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What Could Have Been

Guest Zetti

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This is short but that is because it is a one shot. I have way more planned but I dont know when I will post them, please comment honestly as otherwise I cant improve.

Story Title: What Could Have Been

Type of story: Oneshot

Main Characters: Aden and Belle

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance, Angst,

Does story include spoilers: Yes for UK.

Any warnings: a kiss and one bad word {in general nothing really bad}

Summary: Belle and Aden finally confront each other after the OC.

What Could Had Been

I was stood in the rain with no umbrella getting totally soaked! The bus was late! The damn bus was late! Why couldn't it be on time! I groaned as the bus finally pulled up the stop.

I glared at the driver as I showed my pass and sat down. The bus pulled away and I sat on my own with an old man breathing down my neck. I so needed to get out of there!

Automatically I pressed the stop button and the bus geared itself to a halt jerking me backwards, I had no energy to complain.

Just got off the bus and headed home. It was late and it felt late. The bus felt like it had been grinding itself underneath her legs, it wasn't a pleasant feeling. It was a very annoying and frustrating feeling.

"Hey Irene" I heard myself say mustering up all the enthusiasm I was able to.

"Darl, would talk but have to go to bed. Got an early start" Irene said apologetically looking me square in the eyes. "There is someone in your room"


"Could be" Irene was giving nothing away, that made me want to scream but I managed to control myself.

I walked the 10 steps to my room tentatively opening the door not sure that I was going to like what I saw.

"Hey Belle" I heard as I walked in, "how have you been?"



Aden sighed loudly, throwing his coat onto the bed. 'What's up with you?' his dad asked making a note of his annoyance and frustration

"Is it still Belle!?!?" when Aden nodded. He groaned "you need to move on or fix it, but these mood swings are driving me mental"

"You always were mental" he muttered while still smiling at his dad "will do dad. I have to fix it"

Larry stared at him "forget it, you will learn. Am off for a shower!"


"Where you off?"

"Belle's have to talk to her"

"Fine. Come back at a decent time or dont make too much noise, need my sleep" larry said

"Will do"


Drew smiled. "How are you?"

"I am good, it is so good to see you? What are you doing here?" sounding exasperated

"You arent happy to see me?" questioning Belle

"I am! It is just a shock?!"

"I bet"

"Where are you staying?"

"Your floor?" Drew asking hoping

"You do know I am in a weird state of relationship with Aden"

"I know, I am not here to win you back, way too much has happened between us and anyways I am seeing someone else"

Belle was happy to hear that, Drew deserved some sort of happiness in his life. Too much bad things happened and it was about time something positive happened. Out of all the teenagers Drew did deserve it!

"So how are you and Aden?"

"We are good" came a voice from the window as Aden peeked his head through holding a bunch of flowers "At least I hope we are good?"

Belle didnt crack a smile, she wasnt happy he materialised out of nowhere, she was trying to enertain Drew. "Oh come on, we need to talk, Rachel forgave me. I just need you to listen and then you can tell me where to go"

"Listen Belle" Drew intervened "As much as I hate the guy" looking at Aden "no offence"

"None taken"

"I think you owe him a conversation"

Aden grinned "Thanks"

"Doesnt mean we are friends" Drew warned

"Of course not Curtis"


Drew had left the room all of 10 minutes and Belle couldnt resist kissing him. She lunged at him "I miss you, we can be together but you have to promise me, any problems we talk"

"I will but what about Angelo?"

"What about him?"

"Arent you a thing?"

"No! Hell no!"

Aden moved his head to one side and gave her a gorgeously unresistable lopsided grin. "Please let me stay tonight?"

"Drew is staying?"

Drew came in "Irene giving the spare room. Enjoy your nights sleep"

"I will" Aden grinned as he hugged Belle.

The End!

Sorry it wasnt anything special. Just showing the writers how awesome Aden & Belle are together :)

Please Review Honestly!


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