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Wed, 30 July 08 – Episode # 4693

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Misery Loves Company “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 30 July 08 – Episode # 4693]


Kirsty is dressed only in her bra & briefs when Miles enters the main room. She tells him that Ollie’s just spilled sauce on her dress, and she thought that no one was home. It’s an embarrassing situation for both, as Kirsty covers herself as much as she can with the sauced stained dress. Kirsty leaves the room and head upstairs.


Charlie is keen to get to the bottom of hwy jack charged etc Roman, and jack admits tat it was because martha’s been so standoff-ish with him of late [and yet she let roman hug her. Charlie suggests that jack shouldn’t be so unprofessional.


Miles is sitting at the ding table and Kirsty is in the kitchen. She’s fully clothed, but Miles a number of times imagines that Kirsty is just wearing her underwear. Miles head is clear in the clouds – he even puts his hand against the door frame, rather that the door itself, as he goes to bail.


As jack enters, Martha has just got off the phone to Leah. Martha tells jack that she knows about how he arrested Roman. She suggest that they should be civil about all of this, and that maybe she turned to roman for spt as roman isn’t “babying” her at the moment. Jack realises tat he isn’t going to get anywhere withnmartha right now, so he bails.


Miles 7 Kirsty are in the main room when Colleen enters. She tells that that she is home a day early as Debbie [lance’s wife] was ill etc. Colleen sees the table set for 2, and comments 1st on how Ric & Maddie are gone and secondly that Miles/Kirsty might be together. Both deny that – although Miles, at least once in this scene, has that vision of Kirsty in her underwear. Miles or Kirsty that make a comment about Martha’s health – and Colleen is keen to know lots more bout it. Miles & Kirsty insist that they can't tell her.


In the kitsch, Leah obviously has just finished telling colleen about Martha [whose the father is, the cancer etc]. Colleen insist that she would have come straight her from her hols if she’d been told about it.

In the main area, Charlie & roman talks about the Martha & arresting jack situation. Roman insists that he is going to give Martha his unconditional support, something that charlie knows that ajack isn’t keen on.


Next day, as Jack is about to got to work, he tries to talk to Martha about what’s going on tween them. She insists that she hasn’t deliberately been distant from him. Jack tells Martha that he really doesn’t know what he can do to help her right now. Jack bails, and Martha is clearly anguished bout what’s happening.


Miles is staring out to see when Roman approaches him. When Roman wonders why he is deep in thought, Miles tells him about how he saw Kirsty in her underwear [and has since imagined her bring just i her underwear]. Roman tries to make Miles aware that at least he’s not the only one in a spot of bother = he tells Miles about how Jack arrested him.


Charlie sees Martha sitting on the steps in front of the bait shop. She tells Martha about what motivated jack to arrest Roman – i.e. coming home to find Roman hugging Martha.


Miles eaters the house and Kirsty is in the kitchen. He suggest that because there is a rather impressionable teen in the house [Jai], perhaps Kirsty shouldn’t have done what she did yesterday [walk around, even briefly, in her underwear]. Kirsty is however pleased when Miles admits to her that he thinks that she is beautiful.

Soon after, Miles in sorting through that washing and just happens to have Kirsty’s red bra in his hands when Kirsty enters the room. Kirsty confronts Miles about whey he is currently blushing – and he admits to imagining her in her underwear, Kirsty suggest that they should level the score – by her seeing Miles in his underwear. Miles isn’t exactly keen on that – but then Kirsty suggest thatbit would be bad for Miles to do that [be in just his underwear] with an impressionable teen around.


As Leah exist the kitchen to give some customers that ford, jack enters. He tells Roman hat the charges have been dropped. Roman tells jack that whenever he & Martha talk, all they talk about jack [in a good way she the way that roman said it].


It night time, and Charlie tells Roan that she can see both points of views [jack’s & Roman’s]. Roman tells Charlie that it was god to see her in action yesterday – when jack was arresting etc him. Roman is keen t having an easy night’s dinner – but Charlie suggests something much more ambitious – [paraphrasing] “candles, handcuffs, all the usual stuff”.


Jack enters with flowers in hand, the room is only lit with lots of candles. Martha tells jack that she never meant to be this way around him [distant etc] and Martha’action back up her words, i.e. she removes [partly?] her nightgown and shows Jack the scars etc from the mastectomy. Jack tells Martha that she is soooooo beautiful. They waaaaaaaaaaaay hug [and it’s a close hug too]


Roman & Charlie aaaaaaaay kiss and roman tells Charlie that tonight has been perfect, but she insists that that it’s not finished yet. She goes into thekitchen and gets dessert, but when she returns to the longue room, roman appears t be asleep. Charlie kisses roman’s hand and tells him that she loves him. After charlie walks away [bails?], Roman stirs.



Look like Elliott is planing to use a scuba diving trip with Nicole to get u[ to no good

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Charlie: white tie strap top/gold mid thigh skirt


Kirsty: red [black check] thin strap dress/red [black trim] bra/red & white briefs


Leah: red wide strap top/gold necklace


Charlie: light blue police uniform shirt/dark blue long pants

Charlie: black wide strap knee length dress

Colleen: aqua top/black [green leafy motifs] blouse

Jack: light blue police uniform shirt/dark blue long pants

Kirsty: black [red trim, and multicolour floral motifs] low cut v neck top/red knee length skirt

Leah: black thin strap top

Martha: grey t/white long skirt

Martha “: white long sleeve blouse/white [black tribal pattern] long skirt

Martha: silver night gown [with dark silver lining]

Miles: grey button up shirt/white t/dark long pants

Miles: grey [raised “urban (something)”] t/blue [light blue check] shorts

Miles: white & blue vertical wide stripes button up shirt/red t/dark brown long pants

Roman: olive green t/denim jeans/black watch

Roman: black singlet top/dark shorts

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah”] t/denim jeans

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