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Fri, 25 July 08 – Episode # 4690

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Chase For The Lone Breakaway Begins “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 25 July 08 – Episode # 4690]


On the back patio, an electrician tells Miles that there’s some frayed wires and corrosion, but he should be able to repair it pretty quickly.

After the tradesman bails, Miles tells Jai how worried that he is for Jai, but jai insists tat he is totally Ok.


Martin Bartlett sees Kirsty at the counter and suggests that they have coffee together, but Kirsty tells him that she is merely getting coffee to go as the power is out at the vph. She also mentions all the bills that she has to pay. Martin wonders if they can have that coffee together at another time – Kirsty agrees.


Next day, Kirsty is on the hone – and it’s clear that she is behind on paying for Ollie’s child care. Martin overhears, and when she is off the phone, martin suggests tat they go for that coffee together.


Kirsty tells Martin more about all those bills that she has to pay, and how she feel like a bad mother as she knows that theatre’s is no way that she can afford that bike that Ollie wants fiord his upcoming birthdays. Martin initis tats Ollie will appreciate any present tat he gets form his mum.

Meanwhile, Belle approaches the counters, and comment to Irene that a guy in the corner is staring at her. Irene tells her that its Angelo, the new cop in town, and that Irene thinks that Angelo is interested in Belle,


Annie further expresses her concern to Jai about all this thinking he’s invincible, after Jai walks away, Geoff approaches Annie, suggesting that she should stay away form Jai. Annie tells her bro that she & jai are doing an English assignment together.


Aden’s mobile rings and he answers it but there is no one [seemingly] on the other end of the line. After Aden puts his phone back done on the table, wee see Larry, crouched in pain in a phone booth.


After Rachel & Leah agree for Rach to com over to Leah’s place tonight for “bouquets detail” for tyeh wedding, miles enters. Leah wonders about the cake that she bought to jai’s bday, and miles tells her that jai enjoyed Leah’s cake too.

Nearby, Angelo wonders to Belle if she made the chips that he is eaying, as he thinks that are VERY bad. Angelo than come clean – he merely said all that as he is keen to talk to Belle. He wonders if she will go out on a date with him – Belle declines.


At the lockers, Geoff approaches Ruby and wonders about that [Annie/Jai] English assignment, but Ruby tells him that they’ve only got a 1 person assignment at present. Ruby then realises that she’s just put her foot in it, so t speak.

Nearby, Martin tells Kirsty tat three’s been an error with her pay – and that she’ll be getting back-pay in her bank account today. Kirsty is very pleased, and then Martin exits the building.


Aden answers his phone. It’s hi dad, who tells Aden that he needs money for medication, as he is feeling REALLY bad. Larry tells Aden to seel his grandfather’s war medals. And suggest that Larry should turn himself in – but Larry insists ta he wouldn’t survive in prison. Larry asks Aden to think about it. Larry then hangs up the phone – just as a police car drives past him [the police didn’t s pot him].


Belle & Angelo encounter each other once more. Angelo owners if she’ll go out on a date with him, and belle baulks at the idea, until she sees Aden entering tie surf club. She then accepts Angelo’s offer – for a date tonight.


Annie & jai are on the couch and Annie voices once more her concerns for Jai. She even holds his hand, but Geoff enters and tells her that he knows that there’s no grope assignment. He can’t believe that Annie is lying to her family because if Jai.

Jai suggest tat they should take their argument elsewhere, and after jai leave the room, Annie insist to Geoff that she just knows that jai needs her right now [because of what he’s going through].


Rachel netrs via that back door. Rach comments on how awkward th9ingt were tween Leah & miles in the diner. Leah tells her about the 2 birthdays cakes, and how she can’t believe that she is jealous of Kirsty [esp. how Kirsty is living ion the same house now as Miles]. Leah admits that she does REALLY care for Miles.


Kirsty accesses her back account via the Net. She can’t believe that it now has $800 more in it. She can’t believe it even more when miles points out that the extra money came form Martin’s OWN back account!!!!


Belle & Angelo enters, and Angelo notices how tense Belle is.

Aden enters the room and makes it clear that he thinks Belle is juts going out with Angelo to make him jealous. Aden also tells her about his dad asking him to sell the war medals. Belle vehemently responds to Aden by telling him that he’s just behaving like the person that he suggested she is, i.e. going out with every guy in town.


Leah tells Rachel that she & miles almost get together in the past, and Rachel tells Leah that she HAS to act on what she’s saying, i.e. Leah must tell Mile that way that she feels about him.


Belle tells Irene about her encounter with Aden at Noah’s. Irene suggests tat she like to “kill” Aden, but Belle isn’t keen on going that far.

Aden enters and muchly apologise to Belle. He tells her that he said those things to her [skank etc] because of worse tings that he almost can’t bare to thank about. Belle is keen for And to open up to her, but Aden says that he can’t tell her here. They bail.


Leah enters, and gets all tongue tied as she tells to tell Mile how she feels about him. She is just about to set him straight when Kirsty [of course] enters the room. Leah sees that as a sign, and bails [after telling miles that she is just please that they are friends etc]


Belle & aden are on her bed, and Aden explains that after what his grandfather did to him, it was easier to just push ppl away [like he did with Belle and the skank comment].

Aden emotionally tells belle that he blames his dad for all this, because of Larry didnklt get drunk all the time, aden's grandfather wouldn’t have had to come stay withy them. Aden also wished stat his grand father was still alive, so Aden could meek him “pay” for what he did to Aden. Belle tells Aden that she thinks that she would feel exactly the same way if she were in Aden shoes.

After Aden tells belle that his dad wants him to seel those medals and help Larry, Aden totally breaks down into tears. Belle waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hugs him.



It’s a week of surprises – Miles sees Kirsty in her underwear, Annie pushes Jai into the water [off the wharf] and there’s a dive drama involving Nicole – Geoff dives into the water to save her.

Also, events are set in motion that will lead to the Olympic cliff-hanger – could it involve Larry [who’s spying on Aden/Belle], Jimmy [who’s spying on Rach/Tony] or Elliott????

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: red low cut v neck, knee length dress/dark beaded necklace


Belle: dark blue [occasional yellow swirls] strapless dress\black [red lining on shoulders] jacket


Ruby: SBH uniform


Aden: black t/denim jeans/ wide white leather wrist band/black watch

Aden: SBH uniform

Angelo: white [black “New [something] Triple [something]” logo] t

Angelo: white [dark vertical stripes] long sleeve button up shirt

Angelo: green [black “NORTON Isle Of Man TT”] t

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: 2 tone blue top/black [white dots] scarf

Belle: dark blue v neck t

Electrician: blue overalls

Geoff: SBH uniform

Irene: red blouse

Jai: SBH uniform

Jai: white [black horizontal & diagonal stripes] hoodie/dark long pants

Kirsty: red & blue floral pattern low cut neck dress

Kirsty: red cardigan/white [red floral lining] top/dark blue knee length skirt

Larry: olive green button up shirt/dark long pants

Leah: black singlet top/black watch

Martin Bartlett: light blue button up shirt/grey long pants

Martin Bartlett: black suit/light blue button up shirt/2 tone blue diag stripes tie

Miles: apple green button up shirt/dark blue [yellow “[something] District”] t

Miles: dark brown button up shirt/brown [fine white check] long pants

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