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Complicated Lives (by Zetti) - comments


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Excellent start. Loved it.

Glad its Adelle and Melody and Geoff.

Brilliant start, loving it. Cant wait for the next chapter.

Keep up the great work.

Love Jess


Thanks you Jess.

Great start. I love Adelle and Geoff/Melody.

Update ASAP.

I will try my best :)


Aden and Belle but Belle can't have second thoughts, he's Aden :wub: ....

I wonder who been writing to Melody.. mmm interesting.

I am of the humble opinion that you should update soon so I can find out more...

Hmm update will be as soon as I can find some inspiration.

ooh. creepy person writing to Melody, another person for Christine to hate?

and belle, seriously. how could you even possibly be having second thoughts?! Adens just so :wub:

great start, it's looking goooood


Thanks again :)

Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments :)

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Teasers :P

Aden woke up to see the sun gleaming through the cracks in the curtains and he groaned, he had no energy left after last night. He should never have had that 5th pint or the 20 after. His head felt like a bomb had gone off in it.

He used what little energy he had left and plunged his way through his mess ridden bedroom to try and get to the door. As he managed to pull the door open, his phone vibrated on his bedside cabinet. Thinking to himself ‘Forget it, I will check later’

He got ready and checked his phone. A missed call: No Number. He got his jacket and headed off for school. No matter what no one was going to ruin his day but poor Aden something was about to


Geoff was stunned to see Melody’s mum and Melody stood at the door just as he got out of his school clothes.

“Hello Mr Campbell. May I come in?”

“Yes of course, please do” Geoff moved along to let them in

“Can i offer you a drink, either of you”

“No thanks” Christine replied

“A water please” Melody smiled

Geoff felt the all too easy feeling to butterflies in her stomach. He couldn’t shake the feeling of doom

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