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Mon, 4 Aug 08 – Episode # 4696

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It Might Not have Been A Date To You, But …. “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 4 Aug 08 – Episode # 4696]


Geoff tells Ruby that he told Nicole that he likes her, and her reaction to that. Ruby suggest gtat Geoff should “play it cool” around Nicole. Ruby adds tat she knows that Geoff isn’t so good with this kind of thing, so she suggest that all he should do is not to be the 1st one to talk when he sees Nicole [i.e. let Nicole start the conversation etc].


Elliott arrives and Nicole tells him that although Roman told her about Mark having the same tattoo, he “clammed” up after that. Elliott isn’t exactly impressed when Nicole suggests that may only be going out with her because she is Roman’s daughter. Indeed, Elliott tells Nicole that he REALLY likes her, before he bails.


Ruby & Geoff are in the corridor when Nicole comes around the corner. Geoff of course takes no notice of what Ruby suggested and is that one to start that chat with Nicole. He tells her tat although he meant what he said [that he likes her], he shouldn’t have said it. Geoff gets all tongue tied and ruby grabs his arm and pulls him way form Nicole before he makes an even bigger fool of himself that he already has.


Aden tells Belle that the bank wants to come around to his family home tomorrow to value that place for a mortgagee sale, as his dad hasn’t kept up repayment’s Belle offers to help Aden tidy etc that place up – he accepts.

In the kitchen, Roman sees that one of the fringes is full of pasta dishes. When he asks, colleen tells him that they are free form Mia, who wants to met with Roman today that discuss a business arrangement tween them.


As Belle & Aden clean up the house, Belle wonders if Aden can get any [financial etc[ help form the rest of his family. Aden tells her that that’s not an option – since his dad isolated this part of the family etc.


Alf approaches ELLIOTT and is a tad concerned when Elliott tells him that they haven’t had any enquiruies/bokking about the scuba lessons.

Alf is further int6rigues when Elliott insist that he has to meet with Nicole at lunch today, meaning that Alf will have to rearrange some of the plans that he had [i.e. he was hoping for Elliott to cover for him over lunch].


As they clean up continue, Belle suggests that Aden should try to keep this place, rather that let that back seel it. She offers to lend him the money [$4000 approx] that she’s saved up. They kiss – and Aden amidst that Belle is the BEST g/f in the world.


In the kitchen, Alf tells Roman about Elliott’s c ahnge in attitude toasters the dive business, i.e. that he’s not at all “hung ho” about it now. Alf also tells Roman that there is stock missing at the bait shop – and he suspects that it’s Elliott.


Belle enters and Aden still almost camlet believes it when Belle shos him the $4000 cash that she’s just withdrawn form the bank. She puts that money back in her bag, which she puts on one of the chairs in the kitchen.

Aden & Belle kiss – and head upstairs.


Mia enters, and Colleen especially takes note of what she’s wearing. When Roman says that he’s oingh to lunch, Colleen insist that he’d beetr be back by 2pm [when she bails].


After Belle & Aden descends the stirs, Aden tells Belle that he loves that he can be with her so intimately now.

They enters the kitchen, and Belle‘s yellow bag is now on the table. The $4000 is [shock] gone!!!!


Charlie is in her police car when she sees Mia kiss Roman on the check at the end of their business meeting.

Nearby, Aden & Belle approach Elliott & Nic. Aden well & truly accuses Elliott of steeling Belle’s money. Nic insist that Elliot was having lunch with her, and Roman tells Nic to go back to school. He also suggests to Aden & Belle that they should contact the police about this.


Soon after the events of the previous scene, Charlie searches Eliot’s bag – and finds the stock that Alf was missing. Elliott suggests tahr he was just borrowing it, and Alf doesn’t like that answer. He fires Elliott.


In the corridor, Nic is going off [esp. to Geoff & Ruby] about how everybody blames everything on Elliot, but Geoff clearly makes her think when he asks her if she 100% trusts Elliott.


Charlie tells Belle & Aden that she can’t charge Elliott with stealing the money [as Nic & Colleen can vouch for where he was when the money was taken].

Afar Aden & Belle bail, Charlie tells Roman that she wasn't impressed when she saw hum with Mia. Although Roman insists that it was just a business lunch, Charlie suggests [form the way Mia dressed, behaved] that Mia thought that it was a date. Charlie that suggest that Roman went to lunch with Mia because he got scared because he heard he say that she was failing for him [when she thought that he has asleep recently]. Roman admits tat it kinda “threw” him, but that’s not the reason he went to lunch with Mia. Charlie asks Roman to promise her that if he does intend on seeing other woman to tell charlie about it [so she doesn’t hear it 1st form Colleen].


Nic enters, and almost can’t believe that Elliott is in the house. When he suggest that she believes that he took that money, the intensity that he shows scares Nicole, and she tells him that she’s no seem a side of him she doesn’t like. She tells Elliot that she doesn’t want to go out with him AND the she want him to leave the house now. When Elliott gets the door, he tells Nic that she’s making a BIG mistake.

That night, Roman, Nic & Aden are in the kitchen when they hear a knock on the door – it’s alf, who tells that that Elliott’s car is gone [and that he spears to have left town]. Aden is worried about Belle’s money – but he is reminded that there is no way that Elliott could have taken it. Aden wonders who did.


Larry lies in the bed, and drinks straight form a bottle of spirits. We then see Belle’s money on the floor next to the bed!!!



Looks like Jai isn’t so invincible after all – after Annie pushes him into the water off the seaplane wharf

Also, there was a “plug” for the new interactive website, www.summerbayonline.com.au

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Mia Austin: olive green & purple [green to mid stomach, purple – with white assymetric lines - the rest] strapless knee length dress


Belle: green [red & yellow tropical motif on the front and “Bali” on the back] top – with red long sleeve top beneath/black shorts


Ruby: SBH uniform


Aden: grey [orange & yellow “Z” motif] t/denim jeans/black watch

Aden: SBH uniform

Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants/cream wide brim hat

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Colleen: red [black & white floral] top

Elliott: black [dark blue “David Bowie”] t/denim jeans

Geoff: SBH uniform

Larry: powder blue button up shirt/bone long pants – with brown belt

Nicole: SBH uniform/white watch

Nicole: white singlet top/dark shorts

Roman: grey t/dark long pants

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