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Thurs, 31 July 08 – Episode # 4694

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Rebecca Breeds, Aquatic Superstar “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 31 July 08 – Episode # 4694]


It’s the morning after the events of ep 4693, and Nicole approaches Elliott, who has just finished writing up a sign [on a chalkboard] saying that the bait shop is now conducting scuba lessons – the 1-st lesson is free. Nicole is keen on doing the dive thing, which Elliott is VERY pleased to hear.


Tony exist a room and meets up with Rachel in the corridor. He tells her tat his doctor said that [after his recent operation] that everything appears to be totally fine and that Tony & Rachel can start making babies.

Indeed, Tony is keen to do that right now, but Rachel insists that they’ve got wedding planning to do, and she’ll be back here at the hospital later today. Rachel tells Tony that she IS keen [to “be with” him] though.


Ruby & Geoff are walking on the beach and Geoff expresses his concerns about Jai/Annie. They then see the scuba lessons sign, and Ruby is keen to be involved. Ruby & Geoff talk to Alf about the lessons. He tells them that Elliott is running the classes, and if Geoff had any inkling to be involved, the mere mention of Elliott’s name makes him tell Ruby & Alf that he’s not at all keen.


Rachel & Tony are talking about the honeymoon destination – the Whitsunday island off the QLD coast – when Colleen approaches. She gets all tongue tied when she comments to Tony that she thinks it’s a wonderful destination and she’s love to go there [albeit not same time].

Meanwhile, Coleen isn’t the only one interested in Rachel/Tony’s plans, as the nearby Jimmy is clearly taking notices of what’s going on.


In the corridor, Ruby talks to Geoff about how excited she is about the scuba lessons. Nicole approaches, and as soon as she mentions that she has already booked her 1st lesson, Geoff tells Nicole that he is keen to do the dive things as well [you can imagine the look on Ruby’s face when he says that].

Nicole tells them that they’ll have to do some theory before their 1st lessons, and Ruby & geoff takes Nicole’s advice to do the test online like she did.


Roman answers a knock at door. It’s Elliott, who makes it very clear that he’s still way not happy with the events leading to etc Mark’s death. Elliott also makes Roman even more guilty that he already is about the fact that Roman & Mark had a falling out [over a girl] that wasn’t resolved when Mark died.


Jimmy is sitting at the table where Rachel/Tony were in the previous diner scene. He picks some papers off the floor form beside the table, and the nearby comments [upon seeing the [papers] that it’s all to do with Rachel/Tony’s honeymoon itinerary. After Colleen sys tat she will give it to Rachel later, Jimmy insists on given it to Rachel himself. Colleen comets to Jimmy that chivalry isn’t dead after all.


Nicole, Ruby & geoff approach Elliott, who doesn’t look al; that keen when he haers that Ruby & Geoff are keen to do the scuba lessons this afternoon too. He tells them about the theory test that they have to do, but Ruby & Geoff tells him that they did it online, and emailed the results etc to him. Elliott goes inside to check it out.


Roman enters and talks to Alf about Elliott [and the new scuba lessons venture]. Alf tells Roman that ELLIOTT is a qualified instructor and Alf likes the idea of expanding the business. Roman tells Alf about how wary he is of Elliott – especially beacuw of how Elliott‘s brother died under Roman’s command. Alf responds by commenting that he knows about how it feels to loose a friend in battle. Roman then ask Alf to let him know if Elliott does anything that makes Alf wary of him – Alf agrees to do so.


Nicole & Elliott are in te water, with Geoff & Ruby on the end of the wharf. All 4 are wearing wetsuits. Ruby complies when Elliott asks her to throw a gnome [called Errol] into the water. Elliott tells Nicole not to hold her breath when she is underwater. Nicole submerses herself totally, and Elliott holds her under the water. Nicole panics,a nd Geoff insist that Elliott should let Nicole go. Elliott complies – and Nicole rectums to the surface of the water. It’s caler tat none of the 4 are happy with what’s just occurred.

Note – I love that Ruby is keen on scuba, as Rebecca Breeds’ Blue Water High character Cassie is into swimming, canoeing and especially surfing!!!!


Jimmy approaches Rachel, but when he talks about the of them being good friends, Rachel tells Jimmy tat they had a doctor/paitent ‘ship and nothing more that that. Jimmy walks way, and doesn’t [of course] give Rachel the itinerary.


Elliott & Geoff have a verbal duel about Eliot’s action [holding Nic underwater] but Eliot insist tat he was just trying to get Nic to trust the equipment and she disobeyed him.

Geoff is keen to move on, but as he about to touch/grab Nicole’s’ scuba tack, Elliott rather strongly “suggests” that no one should touch Nic’s tank. Indeed, ten Elliott tells Geoff & Ruby that they are too immature and that he’s not going to teach them. Ruby takes offence to that -0 wondieng what she’s done to offend Elliot, but she doesn’t push the point. Ruby & Geoff bail.


Rachel is at the nurse’s station talking to Nurse Sue. Rachel espressos her concern about Jimmy’s behaviour around her. She advises Sue to put a note on Jimmy’s file, i.e. that jimmy is to see another doctor [not Rachel] when he comes in.


Geoff tells Ruby how he thinks that Elliott went too far today, but Ruby suggest to Geoff that she thinks that they are in the wrong [fore not doing as Elliott instructed].

As Geoff approaches the counter, Leah commenst to him about how she is pelasd that he’s geeting involved in tyomoprrow’s “jeansd for Genes” fashion parade [as one of the m,odels].

After Leah walks away, Geoff tells Roman about what happened at the scuba lesson today – and how wary he is of Elliott.


It’s night time when Roman enters. He calls out to Nic, but she isn’t home. Roman looks at several photos of Nic/Elliot that are in the shelf near THAT SAS pic. Roman then picks up the SAS pic, and throws that framed pic to the ground. Roman goes upstairs.


Rachel enters, and Tony is there fixing the leaking kitchen tap. Both are keen to be intimate but as they kiss, Rachel tells Tony that she thought she saw someone watching them. Tony opens the front door – he can’t see anyone etc. Rachel & Tony kiss once more – and Jimmy [on front patio] IS watching them!!!!



Geoff tells Nicole that he REALLY likes her!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: red low cut v neck top/denim shorts


Rachel: grey [black large dots] wide strap top/dark grey knee length skirt


Leah: yellow knee length dress


Alf: blue & yellow button up shirt/bone long pants/white wide brim hat

Colleen: aqua top/2 tone purple blouse/black [green floral] long skirt

Elliott: black [dark blue on sleeves] long sleeve wetsuit

Elliott: grey [yellow diamonds] t/dark grey long pants

Geoff: black [dark blue on sleeves] long sleeve wetsuit

Geoff: grey t/white [dark blue “quicksilver” logo] boardies

Geoff: SBH uniform

Jimmy: off white t/dark blue [with red & white collar] jacket/dark long pants

Nicole: black [hot pink on sleeves] long sleeve wetsuit/pink & white flippers

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nicole: dark brown [red & yellow wavy horiz stripes] knee length dress

Nurse Sue: blue [white collar] t

Roman: black singlet/black [white “rip curl” logo] board shorts

Roman: purple [black “SL340”] t/ dark long pants

Ruby: SBH uniform

Ruby: black singlet top style wetsuit

Tony: brown polo shirt/denim jeans

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