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Fri, 1 Aug 08 – Episode # 4695

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Jeans For Genes “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 1 Aug 08 – Episode # 4695]

Note – I missd the 1st minute or twop [traffic jam issues etc]


Its mid scene when I arrived home, and Nic & Elliott approach Roman. They wonder if they can borrow his boat so they can go scuba diving in deeper waters than near the wharf. Nicole suggests tat Roman can join them if he wants. Roman tells her tat he will think about it.


Rach & talking to Nurse Gloria when Angelo & another male uniform officer bring Jimmy in. his face is badly bruised, and Rachel immediately goes to work treating Jimmy. She tells Angelo that he’ll have to wait before he gets a statement form Jimmy.


Next morning, Annie & Ruby aren’t full of ideas for the outfits for today’s “jeans for Genes” fashion parade at the diner. Annie also tells Ruby that she’s a tad tiered, after chatting long into last night with Jai online.

Geoff comes downstairs, and Belle is kinda annoyed when Geoff is also out of ideas for the fashion show. After Annie & Ruby bail, Geoff expresses his concerns to Belle about Annie/Jai, but he REALLY likes Belle’s suggestions of distracting Annie by getting heir truly involved in the fashion parade.


Geoff asks Nic to help Annie with her outfit for the fashion parade – and Nic agrees to.

Nic goes over & speak to Roman. He suggests to her that HE can teach her everything to do with scuba diving, but Elliott is keen to stick with Elliott teaching her. When Nic has walked away, Elliott comments to roman that he’s take extra special care of Nic, as Elliott knows how much Roman love her. [Note – there’s a “bit” of sarcasm in Elliott’s voice, all to do with how Mark died under Roman’s command].


Aden exits one of the rooms asn then he encounters Rachel. Aden thanks Rach for suggesting that he should see a counsellor about aht’s happened to him.

After Aden walks away, Rachel is surprised to see jimmy out of bed. She takes him back to his room. She tells jimmy that, esp. because of this latest insustnsce, he must always take his medication – even if he thinks theta he is totally ok.


A dark short haired woman called Mya apprrches Colleen. She wants to speak to roman, but colleen suggests that roman is very busy. However, when Roman sees Mya, he is very keen to talk to her – as she is a potential; new supplier to the diner [pasta dishes etc]. Angelo & Charlie [who are seated at one of the tables[ eagerly take note of the chat tween Roman & Mya


Eliot gets a text message form Nicole – saying that she can’t meet him for lunch today [as she is at the beach house]


Geoff, Annie & Ruby are working on their outfits for the fashion parade with Eliot enters. He & Nic kiss, and she tries to convince him to be involved, but he waaaaaaaaay tells Nic that it’s not his scene. Eliot isn’t even keen to attend the fashion parade, but Nic is able to talk him ‘round


Angelo enters and comments to Charlie about Roan & Mya, but she’s more interested in what happened with Jimmy. She tells Anglo that Jimmy’s account of events doesn’t add up.


Instead of the usual tables & chairs in the canter o the min part of the eatery, there’s a modelling catwalk [with a”Jeans For Genes” banner at the back of the stage.

There’s a decent crowd assembles for the charity event, and Nicole tries to convince Elliott to be in the parade, but he’s soooo not keen. He tells her that he’s not keen for others to see his tattoos.

Belle is the host of the fashion parade – and asks eveyone to give what they can to the “Jeans For Genes” campaign.

She then does the commentary as the various models strut there stuff on the cat walk. Geoff goes for the soldier look, whilst Aden goes shirtless [with denim patches on his jeans], and [just so it’s not only the SBH regulars] Michael Davies goes with the 80s rockstar look. With the girls, Ruby’s outfit is native American Indian inspired, Annie goes with the hippie look, whilst Nicole’s gown wouldn’t have been out of place at the Oscars!!!!

All the whilst at the pasrde is happening, Elliott notices that Roman is watching him like a Hawke.

Belle tanks all the models and the owners etc of the diner for allowing them to have the parade here. Belle them announces the best dressed female & male – Nicole and Geoff.

As soon as the announcements are made, Eliot bails.


Nic catches up with Eliot. She wonders whey he left so suddenly. He tells her bout how Roman was “eyeballing” him. Elliott thanks that its all evacuee Roman is uncomfortable abound him because of ahat happened to mark, indeed, Eliot tells Nic that he believes that there are things about Mark’s death that Roman isnblt telling him.


Aden & Belle kiss, and then they lie on her bed and start to get intimate. Belle tells Aden that they can stop when he doesn’t feel comfortable with this, but Aden tells belle that everything should be fine today.


Nic is walkinh along wen Geoff catches up to her. He tells her about how he is worried about Nic, because of Eliot’s short fuse. Nic tells Geoff that Eliot was that only on there for her no one else was.

Geoff tells Nic that he really REALLY likes her – but Nic tells Geoff that he just can’t say thing like that now [that she’s with Elliott]. Nic walks away in disgust.


In jimmy's room, Rachel tells him that she is transferring him to the care of another doctor, as they [jimmy & Rachel] have got too close, i.e. it’s unprofessional now. When she comments about being on holidays soon, she is surprised that she is away for 3 weeks – he comments tat he heard the nurses talking about it.

Rachel tells Jimmy that they are going to keep him in hospital; for observation for a few days. She leaves the room.


As Aden puts his shirt on, Belle comments on how great it just was toe truly be with Aden. He tells her about the counselling sessions that he’s been going to.

They go into the longue room and as they kiss, they are unaware that Larry is on the back patio. He is still clearly in pain, but he decides to not to interrupt that happy moment of Aden’s, i.e. Larry walks away.


Nic & Roman talk bout how cooooooool today was. When Nic comments about how Elliot didn’t want to be in the fashion parade being of his tattoos, ahe tries to tell roman that Latin that’s on Elliott’s tattoos. Roman recognises it straight away – the English translation is “my brother’s keeper”. Roman comments that Mark has the same tattoo. Nic suggests that Roman & Elliott could be rally good friends if that rally talked to each other.


Elliott approaches the scubas tank that Nic used in ep 4694. He removes ALL the air form it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



In the week of the Olympic cliff-hanger -

JnM get married;

Martha collapses;

Miles & Kristy kiss; and

Elliott does the whole eye for an eye thing to Roman, ie “you took what’s mots important to me, now I’ll take what’s most important from you”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: light blue headband/white t [shredded in strips form just under the bust] t/dark brown [shredded in strips form mid thigh down] skirt


Annie: white [purple & yellow floral] jeans/ white [knotted so midriff is showing] t


Nicole: denim low cut v neck [with train] gown/black bra/black watch


Aden: brown jacket/black [grey stylised anchor on the back] t/denim jeans/black watch

Aden: dark blue [with denim patches] jeans

Aden: SBH uniform

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: denim & purple blouse/ dark long pants/silver watch

Belle: white vest – over singelet top/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Colleen: light blue [green leafy motifs] blouse/blue [white floral] top

Elliott: grey [black silhouette of a girl in pink triangle] t/dark long pants

Elliott: grey [yellow diamonds] t/dark grey long pants

Geoff: SBH uniform

Geoff: white [unbuttoned in fashion parade] button up shirt/silver “dog tags”/denims jeans [with jungle camo patches on them]

Irene: light pink blouse

Jimmy: off white t/dark blue [with red & white collar] jacket/dark long pants

Larry: powder blue button up shirt/bone long pants – with brown belt

Michael Davies: sleeveless denim jacket/white t/ dark long pants

Mya: black suit

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Rachel: purple [black floral] ¾ skirt/black scoop top

Rachel: grey [black large dots] wide strap top/dark grey knee length skirt/black kinda high heel shoes

Roman: dark blue t/ dark long pants/black watch

Roman: purple [black “SL340”] t/ dark long pants

Ruby: SBH uniform

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