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Mon, 28 July 08 – Episode # 4691

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The School Roof Is NOT Part Of The Playground “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 28 July 08 – Episode # 4691]


It’s now the morning after the events of ep 4690, and Miles, Alf, Kirsty & Oliver are at the dining table. Miles & Alf suggest to Jai that he should join a sports team at school or become a member of the surf club. Jai suggest that all of that isn’t his scene. Jai then exits the house.

Miles & Kirsty talk about the money that Martin deposited into her account – Miles “suggest” to Kirsty that she has to say thanks, but no thanks to the money. Kirsty isn’t that keen on the suggestion, but knows that Miles suggestion is the right thing to do.


Irene is soooo not pleased with Belle, because of her ‘ship with Aden [and the fact that he stayed the night], but Belle insist that Aden isn’t the “monster” that ppl think he is.

After Irene bails, Belle offers to get Aden some breakfast, but he is keen to have a shower, and it looks like he gets in there ahead of Geoff [who appears to be only dressed in a towel at this point].

When both boys are out of the main room, Annie excitedly tell Belle that she thinks that she is getting somewhere with Jai, as they held hands. Belle wishes that her life was that uncomplicated.


Martin makes an appreciative comment to another student and Aden suggests that Martin did so because he must be lucky in love at present. Martin responds by quoting form a play, and asks Aden which paly the quote came form. The nearby Geoff responds that its form Romeo & Juliet.

Several male students, lead by Matthew Lawrence, are on the computer room watching a vid of ppl somersaulting off buildngs etc. Jai comets that could tell them a link to similar, but even better action, but they decline.

In the corridor, K@ approach Martin and wonmders about the money tat he put into her accounbt. He insists that it’s just to tide her over as he knows how slow that dept can be.

Kirsty goes outside and tals to Miles – who makes it clear to her that she won’t forgive herself if she doesn’t give the money back to Martin.

The bell goes and as it does, Mathew grabs Jai’s bag, and throws it up on the roof!!!!


Near the counter. Aden tells Belle that he’s been to the police and apologised for not telling that sooner what he knew about the incident that killed Axel. Aden then tells Belle that he’s got a superiores planned for her this afternoon.


Its lunchtime and Annie is stoped dead in her tracks when she sees Jai walking on the roof off one of the buildings.

Soon after, there’s a crowd of students gathered watching Jai. Martin & Miles try to get Jai to come down off the roof, whilst Geoff uses this latest stunt buy Jai to have ago at Annie for hanging around him.

Jai arrives at the part of the roof where his schoolbag ended up. He then uses some if the somersaulting etc techniques that we saw on the computer earlier to reach the ground. Miles is on tea pot where Jai lands almost immediately – and cant believes that jai did this.

In a classroom, both Miles & Martin express their concern towards Jai about how silly/dangerous what he just did was.


In the kitchen, Belle & Irene talks about what’s occurred at school with Jai, and how close Annie is to Jai.

Belle exits the kitchen, and Irene tells Aden that he better not hurt Belle in any way –or he’ll muchly have Irene t deal with.

Aden goes into the main area on the diner, but when Belle wonders, he won’t give her any clues bout this afternoon’s surprise.


Annie is sitting in the corridor, when Geoff approaches. He can’t believe that she is waiting for jai, considering the things he’s done. Annie responds by reminding Geoff of the not exactly sane things that she did after Reverend Hall died.

Geoff demands that Annie goes home with him right now. Annie begrudgingly does.


Belle & Aden are on her room, and Aden way kisses etc Belle, but he’s too full on for her, and she stops him. Aden tells Belle that he thought that because he can’t as yet be intimate with her, he thought that she thought he was a terrible b/f. Belle responds by hugging the teary eyed Aden.


Alf & esp. Mills insist to Jai that he’s got to find a less dangerous way to approach the grief that he is feeling over Axel’s death, but Jai isn’t exactly listening to them.

Annie arrives, and wonders if she & jai can talk. Annie & jai head for the back patio.


In Belle’s room, Aden tells Belle that he thought that he’d be over what his grandfather did to him now that he’s told someone, but he realises that it’s not that simple. Belle tells Aden that she’s not going anywhere, an that things will come good in time. Belle suggest tat even just holding hands is good for her, which Aden appreciates [and it’s a nice hark back to the scene tween Annie & Belle earlier].


After Martin gets off the phone, he tells the waiting Kirsty that that was another call form a concerned parent about what occurred with Jai today.

Kirsty gives Martin a cheque back for the money that he put into her account – telling him that she’s sorted out various things financially, and that she can’t accept it as he is her boss etc. Martin accepts that cheque.


Irene is talking to Belle & Aden about Jai’s antics at school today – saying that it’s not that healthy [emotionally if nothing else] when Geoff descends the stairs wondering where Annie is. Irene thought that Annie was in her room, but Geoff says that she’s not.


On the back patio, Annie expresses her concernees to Jai, i.e. she tells him that she thoughts these invincible stunts war just a private thing tween them. Jai insists tat Annie doesn’t understands, and as Annie goes to bail, she tells Jai that she actually doesn't [understand his actions right now]. She also thanks that he should walk in her shoes and see how it feels. Annie bails.

Soon after, Irene arrives looking for Annie. Jai says tat she was here earlier but he thought that she went home. Miles, Alf and Kirsty agree to help Irene look for her. Miles “suggest” that Jai should stay here, but just as the others are bailing, Ollie enters the room. Kirsty tells Jai to stay here whilst she puts Ollie to bed. Jai off course bails.


Jai finds Annie where he wishes that she wasn’t – sitting on the roof, with the lower half of her legs over the edge!!!!



It’s a week of surprises – Miles sees Kirsty in her underwear, Annie pushes Jai into the water [off the wharf] and there’s a dive drama involving Nicole – Geoff dives into the water to save her.

Also, events are set in motion that will lead to the Olympic cliff-hanger – could it involve Larry [who’s spying on Aden/Belle], Jimmy [who’s spying on Rach/Tony] or Elliott????

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Irene: dark purple v neck top/white long pants


Belle: black [sparkly triangle near top] t/green shorts


Kirsty: black [green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap mid thigh dress


Aden: SBH uniform

Aden: black t/denim jeans/ wide white leather wrist band/black watch

Aden: red [white “Desala [something] Viva and arc like motif] t/brown shorts/black watch

Alf: maroon & white check button up shirt/bone long pants/black shoes

Annie: SBH uniform

Annie: white [blue & red check] check flannelette shirt - with a plum long sleeve top beneath/denim jeans

Belle: white singlet top

Geoff: SBH uniform

Geoff: white [black “fortitude” and lion like motif] t

Jai: SBH uniform/black shoes

Jai: white [mauve horizontal stripes] v neck t – with a white t beneath/dark long pants

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/black [white squares] tie

Matthew Lawrence: SBH uniform

Miles: olive green button up shirt/grey [black unknown logo] t/denim jeans

Oliver: brown [white boat motif] t shirt – with a light blue long sleeve top beneath

Oliver: dark blue long sleeve top/blue [white unknown motifs] PJ long pants

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