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Mon, 1 Sept 08 – Episode # 4706

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ He’s Going To Dump Me !!! “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 1 Sept 08 – Episode # 4706]


Aden & Dr Morsby are sitting across form each other. There’s an eerie silence, before Morsby suggest tat Aden should be using this time to explain etc what made Aden do with he did. Aden however is keener to talk about why Melody is here. Morsby insist that they are here to talk about Aden.

Aden goes to leave the room, but Morsby reminds Aden that if he leaves this clinic, then the clinic will have to phone the police [break of bail conditions].j


Roman tells Nicole that the bub that Martha “lost” is Roman’s. He promises not to keep Nicole in the dark about things like that in future. Both agree that they got to really talk to each other more.


Aden is siting in a room with various other of the clinic’s patient. Melody is standing in the room – with a blank look on her face. Edward [Melody’s dad] is talking – he say tat he’; going to get the 2 of them a coffee.

When Edwards leaves the room, Aden approaches Melody – but she keeps the black look on her face. She didn't talk to her dad, and doesn’t talk to Aden either. Aden walks away, but Edawrd did see Aden approaches Melody and he looks concerned.


Rachel as asleep on the couch when Leah enters. Leah is able to wake Rachel – but tells her that she {Rachel] not only drank a “few” glasses of wine last night but she also took sleeping pills. Rachel tells Leah that it’s because she didn’t want to have to cry herself to sleep AGAIN.


In the grounds of the clinic, Aden talks Roman. Once more, Aden wants to speak to Belle, but Roman says stat he’ll tell Belle of Aden's request but he’s not going to push thing too hard.

Edawrd looks over to where Aden & roman are. Edward has just returned to the clinic with take away coffees in hand.


Nicole is VERY please to see Geoff when he comes to her [front] door. She waaaaaaaaaays hugs him.

They talk about what happened on the island – and Nicole makes it very clear that she is keen for more. It’s clear [from body language] that Geoff isn’t keen – but Nicole dpoenlt pick up on that [or ignores].

Geoff tells Nicole that he’s remembered that he has to help Irene. He promises to be back soon. Geoff bails.


Edward approaches Roman. He urges Roman to keep Aden away from Melody.


Belle is looing at a pic of her & Aden when Geoff enters the house.

Geoff tells her what’s going on tween he & Nicole – the look on Belle’s face when Geoff tells her that Geoff & Nicole slept together is priceless. Belle suggests that despite Geoff’s whole Christian “no sex before marriage” policy thing, he’s got to come up with a solution that’s good for both he & Nicole.


The psych clinic nurse is leading a group discussion, but Aden is more interesting in talking to Melody [still with black expression on her face]. When Aden approaches Melody, her dad vehemently tells Aden to stay away from Melody. Aden, however, responds by reminding Edward tat it was Aden who put Axel in hospital for whet he did to Melody.

Edwards looks affected by what’s Aden’s said – and he bails.


Tony [unshaven for days[ enters. He calls out to Rachel who enters the main room [form kitchen] and muchly hugs Tony.

Soon after, Tony & Rach are on the couch. Rach reminds Tony that she didn’t speak to Sally for weeks over what Sally did to Brad, but Tony insists that he just had to get away from the bay [and things that rem him of Rach]. Rach counters this by telling Tony that it’s her happy memories of them together tat got her through the ordeal within Aden in the shed.

Tony tells Rachel that he doesn’t deserve her – esp. after believing the worst of these e mails from High.

When Rach asks, Tony says that he spent most of his time away in Broken Hill [western New South Wales]

Tony wonders if Rachel would like a drink with him, but she says it’s too early for that.

Rachel kisses Tony, but he suggest tat it would be best if he shaved &^ showered 1st. Rachel says tat she doesn’t care bout such tings – they kiss one more, but you get that feeling that this is awkward for Tomy.


Nic enters, and Roman reminds her that shyer is supposed to be resting at home. Nicole, whoever is more interested in ask Irene if Geoff is finished helping her. Irene says tat she hasn’t seen Geoff for ages [and knows nothing about this help thing].

Later, Roman is about to bail when Edward eneytrs. Roman tells Edward tat he isn’t keen on another lecture about Aden &* Melody. Edwards tells Roman that he’s spoken to Aden and isn’t concerned anymore about that.

Edward then tells Roman that Melody hasn’t said a word!!!!! since she heard about Axel’s death. Nothing he &* Christine tried worked, so they booked Melody into the clinic.

After Edward bails, roman wonders to Belle if she will visit Aden. Belle insists tat she just can’t.


Aden is in bed in his room when he notices that Melody is just standing there [blank expression] in his room. Aden suggests tat Melody should go back to her own room.

Melody drops the blank expressions. She tells Aden that she is evil. Melody then that she prayed for Axel to die and now he is. Melody say tat her mum is right, i.e. “I’m evil”


Nic tells roman that she thinks that Geoff is coming over to dump her.

Roman exits the room as Geoff enters. He tells Nic that he’s been doing a lot f tibnki8ning, and everything that Geoff is saying back up what Nic is thinking. She urges him to get to the point – Nic is shocked when Geoff [rather than dumping her] suggests that they should get MARRIED!!!!!!



Bridget [Joy Smithers] arrives in the Bay – looks like she & Tony got together whilst he was away

Geoff tells Nicole that sex is off limits

Melody sees Nicole at the clinic and asks her to ask Geoff to visit Melody

Belle visits Aden at the clinic

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Melody: mauve top/red cardigan/denim jeans


Rachel: blue low cut v neck spaghetti strap [grey crest on bust] knee length skirt


Leah: red singlet top/tan knee length skirt


Aden: black [grey tree] t/black watch

Belle: black vest – with white t & grey long sleeve top beneath/black long pants/red boots/black & white scarf

Edward Jones [Melody’s dad]: powder blue long sleeve button up shirt/grey long pants [with brown belt]

Geoff: red [yellow “California 82”] t/denim jeans

Irene: purple top/bone long pants

Nicole: bluey-grey tracksuit jacket & long pants/grey singlet top

Nicole: gold wide strap top/faded denim jeans/white watch

Psych Clinic Nurse: apple green polo shirt

Dr Morsby: white [dark vertical stripes] button up shirt/dark long pants

Rachel: black scoop top/black long skirt

Roman: olive green t/denim jeans

Tony: grey t/dark shorts/black watch

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