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Thurs, 24 July 08 – Episode # 4689

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You Know We Belong Together “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 24 July 08 – Episode # 4689]


As ric descends the stairs at the uni, Daisy [who is going up the stairs] recognises him and calls out to him. She tells Ric that she recognises him form the photos that Matilda has of him. When Ric tells daisy about finding Matilda & Nathan is bed togther, Daisy scoffs at the suggestion that they are together. She also tells ric that it’s silly to have come all this way and just go back hoe to the bay. She suggests that that talk bout it over coffee – ric agrees.


After Kirsty comment about how difficult Ollie can sometimes be, Miles makes similar comments about Jai.

The power drops out for a second, an Miles insist that he will get an electrician to look at it. Ad Miles heads out the door, Kirsty suggests that he shouldn’t stress so much bout Jai.


Annie task to jai as he reaches up to open his locker. She notices that he has a new watch, but he tells her that it’s an old one, that he only wears on special occasions. Annie works out that its Jai’s birthday, but Jai asks her to promise that she won’t tell anyone.


Matilda is searching the uni campus for Ric. She leaves a msg on his phone to call her – insisting that its all a big misunderstanding


Mile approaches Jai and wonders what Jai dinlt tell him about his birthday. After Jai comment about Annie not being able to keep a secret, he tells Miles that birthdays are for kids. Miles disagrees and insists tanht6 they should throw a party. Jai tells Miles that he doesn’t want this thing to be too big.


Matilda enters her room, and moments later, Daisy enters – with Ric.

After Daisy bails, Matilda & ric, of course, gets into verbal duel, especially when Matilda insists that Nathan is just a friend. Matilda tells Ric that he has no right to just rock up like this – especially after he didn’t show at her farewell party. Rica sarcvsaticlley says goodbye and walks out of the room. Matilda looks as though she can’t believe that all that just happened.

Soon after, Matilda is sitting on the grass when Nathan sits beside her. She strongly comment to Nathan about how silly it was for Ric to come over here just for them t get in a fight. Nathan tries to9 use all this to his advantage, saying that high school romances don’t last in the real world, but Matilda insist that he & ric have been through so much together.

Matilda than truly pus Nathan straight on the possibility of Matilda/Nathan – she tells him tah she came here [WA] as she wanted to be on her own. Nathan gets up and walks way.


Miles enters the youse, and sees that Kirsty [kinda with help for Ollie] is making a cake for Jai’s party. She flicks some of the cake mixture on her face – just a fun little scene twwen these two.


Matilda is lying on her bed when Daisy enters. Matilda amidts to Daisy that although she thought she could start a new life, Maddie is still soooooo in love with Ric. Matilda comment that its so annoying that ric just showed up for a holidays like that. Daisy then sets Matilda stirght, i.e. Ric isn’t here for a holiday, he’s her in the west for good.


Jai [with Miles covering his eyes] enters, and when they is inside, Miles removes huis hand, and Alf, Annie, Kirsty & Ollie are all there for Jai’s party.

Jai suggest tat they shouldnl;t sing “happy birthday” as he’s heard Kirsty sing in the shower. Jai is about to blow out the candles on the cake, when Leah enters with another cake. Annie apologises to everyone as she forgot that Leah was making a cake for this. Leah, seeing the close knit family situation, says that she will head off back to work – but hopes that really like the cake.


Matilda is rushing about in the grounds of the uni. She phones ric, wondering what flight he is on. Ric tells her tat she doesn’t have to worry about that – and it’s only that the Matilda sees that Ric is standing not tat far way for where she is. He tells Mads that he did go off campus, but returned.

When the two are standing net to each other, Matilda & Ric tells each other tat they tried to live without the other, but it was impossible, and Ric insist that since Matilda’s been there for him so often [Viv, fight club etc], now he’s going to spt Matilda in whatever she does. Ric admits tay he has no idea where they’ll live, or what he’ll do over here, but it doesn’t matter, as they are together.

Matilda & Ric seal their getting back together with an AWESOME kiss!!!!!!!!!!!


As Jai & Annie walk along, Jai tells Annie that he forgot wow cool bady parties can be. Annie suggest to Jia that now that he knows tat ppl care etc for him, he has to stop doing things like jumping off Jump Rock like he did. Jai insist that nothings changed on that front as far as he is concerned.


Miles is on the phone. When he gets off it, he tells Kirsty the good news that Ric’s just told him [about how Matilda/Ric are back together].

Miles then thanks Kirsty for all her help with the party. Jai & Annie enter the house, juts as the house goes out totally


Leah tells Ire bout what happened at the party – and how she cailed as it seemed like a close family etc thing. Irene suggests that Leah might be overthinkinming the situation.


Its night time, and Miles is still waiting for a call-back form an electrician. Kirsty, who is behind Miles on they couch, comets about how awkward Leah was when she was here. Miles tells Kirsty about how things got pretty close tweeny Leah & Miles just after Sally left- as both Miles & Leah needed each other to mek it though.

Kirsty tells Miles tat he is a GREAT friend, with inviting Kirsty & Ollie into his house etc.

Miles [via his mobile] get word for Sally that Cass has given birth to a girl named Summer Rose, and the child is HIV negative!!!!!!!

Annie enters the oonm, and wonders where Jai is.

Jai is on the back patio, at the fuse box tying to get the power back on. Jai is thrown back when he gets an electric shock.

Soon after, Jai wakes, still on back patio – after Miles & Annie get him to stir. Miles has a go at jai for doing this, and them Miles goes inside.

Annie sits beside Jai – and she can’t believe it when he tells her that this latest thing further proves that he is invincible!!!


Matilda & Ric get out of the rain and int9o Matilda’s room [via its glass door side entrance].

They kiss, before they turn out the lights, and kiss again before closing the curtains.

Note – I do believe that that IS Maddie & Ric’s last ep.

I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay going to miss Matilda

[not that you can’t guess that from the message under my avatar]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Will Leah tell Miles the feelings that she has for him???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Matilda: white wide strap [with a single blue wavy vertical stripe on each strap] top/denim jeans/ opal necklace/white watch


Daisy: purple [blue splotches] thin strap mid thigh dress


Matilda: white [various colour swirls etc] low cut v neck long dress/opal necklace/white watch


Alf: white [with blue, mustard & brown vertical stripes] button up shirt

Annie: SBH uniform

Irene: purple blouse

Jai: SBH uniform/blue & yellow tropic motifs watch [with a red watch band]

Jai: white [black horizontal & diagonal stripes] hoodie/dark long pants

Kirsty: red cardigan/white [red floral lining] top/dark blue knee length skirt

Leah: yellow wide strap top

Matilda: light pink thin strap top/brown [dark floral] long skirt/opal necklace/white watch

Miles: brown [fine white check] suit/dark brown button up shirt

Nathan: black long sleeve top/denim jeans

Oliver: black top

Oliver: dark blue top

Ric: black [white “Scream feeder logo”] t/grey boardies

Ric: dark grey [red “cooper” logo on right chest] button up shirt/denim jeans

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