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Tues, 05 Aug 08 – Episode # 4697

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Full Of Surprises“

[screened in Australia on Tues, 05 Aug 08 – Episode # 4697]


Aden enters and tells be that Elliott has left town, and a search of his car didn’t uncover the money. Belle is worried about what will happen to the house now, but Aden suggest tat maybe it’s for the best – as he is soooo “over” trying to deal with problems that his dad created.


Annie & Jai are chatting via webcam. Annie is worried that the likes of Matthew Lyons is still hassling Jai. Jai then tells Annie that he has to end their chat – as its sounds like someone is about to enter the room.


Indeed, Miles enters the room, but when he tries to talk to Jai, jai tells Miles that he is going to bed.

After Jai goes upstairs, Miles talks to Kirsty about Jai, when she comments about teenage boys, Miles says tat he was never what ppl think of when they think of the stereotypical teen boy. To back up his point [of being all sincere, gentlemanly etc] he asks Kirsty to accompany him to Rachel/Tony wedding [as he invite is for Miles & guest]. Kirsty accepts.


Leah is tying to talk to Rachel about the wedding preparation, but Rachel’s head seems elsewhere.

However, when Rachel does focus, Leah doesn’t seem that thrilled when Rachel says that she is thinking of inviting Kirsty to the wedding. Rachel then suggest tat Leah should tell Miles how she feels bout him – but Leah insist that it was hard enough the 1st time that she tried [i.e. the times that Kirsty interrupted].


Miles & Kirsty are on the couch. Kirsty is asleep – with her head on Miles’ shoulder. Miles looks keen to get up, but he doesn’t want to wake Kirsty.


Next day, Matthew Lyons is in the corridor with his 2 mates when they see Jai at his locker. They hassles Jai once more. The nearby Annie is keen to intervene, but Ruby suggests againmst that. Ruby instead intervenes. She gets in tween Jai & Matthew and wonders if Matthew would hit a girl.

Martin approaches and asks Jai if he is being hassled. Jai says that he isn’t. The bell goes, and Martin orders everyone [the corridor has lots of students in it] to get to class.


Aden is intrigued when he finds a top of a spirits bottle in the kitchen sink.


Rachel approaches Kirsty and invites her to the wedding. The nearby Leah doesn’t look that impressed when Kirsty tells Rachel that Miles has invited her as his guest. Kirsty is pleased though that Rachel herself has now invited Kirsty.

Aden enters,a dn tells Belle about the bottle cap that he found. Aden suggest tat his dad might be hiding in the SB area, and isn’t a long way way like they thought. Belle is cautious – suggesting that maybe they didn’t clean up the house as well as they thought they had [her explanation as to why the bottle cap was in the sink].


Martin talks Miles in one of the classrooms. He “suggest” that Mathew is bullying Jai, and that both should attend counselling/mediation. Miles suggest tat that will imply to Jai that he is doings some5thing wrong, but Martin disagrees.


Aden approaches Rachel and wonders about his dad’s medical condition. Rachel tells him that if Larry’s liver problems go untreated, he risk serious liver failure.


Jai is on the laptop when Miles enters, but he exist [back to school] within moments of Miles entry.

Miles suggest to Kirsty that maybe Jai is being cyber bullied as well, so he accesses the computer – and realises that Jai & Annie have been keeping in contact via the webcams.


Miles tells Irene about his discovery, and he suggetstaht they should lessen the harshness of the ban, but Irene isn't budging. She tells Miles that the ban stay until Annie tells her how she REALLY hurt her leg.


Jai is in a classroom when Matthew & his mates hassle him. This time Annie steps in, and Matthew has a go at Jai for always being protected by girls.

Jai & Annie go into the corridor, and Jai suggested they should “wag” a period or two. Annie’s not keen but also doesn’t want jai to do anything silly without her, so she agrees. They ask Ruby to cover for them. She tells them that she won’t. but Jai and a reluctant Annie bail.

Soon after, Miles is in the corridor looking for Annie & Jai. He comes across Ruby. She initially stat she doesn’t know where they are, but then she tells him what thy told her. Ruby insist that, if asked, Miles didn’t get that info form her.


Aden enters, and finds his dad on the floor near the kitchen. Larry isn’t well at all.


Martin approaches Mile in te corridor and tells him that several other students [apart form Annie & jai] are also currently not at school. Although Miles initially thinks that MRBN is way having a go at Jai, Miles wonders if Martin is about having a go at Miles. Martin denies that he is.


Belle is in the kitchen, she leaves a msg on Aden’s phone form him to call her, as she is worried that he hasn’t been answering his ohn etc.


Aden & his dad are both standing near the kitchen, and Aden realises [upon finding the money] that His dad was the one who stole Belle’s money. Larry claims that he had a good day at the track [gambling etc], but Aden doesn’t want to hear it.

Aden also has a go about Larry for just leaving the scene of the accident in which Axel was killed. Aden is phoning the police when Larry skes him to stop –as he has something that he’s never told Aden. After Aden pouts down the phone, Larry tells Aden that he [Larry] has also sexually abused by Aden’s grandfather!!!!


Jai & Annie are siting at the end of the wharf. Jai comments that this is there own special geography lesson.

Matthew & his mates approach Jai & Annie. After Annie & Jai stand up, Jai comments tat nothing Mathew can do will affect him. Matthew test that theory, i.e. with Miles now outside the diner, he pushes Jai into the water. Mathew & hi mates walk away, and jai come to the surface with a cut on his head. Jai looks dazed, and goes under the water once more. Miles dives into the water, and is eventually able to bring Jai to the surface. Annie runs towards the diner to get help.



There’s a lot to happen before the break for the Olympics:

Miles & Kirsty’s 1st kiss,

Rachel & Tony’s last kiss? – Rachel encounters Jimmy after her car breaks down;

Nicole is kidnapped; and

Martha collapses!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: white [yellow & blue wavy lines etc] dress


Rachel: black jacket/black [red floral] top/black knee length skirt /black high heel shoes


Aden: black [green “Sanjan” and an alien like face] t/faded denim jeans


Aden: light aqua polo/dark long pants/black watch

Annie: apple green top

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: black jack/green singlet top/black knee length skirt /balk & white scarf

Belle: green [red & yellow tropical motif on the front and “Bali” on the back] top – with red long sleeve top beneath/black shorts/off white scarf

Irene: red long sleeve blouse

Jai: black t/grey [black x’s] hoodie

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: royal blue singlet top/dark blue [white floral] knee length skirt

Kirsty: off white sleeveless blouse/black top/blue [white tropical motifs?] knee length skirt

Larry: brown t/denim jeans

Leah: flesh colour spaghetti strap top

Martin: dark suit/light blue button up shirt/red & blue diagonal stripes tie

Matthew LYONS: SBH uniform

Miles: blue button up shirt/green t/light brown long pants

Miles: olive green button up shirt/brown t/yellow [brown check] long pants

Rachel: red [white eagle?] top/brown & blue [brown top half & sleeves, blue the rest] jacket

Ruby: SBH uniform

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