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Fri, 29 Aug 08 – Episode # 4705

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ A Change Of Heart “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 29 Aug 08 – Episode # 4705]

Note : even though I pre-set this ep, I still missed the 1st few mins - as I forget the Ch 7 has a habit of being more on time on Fridays that it is on any other day, ie a pre-set start time of 7.03pm totally works on every other weekday as Ch7 has a slight habit of running late.]


Belle is still all way emotional about what’s occurred. Angelo, as he heads for the door, suggets that Belle REEALLY should get some rest.


Kirsty tells Miles that she thinks that the whole living together & being in a ‘ship is just too much, esp. Becaue of the children in their care. Kirsty tells Miles that she is seriously thinking of moving ]herself & Ollie] out of the VPH.


Next day, Leah insists to Rachel that Tony is bound to want to talk to Rachel as soon a he hears what happened.

After Leah bails, Dr Thompson [male] approaches Rachel. He tells her that he’s the one who will be doing Aden’s psych evaluation. Thompson comments that Rach is in the best position to help him with Aden’s breakdown. Rachel tells Thompson that this was NO breakdown – and that Aden knew exactly what he was doing the whole time.


Miles is keen to talk to Kirsty about her plan to move out, but she is trying to find a receipt that she needs to find before she goes out.

Jai enters the room, and Kirsty appreciates it when he apologises for what happened yesterday. Kirsty finds the receipt and bails.


Rachel is by Larry’s bedside. Larry blames himself for everything that Aden did – and pleads with Rachel not to give up on Aden [like sooooooooo many others have]. You can see that these comments have affected Rachel.


Roman [still wearing a sling on the arm that the arrow hit] enters the interview room, and tries to talk to Aden. Aden insists that Belle is the only one who understands – and if roman wants to help, he’ll convince belle to see Aden


Belle enters the kitchen an colleen is surprised to see her at work today [belle is putting on an apron at this point]. Colleen comments about how bell was just yesterday being held by a mad man, but colleen apologises for reffering to Aden like that [esp. in light of Belle/Aden].

Roman enters the kitchen, and tells belle that she may be that only perron who can help Aden – as she is the only one he’ll open up too. Belle tells Roman that she can’t do it.


Kirsty enters and literally bumps into Martin. He tells her that he is taking a break for all that boring school policy etc document.

Martin wonders about Ollie & the social worker. Kirsty insist that she’s sorted things out with Renee, but Kirsty also waaaaaaaaaay thanks martin for what he did [lie to Renee].

Kirsty starts waaaaaaaaaaaay crying –n and she tells martin that she is a terrible mum!!!


In the main area of the station, Rachel talks to Angelo. He says that her & belle’s statement will be crucial – as Aden refuses to talk to the police.

2 male uniform officers bring Aden into the room, but Angelo tells that the take him back to the [interview?] room where he was.


Kirsty tells martin about how she is thinking of moving out. He suggest, rather that living in a van again, that Kirsty & Ollie can live at martin’s place. He insists tat the place is big enough so they wouldn’t get in each others’ way. Kirsty is worried about what the other school staff might say, so she declines the offer.


Angelo enters and sees that Belle is working today. She tells him that she is doing so to keep busy. Angelo tells belle that Aden’s been formally charged – but all no depends on his psych evaluation. Angelo says that if the psych doctor thinks that it’s a good option, Aden will be taken to a psych clinic for help.


Kirsty & miles enters the main room – the dinner take is set and both think that other has arranged this. Jai enters the room. He then them that this is his doing, and that he’s cooked lasagne for them. Jai tells Miles & Kirsty hat this is the only family ha gas now, and he doesn’t want Kirsty to move up. Before jai leaves the room, he tells miles & Kirsty that Alf will be out til late, as he is at the hospital visiting Martha.


Dr Thompson is about to go in and do the psych assement on Aden, when Rachel approaches Thompson. She tells him that she has changed her mind – its clear to her that Aden did suffer a breakdown. When Thompson asks, Rachel syuas that [because Aden had been holding her against her will etc] she wasn’t exactly being objective when Thompson 1st spoke to her. Rachel insists that Aden waaaaaaaaaaaay needs help/treatment for what he’s going though/what he’s been through.


With Jai listening in at the bottom of the steps, both Miles & Kirsty come net at the meal jai cooked isn’t exactly the best.

Kirsty then tells mile stat she shouldn’t have just “run away form her problems” by saying that she is going to move out. Mile insists tat he doesn’t want Kirsty to move out.

At the pointt, jai ascends the stairs.

Back in the main room, Kirsty is still worried about the whole living together and being in a ‘ship, but Miles urges her to give it a chance. Kirsty seem to indicate that she will [tray & see is this works]


Martin orders some cupcakes - he tells Colleen that they are for Ollie.


Kirsty & miles are doing to dishes, and miles flicks some soap suds at Kirsty [landed in her hair][. She retaliates but their play fight is interrupted when martin enters. He gives Kirsty those cupcakes for Ollie.

As Martin leaves, all 3 look at tad embarrassed at what’s just happened.


Aden is very pleased to see Belle when she netters the interview room. He stands up, but when he tries to move closer to belle, she insists tat she doesn’t want him any closer.

They talk about what’s going to happen – and after Aden mentions that he’s being sent to a psych clinic, belle tells him that he has Rach to thank for that [i.e. not going to jail for the time being].

Belle can’t believe it when Aden tells her at he just wished that she & rach were never there. Belle realises that Aden STILL wishes that he’d ended his dad’s life.

With that, belle tries to leave the room, but Aden garbs her arm. He pushes him away – vehemently telling Aden that she doesn’t want him to touch her.

Aden pleads with Belle – reminding her that she said that she LOVES him. Bell says that she does, but she just can’t be there for him right now – as she feels like he kept her in that shed like she meant absolutely NOTING to him.

Belle leaves the room.


Roman walks with Aden & a nurse down the corridor – they walk oast several other patients at the clinic. The nurse stops walking – and tells Aden that the have arrived at his room.

All of a sudden, a long blended haired girl exits her room. She’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay screaming – the nurse tries to calm her down. The teen girl turns around so we can see her face – Aden is shocked that it’s MELODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ruby in interested in Miles, and she tells Annie that it’s not such a bad thing if the feelings are mutual!!!!!!!

[Note - I LOVE Rubes, so PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE don't make this another Diesel/Sally type storyline]

Melody tells Aden “My mum was right. I am evil”

Tony returns to the Bay – and a woman named Bridget follows him

Angelo is keen top be together with Belle

Charlie’s had enough of being Roman’s part time girlfriend

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Leah: blue [black straps] wide strap top


Kristy: white [red strawberry motifs] halter dress


Belle: white [black & multi colour tropical motif] mid thigh dress/black leggings/black [pink stripes across shoulders] jacket


Aden: black [green “Sanjan” and an alien like face] t/faded denim jeans

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Belle: black jacket/white [black cat] t

Colleen: dark blue (yellow rectangle pattern) blouse/light blue & white top

Dr Thompson: bluey-grey button up shirt

Jai: light blue t

Jai: royal blue [hot pink & yellow triangles] t

Kirsty: off white [brown floral] kinda low cut v neck dress

Martin: dark green button up shirt

Melody: dark jacket/white long skirt

Miles: grey [orange & green rainbow with black tropic motifs] t

Miles: brown [gold “lake placid truck district”] t/ blue long pants

Psych Clinic Nurse: apple green blouse

Rachel: black scoop top

Roman: twin tone green horiz stripes [black “G Star Original” logo?] t/dark jacket

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