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Wed, 27 Aug 08 – Episode # 4703

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Someone’s Kidnapped Rachel – But It’s Not Who I Thought It Was “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 27 Aug 08 – Episode # 4703]

Note – due to various circumstances, this guide is less detailed than usual.

I’ll add IADL tomorrow

Geoff wakes the morning after the events of previous ep. He wakes Nicole, and realises that her body is very cold. He suggests tat they get up and walks around a bit – to try to increase her body temp.

Meanwhile, at surf club, Roman is frustrated that he can’t access a helicopter to search for the missing two. Annie is partric frantic as well, but Irene tries to calm her down.

Roman takes some men and heads out a search boat – they find Nicole’s scuba tank & wetsuit, but the boats is called to another emergency [because of the storm].

At police station, a female uniformed officer called Watson can’t believe it when she overhears Charlie on the phone – as Charlie tells whoever she is speaking to that some fishermen has spotted to 2 teens on one of the islands. When off the phone, Charlie instructs Watson to personally contaxct Roman and tells him that she’;s scored hiom a helipcopter.

On the island, Nicole is sill way cold, so Geoff goes to get some dry firewood, but when he returns to where she is, Nic is unconscious.

As Geoff tries to revive Nicole, Roman is in a chopper, looking down at the many islands. Geoff is able to revive Nicole, but not before Roman spots them for the air.

A the hospital, Dr Young starts treating Nicole, whist Charlie tells Roman about those “anonymous” fisherman. Roman goes into Nicole’s room, and he tells her tat it’s because of Charlie that she & Geoff were found.

In the corridor, Geoff tells Roman that he wishes he could have done more to protect Nicole, but Roman insist that Nicole would be dead if not for Geoff.

Charlie approaches Roman and is about to tell his about Martha losing her baby, when Jack approaches. He comments about the sad news, and Rom is somewhat shockled. Charlie tells Roman that she’d been trying to tell him the news.

Roman goes into Martha’s room, where she thanks him for all te spt that he’s given to Martha re the bub. Jack enters, and “suggest” that Roman should be focusing on Nic. Roman exits the room.

After the crisis is over, Belle [hospital] phones Aden, and she is surprised that it’s stormy where he is [aunt’s place in another town] too.

After the call ends, we see lyt8ing in the floor near Aden not only Larry but RACHEL [her hands bound] as well.

We then see flashback of what has occurred. Rachel is at her car when Jimmy approaches and gives her the wed present. She accuses him of taking medication foir her bag in the boot of the car. He tells her that he saw Aden hanging around here.

Rachel goes to adenls place, and she insists [to Aden as they talk at formn door that she thinks that Larry is here. Aden “siuygetstat that should all go to the shed, and although Rachel tries to talk her way out of thiuns,m Aden orders her to give him her car keys – moments before he binds her hands.

Larry is way in pain, and Aden wants him to die, but Rachel insist that Larry is still rather strong and it could still takes days if he is not teareted. Aden is dismissive of that – but he goes & gets Rachel’s med kit so she can at last ease Larry’s pain [so he ienlt yelling out in pain].

Back to the present, and Aden sits and keep watch of the sleeping Larry & Rachel.

Soon after, Belle arrives outside Aden’s house. She phones him, and wonders what the name of to town where his aunt lives. As she is saying all this, she goes round into the back yard, where she is shocked to see Aden. He releases that she is close, and turns around – he has a sheepish”I’ve been busted “look on his face.



Rachel insists to Aden that all this [wanting to kill Larry] won’t ease his pain.

Belle tells Aden that she meant it when she said she love him

Aden insists tat all this has to end.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


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