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Thurs, 28 Aug 08 – Episode # 4704

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Jai Jai “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 28 Aug 08 – Episode # 4704]

Note – yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!! things are back to normal

[iADL for ep 4703 follows IADL for this ep]


Belle & Aden enter the shed, and be cant believe that both Rachel & Larry are here AND especially that Aden has Rachel CHAINED [not rope tied] to the wall. Aden insists that he can’t let anyone go until his dad is dead. When Belle wonders why he is doing this, Aden angrily tells her that his father was abused as well [buy Aden’s grandfather[ and yet he did nothing to stop it fom happening to Aden.

Belle tries to leave the shed, but Aden blocks her path 0- and insists that she’s not going anywhere. Belle is muchly shaken by this, whilst Rachel continue to try to get Aden to behave sensibly.


Annie tells Jai that whenever she talks to Geoff bout what happened on the island, he gets all evasive. Jai thinks that it’s because Geoff rally doesn’t want to talk about his life & fedath situation – which Jai can relate to. Jai tells Annie that Geoff will talk to her about when he feels that time is right.


Rach canl;t believe it when Belle tells her that Tony & everyone thinks that Rachel left town because of all the stress etc to do with the wedding.

Rachel pleads with Aden to let her go, but he insists tat no one going anywhere. Belle tries to get to the door once more but Aden blkaock her and grabs her car keys & mobile. Belle can’t believe that Aden is acting this way.


Kristy orders a buchu of muffins form Leah – she tells Leah & martin that a social worker is coming over today to check on Ollie. Kristy tells that that she is muchly nervous.


Jai & Annie are playing hide & seek with Ollie – well, Ollie’s hides behind a cushion on the lounge and they find him.

Kirsty tells Miles that she is worried about the social worker’s visit. He suggest tat she should stop sterssing, and that they should go for a walk as that should help her to de-stress


Rachel urges Aden that she has to speak to Tony, and Aden decides that if Rachel wants to go, she can – if she ends Larry’s life. Aden grabs morphine vile out of Rachel’s bag. It’s clear that Aden isn't kidding, and Rachel & Belle to be in total shock about what he is doing.


Jai & Annie are playing with Ollie but Jai stops doing so after Ollie calls him “jai jai” a few times in a row. Jai tells Annie that that [jai jai] is what his younger sibling used to cal him.

Annie tells Jai that she should continue talking about his past – to let go some of the pain etcx, but jai doesn’t want to. Indeed, jai wants a break away from Ollie so he & Annie leave the room. Ollie looks longingly at the muffins on the prep table in the kitchen.


As they walks along, Miles continue sto try to get Kirsty to stop stressing about the social workers’ viti. Indeed, miles says that Kirsty is a cool mum – and that, if he were a kid, Kirsty would be a great mum to have.

Kisrty thanks miles, before she starts to9 journey back to the vph.


Beaks Rachel has refused to do the morphine tying on Larry, Aden decides to do it himself. He garbs a needle and gets that morphine inside. Belle & Rachel try to plead with Aden not to do Thais, as Larry is his dad, but Aden insists that Larry stoped being his dad when he didn’t stop his grandfather doing what he did.

Aden goes to use the morphine on Larry, but Larry & belle are able to held him away form Larry enough so he can’t.

In all the struggle, belle’s phone drops the ground. The still chained Rachel kicks it away, and, ewbcasu Larry & Rachel are JUST preventing Aden form sticking the morphine needle into Larry, belle phone the police.

Belle then rejoins that struggle to stoop Aden, and Rachel & belle insist tat Aden won’t be able to take this back if he kills his dad. Aden tells them that he has nothing to live for anyway – so Belle insists to And that she LOVES him. That comment makes Aden stop & thinks about something other that killing his dad.


Kisrty arrives home. The social worker, Renee, is tending to Ollie who hurt his arm trying to get hold of those muffins.

Kisrty tells Renee that she will take Ollie to the Doctor ec, and Renee tells Kisrty that she will be in touch. Kisrty looks way annoyed as Renee babuls, and then jai & annoie enter. They can’t believe that this has happened.


Aden wonders if belle meant what she dais – she tells hymn that she MUCHLY did. Belle, Rach & Larry all insist that Aden should let Larry pay for what he did [axle’s death] in jail.

Lara & Angelo burst into the room. Angelo grabs Aden and handcuffs him – and when the police ask, Bell tells rthm that it was she ][belle] who called them.


Rachel talks to Leah – ahe says that the medics have checked her over and that all is well with her physically.

Rachel wonders about what’s happened – and she is partriuc shocked when Leah tells her that she [Leah] too thought that Rachel had left town of her own accord. Leah mentions that emails form Hugh – and Rach tells her that s soon as she got them, she phoned Hugh and told him that she’s not interested in him and is marrying Tony!!!!


In eth interview room, Aden tells Lara that his dad is the one who left axel there on the road to die. Lara responds by telling Aden that, when the case goes to court, Aden’s word [given the current circumstances] might not hold much sway.

Aden asks Lara if he can speak to Belle. She saucy that she will try to arrange it.


Angelo answers bell’s phone – he asks belle if she wants to speak to Aden. Belle says that she doesn’t.

After the call ends, Belle [fight back tears] tells Angelo that she realises that she deoinlt really know Aden at all. Belle really starts crying, and Angelo hugs her.


Kirsty tells Renee that she’s been to the Doctor’s and there’s nothing much affected buy Ollie’s antics. Renee tells Kirsty that she isn't happy bout what’s happened.

At themonet, Martin tells Rene that it’s his fault. He says that Kisrty asked him to looks after Ollie and when she was called away to the school, He asks Jai & Annie to look after Ollie. Renee suggests that Kirsty should have more relaible babysitters – before she bails.


Rachel is muchly stressing – Tony is unconatctabel [he didn’t take his phone and gave no real indication when he would be back]. Leah feels very guilty beaks of her part in all this, and vehemently wonders to Rachel if there’s anything to Leah can do. Rachel doesn’t know what can be done right now, i.e. until tiny gets back.


Miles & Kirsty both express the surprise at martin’s actions about Ollie. Martin isn’t there btw, jai enters the room, and Kirsty has a go at him for leaving Ollie alone. Jai [as he leaves the room] insists that Ollie ISN’T his brother.

Miles wonders to Kirsty if she thinks that she was a bit harsh on jai, but Kirsty thinks that she wasn’t.


Belle is still very emotional as she talks to Angelo about Aden. She tells him that she can’t believe that he was ready to kill Larry, and that now Aden is in a lot worse place mentally that he was when he 1st statedly getting help.

Angelo responds buy telling belle that whatever Aden did, it wasn't because of anything Belle did, bell tell Angelo that she doesn’t think she came face Aden again. She way starts crying aging, and Angelo hugs her.


Aden sits in the floor of the interview room – he is alone in the room.



Rachel vehemently tells another Dr that Aden didn’t suffer a breakdown [i.e. he knew what he was doing]

Roman tells Belle that he thinks tart Belle is the only person Aden will open up to

Kirsty tells Miles that she is thinking of moving out!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL) – ep 4704


Leah: black spaghetti strap top/tan knee length skirt


Rachel: red scoop top/dark long pants


Annie: white [sky blue diamonds pattern] v neck t/denim jeans


Aden: black [green “Sanjan” and an alien like face] t/faded denim jeans

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Belle: white [black & multi colour tropical motif] mid thigh dress/black leggings/black [pink stripes across shoulders] jacket

Jai: yellow [black “alphabet stereo sounds” and music note motif] t

Kirsty: off white [brown floral] kinda low cut v neck dress

Lara: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Larry: brown t/denim jeans

Martin: burgundy button up shirt

Miles: brown [gold “lake placid truck district”] t/ blue long pants

Oliver: brown [white unknown motif] t/blue shorts

Renee [social worker]: grey jacket/peach blouse & long pants


It's A Designer Label (IADL) – ep 4703


Rachel: red scoop top/dark long pants


Annie: white [sky blue diamonds pattern] v neck t/denim jeans


Belle: white [black & multi colour tropical motif] mid thigh dress/black leggings/black [pink stripes across shoulders] jacket


Aden: black [green “Sanjan” and an alien like face] t/faded denim jeans

Alf: faded orange [green check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Geoff: blue board shorts

Geoff: white t/black & grey jacket

Dr Young: burgundy button up shirt

Irene: red blouse

Jack: black v neck t

Jimmy: grey t/black [1 white v stripe on each sleeve] jacket

Larry: brown t/denim jeans

Nicole: black bikini

Roman: brown t [with red t beneath]

Watson [female uniform officer]: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

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