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Tues, 29 July 08 – Episode # 4692

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Annie, Ruby’s An ALLY – Treat Her Nice “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 29 July 08 – Episode # 4692]


Its night time [like it was about the last 4 scenes of ep 4691], and Miles & Alf are looking for Annie. Alf comments the all teens have their moment like this [even the more sane ones like Annie]. Geoff approaches them, and he tells them the he is sure that Jai is involved.


Jai is up on the rood, near the still seated Annie. She tells him that if he’d scared for her, then he NOW knew ho she felt when he was doing all those silly things. Jai persuades Annie to move away form the edge, but when she stands up, she ][of course] slips, and is dangling of the edge of the roof. Its waaaaaaaaaaaaaay a struggle, but Jai IS able to pull her back onto the roof.


Jai & Annie enter, and Jai tells Annie that he’ll get some help.

Meanwhile, in Martha’s room, JnM are pleased that Martha is being allowed to go home. Nurse Julie enters but when she says tat she has to perform some tests on Martha [that I take it involve Martha’s flesh being exposed], Martha “suggest” to Jack that he should go outside. Jack isn’t keen, but complies.


Jack espressos his concerns about Martha [especially that she seem more open with Roman] to Tony. Tony tries to allay his son’s concerns, but nothing he says seem to work.


Annie [who has a bandage on her left leg just under her knee] tries to get Jai to stop doing these dangerous things. Initially he declines, but Annie is rather convising, so he tells her that he WILL stop. Jai & Annie KISS – it’s a 1st kiss ever for both of them.

Geoff enters the room, and tells the nearby Irene that he’s found them.- thankfully Annie & Jai weren’t kissing when he entered or Geoff would have “hit the roof”


With Kirsty in the room as well, Irene, Alf & Miles are frustrated that Jai & Annie are telling them exactly how Annie hurt her leg. Alf suggest that the 2 teens might have more sense [and tell them what happened] in the morn.


Next day, JnM enter – Martha has her hands on her stomach. Martha takes offence to the idea on Jack staying at phone with her today AND when Tony tells her that he actually DOES have the day off.

Charlie enters and gives Matt a book on positive thinking. Martha waaaaay appreciates it. Before Jack & Charlie bail, Jack hugs Martha, but it’s not a close hug.


Miles is on the phone to Irene. When call ends, Miles ask Jai once more how Annie hurt her leg. Jai won’t say, so Miles tells Jai that he is banned form seeing Annie. Jai isn’t impressed and bails. Kirsty comment to Miles about the time that Rhys locked Kirsty in her room – and Miles responds by saying that that didn’t stop Kirsty form marrying Kane. Miles thinks that he’s bought up bad memories, but Kirsty assure him that if anything has just happened, it’s her fault for mentioning Kane in the 1st place.


Geoff talks to Irene – he wants to know what ahpend tween Jai & Annie, but she insist that if he doesn’t back off, it could escalate that situation.

Ruby enters and approaches Annie. Ruby is annoyed that Annie wasn’t even talking her phon calls last night. Annie tells Ruby that Irene isn’t letting Annie go to school today [because pof her leg supposedly]. Ruby wonders what did happen last bight – but Annie tells that she gave Jai her word that she wouldn’t tell.


Roman arrives, and is surprised when Tony tells him tat Jack went to wok today. Martha enters tat room, and tells Roman that that [Jack to work[] was her idea. When Roman ask, Martha tells him that she is glad to be out of hospital, but when Tony bails, Roman asks Martha how she REALLY feels fight now.


In the corridor, Geoff has a go at Jai for what’s ahpned to Annie. Jai responds by reminding Geoff of when Christine put an AVO on Geoff recently. Miles approaches and “suggests” to Geoff that a teacher elsewhere needs some help.

After Miles & Geoff walks away, Jai approaches Ruby – he asks her to pass a note to Annie. Ruby tells him that she will.


Martha is fighting back tears when she tells Roman that she’s not sure that she’s confidant enough that he body WILL be able to fight the cancer etc. she’s also worried because she knows 5that she’s been keeping Jack at arm’s length recently. Roman hugs Martha – and this is a much closer hug that the JnM one this morn. Naturally, Jack arrives at that moment. He bails straight way – neither Martha or Roman are aware that he wa there.


Jack enters, and its clear tat something is annoying him, but when Charlie asks, Jack tells her that nothing’s up.


Ruby hands Annie Jai’ note – asking her t9o meet him at the wharf at lunch time [i.e. now]. Annie asks Ruby to cover for her, but Ruby won’t unless Annie tells her what’s happened. Annie suggests to Ruby tat she & Jai are just like Ruby/Pat but Ruby isn’t swayed. Annie is annoyed.


Jai is waiting for Annie, but he bails after Alf “suggest” that he should be back at school by now.


Annie enters and accesses Belle’s laptop [in Belle’s room]. She uses a webcam link to talk to Jai at the vph. Both are pleased that they’ve still found a way to talk to each other, despite the ban. Annie ends the chat – after she tells Jai that someone else has just come home.


Jack is havgong issue with tee computer locking up, and Charlie insist that he takes a break [esp. after he tells her about Roman & Martha]


Roman is unpacking tngs for a wan when Jack approaches. Jack tells Roman that the van is illegally perked but Roman takes offence to Jack given him the fine as its someone else‘s van. Roman grabs Jack’s hand, and Jack charges him [handcuffs and all] with assaulting a police officer. Charlie can’t belive it’s happened.


Roman insists to Jack that this rally isn’t about the assault, Charlie convinces Jack to let her remove the handcuffs. As she does so [remove the ‘cuffs], she tells Roman that Jack came home and saw Martha & Roman hugging earlier today.



After Miles sees kirsty in her underwear [in the main room of the vph], could Kirsty & Miles get together???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: orange, yellow & white horizontal striped singlet top/yellow shorts


Irene: dark purple v neck top/white long pants


Ruby : SBH uniform


Alf: maroon & white check button up shirt/bone long pants/black shoes

Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants/white wide brim hat

Annie: white [blue & red check] check flannelette shirt - with a plum long sleeve top beneath/denim jeans/white sneakers

Charlie : light blue police uniform shirt/dark blue long pants

Geoff: light blue [black “fortitude” and lion like motif] t

Geoff: SBH uniform

Irene: orange blouse

Jack : olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

Jack: light blue police uniform shirt/dark blue long pants

Jai : grey [white spots] t/denim shorts

Jai: SBH uniform/black shoes

Jai: white [mauve horizontal stripes] v neck t – with a white t beneath/dark long pants/grey [black squares] hoodie

Kirsty: black [green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap mid thigh dress

Kirsty: white dressing gown

Jai : light blue t/brown [2 white vertical stripes] shorts

Martha : grey t/white long skirt

Martha: silver night gown/dark grey singlet top/white [red floral] PJ long pants

Miles: grey t/denim jeans

Miles: olive green button up shirt/grey [black unknown logo] t/denim jeans

Miles: red t/blue & white wide vertical striped button up shirt

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah” logo] t/denim jeans

Tony : red t

Tony: green t/denim jeans

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