed Aden was here because his company handled the radio stations advertising.

Taking a sip of the cocktail in her hand Belle decided she had to speak to him. She needed to have a talk with Aden eventually and this seemed like the opportune moment. She just hoped this chat could be with as little bitterness as possible.

Slowly she began to walk around the dance floor to where he was standing with two other men and despite her earlier choice to not dwell on the past, she was secretly glad there was no curvaceous, bouncy, perfect looking blonde with him. O.k. so maybe she was still a little bitter but when the man you love gives up on your short, skinny, brown haired body for that of a supermodel, it’s hard not to be.

She was three feet behind him when her hands began to shake. Despite everything that had happened during the last six months, Belle found herself becoming nervous at having to face Aden and the things she had to say to him. The term ‘liquid courage’ ran through her head as she quickly finished what was left of her drink and stepped forward to tap him on the shoulder.

He turned immediately, shock registering on his face and his jaw dropping. Seemed the shock of seeing her had taken away his vocal cords.

“Hey.” Belle said with a smile. He looked even better up close and her disobedient fingers urged to touch him. Instead she patiently watched his mouth open and closed a few times before he managed to choke out a greeting.

“Hey.” His voice was hoarse and he no longer looked shocked for a look of confusion had taken over. “You’re speaking to me.” It was a statement rather than a question and one Belle had been expecting.

“Of course.”

Aden nodded. “I’m so sorry Belle.” He blurted out in a rush. “I’m not with Daphne anymore. I ended things with her as soon as you left, even thought things with her were never very serious to begin with. In fact we had only been dating for a few weeks so -”

“Aden it’s fine.” Belle had heard enough, though she was secretly pleased. “It’s in the past o.k.? Listen, do you want to take a walk? We could head outside? The garden here is supposed to be beautiful.”

Again, Aden nodded. “That sounds really good Belle.”

Belle placed her empty glass on a nearby table and started towards one of the side exits that led to the gardens. She knew Aden was behind her from the warmth of his hand at the small of her back. She knew it was automatic gesture, he had done the same thing at his work six months ago even though he was horribly angry at her, but that didn’t stop the slight thrill that went through her at his touch.

They pushed their way through the crowed area, loving the fresh air on their faces as they finally made it outside. It was dark but no stars could be seen due to the ominous storm clouds above them.

“Argh. A crowded party in the middle of summer is bad enough,” Aden said with a grin as he loosened his tie and undid the top button of his shirt, “but cocktail attire along with it is just plain cruel.”

Belle laughed. “For you maybe. I, on the other hand, relish at any chance to wear a cocktail dress.”

“Well, when you put it that way…” Aden trailed off as he not so subtly checked her out and Belle was suddenly glad she had bought the silk, emerald green dress for the occasion rather than the light green one that had made her skin look washy.

Belle cleared her throat. “Eyes up here Mister.” Oh how easy it was to fall back into the old practise with Aden. Sometimes it was as if they had never been apart.

Aden chuckled. “Sure, sure Belle. You just keep on pretending you don’t like me checking you out, all the while sneaking glances at my ass.”

Belle rolled her eyes and gave his shoulder a soft shove. “You never change do you?”

Aden just laughed. “So, shall we walk?” he asked, nodding in the direction of the gardens.

Belle nodded and as they began their stroll, Belle found herself admiring the gardens. The hilly, gardened area had charming little streams flowing through it with beautiful white picket fences for crossing. All kinds of wild flowers were growing with the occasional Japanese Cherry Blossom tree for shelter. Belle thought the place was incredibly romantic.

“So, how have you been?” Aden asked, interrupting the few minutes silence.

“Really good.” Belle said nodding slowly, noticing the confused look he sent her way as she said this. Belle guessed that he had obviously expected her to have spent the last six months being absolutely heart broken over the events at his office, just, as she guessed, he probably had. Well, whether she had been or not was not something she was going to tell him. She ignored the look and continued. “And how have you been?”

“Yeah, not too bad.” Aden said slowly, almost hesitantly and Belle knew she was right. He had been miserable lately and had expected her to be the same.

The sudden tension hanging between them as they continued to walk, would have needed a very large, very sharp butchers knife to cut through it. Just as Belle decided she couldn’t take much more of it and had to say something, Aden started talking again.

“So are you staying here? At the hotel?” He asked.

“No,” Belle said and felt a few spits of rain land on her bare shoulders. “I’m staying a few streets over. This place was completely booked when I tried to get a room.”

Aden laughed. “Well I managed to score myself the tenth floor penthouse. It’s not very often I throw my money around like that, but I thought to myself ‘why the hell - ”

“Aden,” Belle had to cut into what he was saying. She couldn’t take much more of their casual chatter. “There’s something I have to tell you.”

Whether it was some sixth sense or he could tell by the tone of her voice, Aden become serious and frowned. “O.k.”

With a quick glance around, Belle noticed just how far they had walked and was glad no one else had decided to do the same. They were alone.

Deciding against the deep breaths she should have taken to prepare herself, Belle simply blurted out what she had to say. What she had needed to talk to Aden about for a few weeks now. What she knew was going to kill the night ahead of them.

“I’m getting married.”

It was as if the sky above was attempting a reflection of their conversation. The moment those three devastating words were out of Belle’s mouth there was a quick flash of lightning, the far off rumble of thunder and a heavy downpour was at once upon them.

Within seconds they were both soaked but neither made a move for cover, they simply stood in the middle of the heavy rain, staring at each other. Belle hadn’t known rain could be so loud when landing on soft grass rather than a roof but she supposed it was made all the louder by the silence between her and Aden.

They continued to stare at one another but Aden’s face was a picture of indifference. There was no emotion showing at all and Belle couldn’t help but wonder if the ‘old’ angry Aden was making a comeback. She didn’t know what she expected his reaction to be, but when it came it certainly was surprising.

“Congratulations.” He said with a curt nod. “Have a nice life.” And with that he started walking away from her.

Belle’s jaw dropped and it took a few seconds of absolute disbelief before she was able to respond. “Have a nice life?” She screeched and Aden stopped walking, though kept his back to her. “I tell you I’m getting married and that’s all you have to say? Have a nice life?”

Aden turned to face her and she could see the anger written clearly over his face. “If you were listening, you would know I also said congratulations.”

“Oh well I suppose that makes all the difference.” Belle said sarcastically.

“What did you expect me to say Belle?” He began walking towards her, pushing his wet hair back. “Did you expect me to tell you that I loved you and beg you not to go through with it? Did you expect me to beg with you not to marry some other man?” He asked as he reached her, his voice risen to be heard over the rain.

Belle blinked in surprise, realising only now, that that was exactly what she had expected, if not hoped for. She knew she had expected anger and some yelling but only now was she realising that she had expected Aden to try and change her mind about it all.

Her silence was obviously all the answer Aden needed. “That’s what I though.” He told her with a nod of his head. “I’ve done that once before Belle. I told you I loved you, I begged you not to go, I made a complete idiot out of myself and you rejected me. There’s no way I’m putting myself through that again.”

Belle knew he was talking about the end of their blind date all those months ago and knew there was nothing she could say to fix things. Instead she stood silently, feeling the rain pound at her already sopping body, and watching him pace away from her, then back.

“It was only six months ago you were telling me that you gave up a job in London because you missed me.” Aden said.

“I know. But then I thought you had moved on so I decided to do the same and then I met someone.” Belle didn’t know what else to say.

“Were you ever actually going to tell me or did you just decide when you saw me tonight that you should probably let me know?” He asked, still pacing.

“I was going to tell you.” Belle said honestly and Aden nodded his belief.

“When?” He asked.

“Well, um, I...I’m not sure, but I defiantly would have made sure to tell -” Belle started.

“No.” Aden interrupted and stopped pacing. “When are you getting married?”

“Oh..” Belle swallowed. “Five weeks.”

Aden’s whole face seemed to crumble but it only lasted a split second before his mask of aloofness was back and he was pacing again. Belle knew she had hurt him and it killed her. Having moved on and being engaged to another man had not diminished her love for Aden and her heart ached for him, for the pain he was going through.

She stood silently, the hair that had been pinned up now hanging heavily around her face, but not allowing herself the luxury of pushing it away. She watched as Aden ran his hands over his face and through his hair before coming to a sudden stop.

He nodded at her, as if coming to some kind of realisation. “I love you Belle. There’s never going to be a time where I won’t tell you that. But I am not going to ask you not to get married. But I will tell you that I think you’re making a mistake.”

She didn’t know what was wrong with her, but instead of taking his compliment of love and calmly asking him why he thought she was making a mistake, Belle began to seethe.

“How dare you? You don’t even know anything about it!” She yelled at him.

“I don’t want to know anything Belle!” Aden yelled right back. “In fact I probably would have been happier literally not knowing anything! Not knowing you were getting married! Not knowing you were with another man because as far as I’m concerned, you’re marrying the wrong man.”

Belle didn’t know what to say, she was shocked, hurt and angry but no words would come out to express those feelings.

“Sh!t.” Aden muttered, running another hand through his hair. “Let me know when you come to your senses.” He spat at her and with one last glance walked away, this time leaving Belle speechless and alone as the rain came down harder.


Twenty minutes later…

The whiskey was not helping.

Being wet and angry when he reached his room, Aden had headed straight to the liquor cabinet kicking off his shoes and socks and yanking off his jacket, tie and shirt in the process. Too distracted by the decanter full of whiskey he had he found to do anything about his pants.

Now, two quick glasses of whiskey later and the third cradled in his hands, Aden as sprawled on the long leather couch, wondering why his father had used this method for blocking out the negative in his life. It wasn’t doing a damn thing for Aden. He could still remember every moment, every hurtful word, every sharp stab of pain of his conversation with Belle.

Belle. The love of his life. Marrying another man, in five weeks.

He had tried not to show just how much that hurt him. He had slipped up and told her again that he loved her. He had told her that she was marrying the wrong man, which in itself was basically telling her that he thought she should be marrying him. But he had not begged and pleaded with her, just as he had promised he wouldn’t. He had kept his face detached at all times, except for one weak moment.

He had done his best.

A knock at his door pulled him back to the present and Aden reluctantly sat up, placed his glass on the coffee table next to the decanter and walked to the door. Pulling it open he quickly hid his surprise.

“Couldn’t stay away huh?” He asked casually leaning against the door. He could tell by how completely soaked she was that she had only just re-entered the hotel and had come straight up to the tenth floor. Her hair was a mess and was plastered to her face and neck, still dripping at the ends, as was her dress. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, she still looked beautiful. He vaguely wondered where her shoes were and if her dress had clung to her body like a second skin when they were outside like it did now. He had been too angry to notice.

Aden patiently waited as she looked at him, eyes slowly leaving his and running down his face and over his naked chest. He felt a spark of satisfaction as her eyes lingered far too long on his bare chest.

“You can touch it -”

He was cut off by Belle soft lips pressed firmly against his. Not one to let his surprise ruin the moment, Aden quickly came to his senses and hungrily kissed her back.

Wrapping his arms around her small waist he drew her body against his and pulled her into his living area for the night, closing the door behind them and pressing her up against it. He splayed his large hands down her sides, feeling unbelievable love for the girl in his arms.

Belle pulled away, gasping for air and Aden let his lips wander over her jaw and down her smooth neck.

“Bedroom.” Belle panted before pulling his face back to hers for another kiss.

Aden wholeheartedly agreed and picked Belle up, letting her legs wrap around her waist. Not once breaking their kiss he somehow walked them both to the bedroom, softly kicking the door shut behind him.

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Sorry about the wait :) Here is the next part. Hope you all like it, please comment.

April 17th 2012 - Sydney

None of the dresses were right. They were all made from amazing fabric, by illustrious designers, but they were all wrong. The were the wrong colour, the wrong style, the wrong fit. Just plain wrong.

The one Belle was currently wearing was the most hideous thing she had ever laid eyes on. She had heard of dresses that made you look like a meringue but this made her look like the whole damn pavlova. Top layer of fruit included.

Belle sighed and tried to find the humour in how silly she looked but simply couldn’t. They had been through every other bridal store in Sydney and still had not found the perfect wedding dress. This was the last, and most expensive, store left but every dress was still wrong.

Or maybe it’s the man you will be wearing the dress for that’s wrong, a voice in her head said. Strange thing was the voice sounded similar to that of Matilda Hunters’, her best friend and Maid of honour.

Standing in front of the wall sized mirror, Belle looked at Mattie’s reflection. She was clearly doing her best not to show her disgust at the dress but when she caught Belle’s eye, she plastered a bright smile on her face. “That one’s nice.” She said, just as she had done with the last six dresses Belle had tried.

Belle simply rolled her eyes and walked back into the changing room to try on the next dress. She couldn’t blame Mattie for loosing interest in their dress shopping. They had been going at it for two days straight, so Belle could understand if Mattie’s patience was wearing a little thin.

Although she was unsure if it was Mattie’s lack of patience for dress shopping that was the problem or her personal dislike about Belle’s upcoming nuptials. Mattie had tried to be as supportive as possible during the last few months but Belle still remembered her reaction back in January when she had first found out Belle was engaged.

“And what exactly are you doing calling me on a Saturday?” Mattie had asked as Ric handed her the phone. “Sunday nights were designated for a reason you know?”

“And what reason was that?” Belle had asked amused.

“I don’t remember,” Mattie had said with a laugh. “But if you’re calling me a day early it must be something important. Spill.”

Belle had paused a minute, partly for effect, partly out of nervousness. “Taylor asked me to marry him.”

Then Mattie had paused but Belle was sure it was out of surprise rather than effect or nervousness. “And what did you say?” She had finally asked.

“Yes, of course.”

“But - what about Aden?”

What about Aden? Her best friend had replied with her exciting news about getting married with: What about Aden? She had then proceeded to ask Belle what on earth she was thinking, agreeing to marry some other man when she was, and always would be, in love with Aden. Belle had hung up on her and for the first time since they were seventeen, the two friends had not spoken for weeks.

Eventually Mattie had rung to apologise, stating that as long as Belle was happy, that’s all that mattered. They had made up, Mattie had agreed to be Maid of Honour and three days ago Mattie had arrived to help out with wedding details.

But, not one to let her best friend make such a large mistake, Mattie had sat Belle down and calmly explained that she really did think that Belle was meant to be with Aden and that, although she would go with whatever made Belle happy, she really didn’t think Belle would be happy without Aden.

This time Belle didn’t get so angry. It would have been hypocritical of her to do so having had sex with Aden not four weeks earlier. Not wanting to think about that right then, Belle pulled the dress off of her body and grabbed the next on the rack the sales lady had set up for her.

This one wasn’t so bad. Blindingly white, but not at all puffy. She slipped it on and walked back out to Mattie to find that Emmy had now joined them.

“It’s about time you got here.” She said with a grin to Emmy.

Emmy grinned back. “Yeah well, some girl I work with has taken the week off to prepare for her wedding or something so taking the afternoon off was not an easy feat to manage.”

Belle raised an eyebrow and ignored the comment, deciding, instead, to ask her two brides maids what they thought of the dress she was wearing.

“It’s very…” Mattie trailed off, unable to come up with the right adjective.

“White.” Emmy finished for her.

“Yes! It’s very white.”

Belle frowned at her two friends. “What exactly is it you’re trying to say here?”

Emmy grinned. “My friend, I think we all know you are not a white wedding dress kinda gal.”

“So I’m not a virgin, big deal.” Belle said fighting off a grin on her own. “Now other than the whiteness of the dress, do we like it?”

“I actually think we might have a winner.” Mattie said, nodding.

“Well seeing as I haven’t seen any of the others, I can’t really compare.” Emmy said suggestively.

“There is no way in hell I am putting on dresses I have already tried just so you can see them.” Belle said, holding up a hand. “Not considering the look of some of them.”

Emmy pouted. “But Mattie was just telling me about the one made entirely out of her grandmothers tablecloth.”

“She’s good like that.” Belle muttered to herself with a roll of her eyes as her two friends laughed and continued to chat.

Turning around to face the mirror, Belle pondered the dress. It wasn’t too bad really, in fact it was rather beautiful. But, disregarding their little jokes about Belle in a white wedding dress, her friends had been right, The dress was very…white.

Hands placed on her hips and her head tilted, Belle ignored the distant sound of the shop door being opened, indicating the arrival of new shoppers, and continued to consider the dress. It was the best one she had tried on so far and it still wasn’t right, but it might just do the trick.

Having been too caught up in the wedding dress she may have finally found, Belle only now realised the complete silence in the shop. The shop keeper had left them to their own devices almost an hour ago and retreated to a back room with the latest copy of Cosmopolitan. The newest arrivals to the store had not made a sound since their initial chatter filled entrance and her friends had stopped laughing a few minutes ago.

Glancing at the reflection of her friends she saw the anxious looks on their faces as their eyes flew from her to something directly behind her. Turning abruptly Belle saw the reason for the silence and their worried glances.

Aden was stand there, hands in his pockets, staring at her.

Belle’s stomach dropped. She hadn’t seen Aden since four am, the morning after she had arrived at his penthouse suite. The morning after they had had sex. The morning she woke up and realised she had cheated on Taylor and snuck out of Aden’s room without a note or any kind of explanation.

She knew it was a horrible thing to have done but after everything that had happened with Lucas all those years ago, she had promised herself that she would never do such a thing again. She would never be that kind of person again.

But she had. She had cheated, and not just on a boyfriend, but on her fiancé. A man she had made a commitment to. A commitment she intended to keep.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw that Nicole was right next to him, a calming hand placed on his arm. Belle remembered a conversation with Irene stating Geoff and Nicole’s engagement. Apparently the wedding was still a few months away.

Her eyes still on Aden, Belle was pulled out of her thoughts as he shook Nicole off and took a step closer to her. She felt her heart thumping wildly, it’s pulsations sounding like her own private bongo set and fleetingly wondered how on earth no one else was able to hear it.

“Nice dress.” Aden said coldly and Belle couldn’t tell if the look in his eyes resembled someone ready to kill, or someone on the verge of vomiting up their lunch.

“So glad you approve.” Belle said sarcastically. Offence was the best defence after all.

“Bit…white for you isn’t it?” He asked and Belle’s eyes narrowed. “You hardly the pure bride type.”

She could sense Mattie and Emmy getting ready to defend her but shot her friends a glance, silently telling them she was fine, this was her problem.

“If you’ve got something to say Aden, just say it.” Belle said.

“O.k.” Aden said with a smirk and Belle immediately regretted giving him the go ahead to say whatever it was he wanted to say. “Did you enjoy the sex we had four weeks ago?”

Belle heard two scandalized gasps to her right and hated that Mattie and Emmy were finding out this way (and at all), but was too shocked herself to even spare her them a glance. Her vision went a tad fuzzy and she blinked a few times, her vision returning in time to see Nicole’s mouth hanging open in disbelief.

“What?” She was finally able to gasp out.

“I asked if you enjoyed the se-”

“I heard what you said.” Belle snapped, shock having worn off and been quickly replaced by anger. “I just don’t understand why the hell you are asking me that.”

“Well I can’t think of any other reason you would have snuck out of my room in the middle of the night unless you hadn‘t enjoyed the sex.” Aden said so seriously that Belle almost thought he believed it. He didn’t of course, he was just trying to get some kind of rise out of her. Too bad for her he had always had a knack for that.

“Aden, I was engaged.”

He nodded and looked thoughtful. “Yet you still came to my room. You still kissed me. You didn’t say a word, just kissed me until I took you to the bedroom.” He paused. “Actually now that I think about it, you did say one word but it came out as more of a gasp of pleasu-”

“Stop!” Belle pushed back the tears she was feeling at the intimate things he was saying in front of their friends. “Why are you doing this?” She asked.

And within a second the casualness Aden had displaying was gone, replaced by the anger Belle had known would come out sooner or later. “Why am I doing this?” He was yelling now. “I’m doing this because you won’t Belle. Because you know that what happened between us that night meant something but you still won’t be honest with yourself so I’m being honest for you.”

Belle didn’t know what to say. She was literally speechless.

“Why did you do it Belle? After everything that happened that night, why did you leave?” Belle was shocked at the rawness of his voice. She had expected hurt and anger but this was so much worse and for the first time in her life, Belle felt as though Aden may actually hate her a little.

“I’m so sorry.” She whispered, unable to say anything else.

“But you’re still getting married this weekend.” Aden stated rather than queried.

“I am.” Belle said, surprised for a moment that he knew when her wedding was but quickly remembering that she herself had told him.

She watched as Aden looked out the front windows, ran a hand through his hair, then looked back at her. Belle’s eyes almost welled up again at the look in his eyes. Gone was the flippantness and fury he had previously shown. The look in his eyes now resembled the hurt puppy she had compared them to ten months ago after she had told him about London.

“And there’s nothing I can do to change your mind?” He asked her, all guards down, showing nothing but the hurt he was feeling. “There’s nothing I can do to convince you to be with me?”

Again, Belle didn’t know what to say. She had done her best to avoid thinking about her night with Aden, her feeling for Aden, anything to do with Aden. She had decided that she had done the wrong thing and left it at that. Decided that a promise is a promise, especially one as big as marriage, and she wasn’t going to break the one she had made. She was not that kind of person anymore.

But now, in less than fifteen minutes, Belle had been forced to think about everything. Her night with Aden, the promise she had made to Taylor, the fact that she had cheated on her fiancé. She had been made to think about all of it yet was still no closer to knowing what any of it meant.

She didn’t know what to do.

She looked at Aden, unable to say anything but trying to tell him with her eyes that she Just, Didn’t. Know. She was unsure if he got what she was trying to say but he nodded with understanding anyway.

“In that case, this is it.” He told her, running his hand back through his hair. “If you get married on Saturday then it’s over for us. And I don’t just mean in the obvious way, I mean in every way. We won’t be friends, we won’t be people who used to date, we won’t be anything.”

“Aden-” Belle didn’t know what she was going to say but it didn’t matter anyway for he wasn’t finished himself.

“If you see me at another party or back home, just pretend that you never knew me. Don’t come say hello, don’t wave, don’t even try and catch my eye because I will ignore you. I will act as if I have never met you before in my life.”

“Aden-” This time it was Nicole’s shocked voice that got cut down.

“And when you see me at Nic and Geoff’s wedding, just look away and tell yourself it was your imagination because if you get married on Saturday, I will want nothing more to do with you. I need everything from you Belle but if you’re too selfish to give me that then I want nothing.”

Having finished his speech, Aden muttered a quick ‘let’s go’ to Nicole and headed for the door. Belle could only stand and watch as he stopped at the door and turned back towards her. She didn’t know what was coming but due to their discussion so far, she was fairly sure she wasn’t going to like it.

“I meant what I said about the white wedding dress. It really doesn’t suit you. As cliché as it sounds, you should probably go with black to match your heart.”

At that Aden left the shop and Belle finally felt the tears at everything he had said build up, threatening to spill. Quickly blinking them away she watched Nicole glance her way before rushing outside after the man she considered a brother.

Belle stood stock still for a full minute, not saying a word, not thinking a thing, until Mattie’s voice brought her back to reality. She had almost forgotten her friends were even there.

“Belle?” Mattie’s voice was hesitant.

“I’m fine.” Belle said quickly, turning to her friends. “I’m just going to get dressed then we can get this dress and go home.”

It was five hours later during her shower that she finally broke down and shed the tears that had been threatening her all night.

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Sorry for the wait, one more chapter to go after this one. Hope you like, comments please :)

November 24th - Summer Bay

The vows had been said, the rings had been exchanged and the certificate had been signed. Hugs had been given, best wishes had been said and the photographs had been taken. The dinner had been eaten, the speeches had been said and the first dance had finished.

It was official: Geoff Campbell had finally made an honest woman out of Nicole Franklin.

Aden grimaced at said happy couple and ducked into the shadows as Jai, acting DJ, began playing ‘Time Warp’ and Nicole ordered everyone on the dance floor into place. He knew he wouldn’t be able to get out of that one if Nicole saw him.

Now standing at the edge of the large marquee, Aden found himself a few metres from where Belle was sitting alone at a table, watching her friends and family dance. He watched her for a moment, pale pink dress rustling softly in the light breeze.

He had seen her earlier that day. Having been standing next to Nicole during her nuptials, Aden had a nice view of the attending guests. It had taken all of his willpower not stare at Belle the whole time.

Now however, he had the perfect opportunity to stare at her as she sat with her back to him. Instead, he found himself walking towards her without knowing exactly what he would say when he reached her. Realising this he stopped, unpinned the classic red rose that was pinned to his jacket lapel, twirled the thornless stem in his fingers for a moment and then continued. Being Nicole’s “Bridesman” was coming in handy after all.

“Some wedding huh.” He stated as he sat in the seat next to Belle.

“That it is.” She replied softly and Aden didn’t miss the flash of surprise in her eyes.

Figuring it was best to get right down to it, Aden held out the rose. “My lame attempt as an apology,” he said with a laugh before becoming serious. He couldn‘t keep going without apologising for the way he had treated her. “I’m sorry. I really shouldn’t have said what I did.”

He waited patiently as Belle looked at him closely before softly taking the rose out of his fingers. “Keep talking.” She told him, averting her eyes to the rose and twirling it between her fingers. A gesture Aden had done not two minutes before.

“I was hurt.” Aden told her with a shrug, watching the people on the dance floor. “I know that’s no excuse but I that’s basically all there is to it. I was hurt and angry after what had happened in Cairns. Then seeing you in your wedding dress just about killed me.” He glanced at her. She was still staring at the rose but was now holding it still, listening intently to what Aden was saying.

“If it’s any consolation everything I said about you and the dress was untrue. It was because you looked beautiful in it but it was all for another man that I said it.” Aden paused, remembering the awful things he had said. “I’m also really sorry for revealing our night together in public. It wasn’t anyone’s business but our own. I got too intimate with what I was saying, embarrassing the both of us and talking about something that was private between the two of us.”

Aden stopped and waited for Belle to say something but she kept silent, still staring at the rose. “Please say something Belle.” His voice was earnest and she finally looked at him.

“You didn’t say anything about how selfish I am, or my black heart. Do you really think that of me?” Aden could hear the concern in her voice and realised she really did wonder if that’s what he thought.

“You don’t have a black heart Belle.” He told her honestly. “And you’re certainly not selfish. In fact you’ve probably got the biggest heart of anyone I know. You’re kind and thoughtful and generous. Sure, you slept with me and left without a goodbye but you’re still all those things and more. You’re-”

Aden stopped there. Belle was married now. He couldn’t flirt with her or tell her all the wonderful things she was anymore. They could only be friends, and that was only if she excepted his apology.

“I’m what?” Belle asked and finally looked at him.

“Perfect.” Aden said, one look into her eyes breaking his resolve. “I’m sorry.” He quickly continued and looked away, missing the blush that crept up Belle‘s neck.

“What for?”

Aden threw a forced grin at her. “You’re a married woman now Belle. I cant go around telling you how perfect you are, your husband might get a little pissed. And congratulations by the way. I know I was never very supportive about it before but I’m glad you’re happy.”

Belle nodded. “I am happy Aden. But I didn’t get married.”

Aden felt a flutter in his chest that he thought was much too feminine and quickly looked back at Belle. She was smiling softly at him, and Aden felt his heart beat quicken.

“Really?” He tried to sound as casual about it as possible but even he noticed the way his voice squeaked a little. He couldn’t help the elation that was spreading through him. Even when he realised he may have played a part in Belle not getting married he didn‘t feel any guilt, just plain happiness. “Was it because of anything I said?” He asked curiously.

Belle grinned at him. “A little. Plus a little from Mattie, Emmy and Irene.”

Aden nodded thoughtfully. “And you’re defiantly happy? I mean, with how things have worked out?”

“I could be happier.” Belle said honestly. “But not with Taylor.”

“In that case,” Aden started, with a grin. “What was it I said that made you change your mind?”

Belle laughed and began twirling the rose again. Aden thought it looked much more relaxed this time. “Well it certainly wasn’t your ‘pretend you never knew me’ speech.” She said with a smile at him. “That just pissed me off.”

Aden nodded. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that too. I went a little overboard.”

Belle blew his apology off with a wave of her hand. “It’s fine, it was just the other stuff you’ve already apologised for that hurt.”

“So if it wasn’t my speech, then what was it?” Aden asked again.

Belle was silent for a moment and Aden couldn’t help but wonder just what was going through her head. “I think it was something about me not being honest with myself.” She said, turning to look at him.

Aden just nodded and watched Belle as she bit her lip, averted her eyes, than looked back at him. “And,” She paused, a hesitant look on her face. “Something about marrying the wrong man.”

Aden let out the breath he hadn’t realised he had been holding in a sudden whoosh. Turning slightly he watched Nicole and Geoff slow dance, unable to keep the grin from spreading across his face.

“Aden, say something.”

He turned to look at Belle who, upon seeing his grin, had seemed to relax and was now sporting a half smile rather than her previous caution. Aden grinned at her. “I’m glad you’re happy Belle.”

Belle smiled. “Thanks. Question is, are you happy?”

Aden grinned and glanced around the tent, a plan forming in his mind. “I’m a lot happier upon hearing you didn’t get married.” He replied.

“Glad to hear it.” Belle said with a laugh before becoming solemn. “I’m sorry too.” She said gently. “It was awful of me to have left you that night. I only did it beca-”

“Don’t.” Aden interrupted and, feeling gutsy, placed his hand over hers. “You already apologised when we were in the Bridal shop. And weren‘t we just talking about how happy we were? Let’s leave the explanations of all the bad stuff for another time.”

Belle nodded. “O.k. It’s just that there is so much from the last few years that I wish I could take back-”

Again Aden interrupted her. “Don’t regret things Belle. It’s all the bad things that happen in life that lead us to where we are and what we are doing now.” It was something his therapist, the one he had seen after telling Belle about his Granddad, had told him and Aden had lived by it ever since.

Had he not been abused by his grandfather, he never would have moved in with Roman. Had he never moved in with Roman, he never would have worked in the Diner and ultimately, never would have been with Belle. He never would have hung out with Nicole, who he now considered his best friend and sister. He never would have met Roman’s brother, who was in advertising and helped Aden find a career he could love.

Of course nothing was worth what he had been through as a child, but Aden had realised what he had gained from having it happen.

“And what exactly are we doing now?” Belle asked presently.

Aden glanced around the marquee and smiled at Belle, a hint of his bad boy smirk on his lips. “Now, we dance.”

He quickly plucked the rose out of her fingers and stood from his seat, pulling Belle with him. Turning, he led her on to the dance floor, secretly hoping a slow song would come on. Either luck was on his side or Jai had developed a sudden sense of mind reading.

“I love this song.” Belle said, wrapping her arms around Aden’s neck.

Aden simply smiled and wrapped his arms around Belle, pulling her body flush against his. Try as he might, he couldn’t help but breath in her scent…just a little.

“So what do we do from here?” Belle asked as they began to slowly sway to the music. “I mean, you and me. Us.”

“Well, I think I’ve made my feelings for you more than clear over our last few encounters, so really, where we go from here is up to you.” Aden replied. He saw no reason to be cautious with his feelings. As he had just said to Belle, they had been made incredibly obvious ever since the blind date. There was no point in hiding them away now. “Just so long as you respect me in the morning.”

Belle pulled back a little and stared at him just as Aden realised what he had said.

“Sorry,’ he said chuckling. “Just kidding.”

Belle laughed. “I promise to respect you in the morning but you know how I feel about you too so I don’t think where we go from here should be entirely up to me.”

“You’re the one who’s just come out of a relationship, a very serious one might I add. Plus I can’t say I do know how you feel about me.” Aden said, very obviously fishing for compliments. “The last time you mentioned anything about your feelings for me was after you came back from London.” Aden paused, mock concentration showing on his face. “Of course you did show me quite thoroughly how you fel-”

“Okay, okay!” “Belle gently shoved his shoulder. “You’re lucky it’s so loud in here and no one else heard that.” She paused. “I think that maybe we should date. As you said I just came out of a serious relationship and after everything we have put each other through, I think it would be a good idea to not rush into things.”

“I agree.” And he really did. There was no way he was going to risk messing things up again. “And now, onto how you actually feel about me.”

Belle nodded and looked into his eyes and Aden suddenly felt very anxious. They had stopped dancing but were still pressed together, Aden’s hands now resting on Belle’s waist and her hands placed lightly on his shoulders, apart just enough to look into each others eyes.

“I - I…” Belle stuttered.

All of Aden’s nervousness left him he moment he realised Belle too, was anxious. He didn’t know what it was between the two of them but it seemed that if one felt unsure, the other immediately rose to the occasion and was confident enough for the both of them.

“Will it help if I say it first?” He asked in a low voice.

Belle nodded, eyes not straying from his.

Aden nodded. “I,” a stroke of her hair, “love” his hand on her chin, “you.” He placed a soft, sweet kiss on her lips, still staring into her eyes.

“Oh, I love you too.” Belle gasped, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him thoroughly.

Aden gave a low chuckle against Belle’s mouth before kissing her back. Finally, everything was right. There were no unmentioned girlfriends, trips to London or weddings to keep them apart. There was nothing to stop them from being together.

Belle pulled away. “I still live in Melbourne.”

“I know.” Aden said carelessly, trying to kiss her again.

“You still live in Darwin.” Belle said, face to the side causing Aden’s lips to land on her ear.

“Belle please. After what we have been through to get here, being on the other side of the country is not going to stop me from being with you. So please, stop talking, stop worrying, start kissing me again and look forward to what is to come.” And with that, Aden pressed his lips to hers, effectively stopping Belle from both talking and worrying.

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Here it is. I hope you all like it. Thanks for all the awesome comments and a special thanks to Solaris who helped me a lot through this story.

There are a few links at the end leading you to certian...things you may with to view :wink:

December 12th 2013 - Fiji

Belle exited the elevator of the busy Nadi hotel she had been staying in, suitcase rolling along behind her and blinked in surprise. She was immediately glad she had decided to fix up her bill first thing that morning for there, sitting casually on the leather couch in the hotels foyer, was Aden.

He hadn’t seen her yet. He was sitting, arms stretched along the back of the couch, one ankle crossed over the other knee, jiggling to whatever song was silently playing in is head. Wearing red and white board shorts and a black singlet he looked perfectly at home here in Fiji.

When his eyes caught hers, Belle simply arched a perfectly shaped eyebrow, conveying her surprise at seeing him here. He smirked his bad boy smirk, slowly stood up and made his way towards Belle, who walked to meet him half way.

“Fancy seeing you here.” He said, sounding very relaxed.

“Aden, what are you doing here?”

“Come on!” He stated incredulously. “My girlfriend gets a promotion, enabling her to travel the world and get paid for it and I don’t get to reap any of the benefits? Now that’s just plain cruel.” He finished before placing a hand at the back of Belle’s neck and pulling her in for a long kiss.

“Just be glad that this horrible week and a half long trip I just had was the longest I will ever have and that usually I only go for a few days at a time and it’s never more than once a month.” Belle replied pulling back, slightly breathless both from her little speech and the incredible kiss.

“That I am.” Aden said tightening the arms that had found their way around her waist and pulling her in for another kiss. “Damn I missed you.” He mumbled huskily against her mouth, causing Belle to smile against his.

Reluctantly, Aden pulled away and Belle pouted. “Oh how you want me.” Aden said grinning down at her.

Belle pursed her lips and fought the urge to roll her eyes. “Yes yes, of course I do. But unfortunately we are still in the middle of the foyer.” She paused and frowned as something came to her. “Speaking of which, why is it that the day you decide to “reap the benefits” of my job is the same day I’m booked in to fly back home?” She asked as she looked up at him. “Kinda defeats the purpose of coming to see me doesn’t it?”

Aden scoffed. “Who said I was here to visit you?”

“Well if that’s the case…” Belle trailed off, pretending to pull away.

“You,” Aden started as he drew her back in, “are not going anywhere.” He paused. “I have a surprise for you.”

Belle couldn’t help the grin that spread across her face. “I do love surprises.” She said, happily leaning into Aden’s embrace, She smiled as he grasped her suitcase handle, threw an arm around her shoulder and led them out of the hotel.


A five minute drive to the airport, a thirty five minute flight, a small bush walk later and Belle had fallen in love with Aden all over again.

“Best.Surprise.Ever!” She said in awe as Aden reached her on the sandy white beach. He had headed into the resorts small reception area to check in, telling Belle to wait outside and enjoy the view. And enjoy the view she had.

“Hmmm, I thought you might like it.” Aden said vaguely, taking her hand and leading her along the beach. Their suitcases had been taken by Jeep but, at Aden’s insistence, the happy couple were taking the scenic route along the beach and through the bush towards whatever bungalow they were staying in.

“I do, it’s so beautiful. What’s it called again?”

“Yasawa Island.”

“Yasawa Island.” Belle repeated the name. “Sounds exotic.”

Aden laughed and Belle thought is sounded a little forced. “Are you o.k.?” She asked looking up at him.

Aden looked at her for a full minute before nodding. “Course I am. I’m on a tropical island with the love of my life…not sure I could be any more o.k.”

Belle smiled but was uncertain. Aden had been extremely happy on their way to the airport, but once in the plane, on their way to the island, he had become quiet, withdrawn even.

Belle was usually the one who became silent on flights. She had become a lot better about flying since her promotion which, as Aden said, required her to travel a lot. But, flying was still her problem, not Aden’s. She was becoming a little worried.

They continued to walk silently down the beach, Belle’s right hand clasped tightly in Aden’s left, their jandals dangling loosely in their spare hands. Belle didn’t know how far away their room was but honestly didn’t mind. She was simply loving surroundings and the man she was with.

The last year had been perfect. Belle had left Summer Bay two days after the wedding, promising to call Aden as soon as she reached her apartment. They had spoken for hours every night, about nothing and everything. Nine days later they were both in Sydney for work and had spent every spare moment together. Seventeen days later, with plans for them to spend Christmas together at Belle’s, Aden arrived, right on time with the best Christmas gift he could have given her. His bosses had decided to start up their advertising business in Melbourne and had readily accepted Aden’s application for a transfer, wanting him to be one of the lead advertisers for the Melbourne branch.

The plan had been for him to find his own apartment once the Christmas and new year holidays were over…somehow it had just never happened.

“Did I mention there are only eighteen bungalows on the whole island?” Aden said presently.

Belle gave him a look. “Are you trying to get me alone or something?”

Aden’s laughter stopped midway as he noticed at something far away down the beach. Belle followed his gaze and could make out a small group of people standing around as if waiting for them.

“So much for being alone.” Belle said apologetically, as if she had jinxed it by simply mentioning it. “You would think you wouldn’t see anyone else with there being eighteen different…”

She stopped mid-sentence, realising that, not only had Aden’s hand slipped out of her own, but he had stopped walking and was fixed to a spot a few feet behind her.

“What’s wrong?”

He looked at her and Belle could see the hesitation in his eyes. Somehow she knew he was finally going to tell her what had been bothering him since they had boarded the plane.

“Aden, what is it?”

He took a step forward. “You know how much I love you right?”

“Of course but you’re starting to worry me a little.”

He grinned ruefully at her. “I’m sorry. You don’t need to worry, everything is going to plan, even this stop right now. I’m just starting to freak out a little.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about but I do know that you’ve been freaking out since we got on that damn plane.” Belle replied.

He stepped in front of her, dropping his jandals and pulling hers out of her hand so he could take both her hands in his. “Just so you know,” he started, “I wasn’t freaking out about doing this,” he gestured between the two of them. “I was nervous about what your reaction would be. And then I saw everyone down there,” he threw his arm in the general direction of the people they had spotted but Belle was unable to take her eyes off his, “and I then I started freaking out because I realised that even if you gave me the reaction I wanted, I may have gone way over board anyway-”


“And if you gave me the reaction I really don’t want them I would be basically screwed and I may have ruined our relationship forever-”


“But either way I just want you to remember how much I love you.” It was then that Aden got down on one knee.

Belle took a sharp intake of breath. This was not what she had expected.

“What are you doing?” She didn’t know why she was suddenly whispering.

“I’ve spent the last week and a half that you have been away trying to come up with an awesome speech, the best proposal ever, but nothing sounded right so I decided to stick to the basics.”

Belle could feel her heart thumping wildly against her chest, her breathing had become laboured and she really hoped Aden couldn’t feel how sweaty her hands were.

“Belle, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” A quick pause as he pulled a wooden black box out of the pocket of his boardies and opened it. Belle was too busy staring into his eyes to notice what the ring inside looked like. “So you do you say Belle? Will you marry me? Today?”


Complete and utter silence.

The horrendously loud thumping of her heart, the rushing waves behind her and the squawking birds in the bush had all ceased to exists. All she could hear was the loud rushing of blood leaving her head, making her feel slightly dizzy and all she could see was a blur in front of her that she knew to be Aden.

“Belle?” Aden’s voice was clear and sweet over the rushing and it calmed her immediately. The waves were back, the birds were singing and her heart was beginning its quickened pace all over again. She blinked and focused her eyes on Aden’s nervous baby blues.




Belle laughed happily as, having snapped the box shut and thrown it into the sand, Aden got to his feet and picked Belle up around her waist, twirling her around as he hugged her. Her arms went around his neck and she kissed him passionately the moment they stopped spinning until an ongoing shrieking noise she was only just beginning to notice reached her ears.

She turned her head in the appropriate direction. “Is - is that Irene?” She gasped, squinting at the small group of people they had earlier noticed run towards them.

Aden shrugged and set her back on the sand. “I couldn’t very well marry you without your family here could I?”

“God I love you.” She replied, eyes set back on his.

She watched as he grinned and bent down to pick up the small box he had thrown away. Quickly dusting it off he opened it and Belle gasped softly at the ring inside. It was a plain white gold band with a stunning square cut diamond sitting a top. It was simple yet spectacular. Perfect.

“Oh Aden.” She murmured as he placed it on her ring finger. She would have loved to have spent the next hour either staring at the beautiful piece of jewellery she now owned or simply showing Aden how much this whole gesture meant to her but the shrieking that was making it’s way up the beach was almost upon them. Giving Aden a look of longing, she turned to see, not just Irene, but also Nicole, Roman and Mattie reaching them.

Belle felt a large sense of girlish excitement overcome her as the three woman crowded around her, begging to see the ring and asking exactly what Aden had said in his proposal. Eventually everyone calmed down and Nicole even managed to tear herself away from the diamond long enough to congratulate her surrogate brother.

Aden cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention. “Now,” he said with a quick look at his watch, “I’m sure we would all love to stand around chatting but…we have a wedding to get ready for.”

Belle savoured the tingle that went through her, knowing that it was their wedding Aden was talking about, before voicing her concerns.

“But I don’t ha-”

Aden cut her off with a quick kiss. “It’s all sorted.” He said huskily. “The girls know what to do, I’ll see you in a few hours.” And with a final kiss, Aden and Roman headed in the direction Aden and herself had just come from while Irene, Mattie and Nicole led her back they way they had come.


It turned out Aden had sorted everything.

He had paid for Roman, Nicole, Mattie and Irene to fly to Yasawa Island three days ago. According to Mattie, Aden had said it was to thank them for keeping everything a secret but Mattie believed it was so he wouldn’t feel rude when he kicked them all off the island as soon as the wedding dinner was over.

Belle had been secretly pleased to find out that they would be leaving straight after dinner that night.

It was during their spa treatment that Belle had been told all of this. It was after the spa treatment that she found out the rest. He had rented the Honeymoon suit for the two of them. The Honeymoon suite that was totally secluded and which, in Belle’s opinion, gave the most beautiful view imaginable.

It was also after the spa treatment that she saw the dress. Apparently, knowing that Mattie was with Belle while she had tried to find her last wedding dress, Aden had requested Mattie’s help in finding one for this time. Mattie, being the best friend she was, had finally found the perfect dress.

Now, as she stood barefoot in her perfect dress, just a few metres away from her future husband, Belle felt like the luckiest woman on earth. And as she began her walk up the makeshift isle, she realised her luck was only just beginning.



Ring - First one in the series

Island/Resort - Make sure you check out the Honeymoon suite

Dress :)


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