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How about a weekly BTTB Podcast???

Guest Frogg

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Would anyone be interested in making a weekly Bttb podcast? We could get a few members with audio capabilities to have a chat about the weeks episodes and do a quick 2 min recap of the weeks episodes. Then maybe add other features (like a weekly fanfic or couples corner) and news and maybe a section where we discuss what we think will happen next... anyone interested??? If so does anyone technical know how we would go about starting up one of these podcasts? I'll volunteer to help but I'm completely untechnically minded so I'll need lots of help. (People have been saying I need help for years! :lol:)

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I think there is a way we could do this for free. If everyone records a section with their oppinion one of the following and uploads it to megaupload and sends me the links then I could download them and edit them together to create a show. We wouldn't be able to have much of a discusion but I have no idea how to do that without paying so this is probably the easiest way.

So as an experiment would anyone who is interested in taking part please send me any sound clips of them discussing (One or all) of the following:

- What they thought of the show this week - was the OC good? What was your favourite part? Which characters did you love/hate this week? Which actor/actress impressed you this week?

- Couples - Tony/Rachel, Aden/Belle, Melody/Geoff, Jack/Martha - how do you think the events of the OC will change their relationships?

- What do you think is going to happen next? What would you like to happen next?

Edited to add: Could you please get your entries to me by next Tuesday. So that gives you four days. If anyone needs help send me a message and I'll be happy to help.

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