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Wed, 23 July 08 – Episode # 4688

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Thinking With His Head, Not His Heart “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 23 July 08 – Episode # 4688]


Jack tells roman that they decide to have the patertinity test as its one thing that they wouldn’t have to worry about – and can control. Jack then asks roman to work with him to convince Martha to terminate the pregenacy.

As Jack bails, Charlie descends that stair – she asks Roman what’s just transpired.


Maddie & roommate Daisy are in bed in the dorm room, when they hear a knock at the window. Maddie gets out of bed, and she sees that it’s Nathan that is at the window. he is clearly drink and wants her to join her at the party that’s going on. Maddie insists that she is trying to get some sleep and that Nathan should go away.

After he dories, daisy suggest to Maddie that maybe she should get together with Nathan, but Maddie thinks that thet would feel like it was too soon after Ric. Daisy insists thyat maddie is as far away from Ric without leaving the country. She also suggests that maddie should call Ric.


Alf is in the kitten when Ric mobile [dining table] rings. Alf is suprpriresed to hear Maddie on the other end of the line. Maddie wants to speak to Ric, but Alf tells Maddie that Ric is asleep, and he reminds her of the time difference [at least 2 hours] tween WA & the Bay. When Maddie is off the phone, she tells Daisy what happened.


Next day, roman talk to Martha about what’s going on. Martha tells roman about how she terminated as pregnancy last year, and how this is hr chance to make up for that. The quite emotional Martha insist t roman that if they don’t fight for their child, then who will.


Ric is sitiong next to the phone on the counter. You can tell he’s thinking about calling Maddie.


Maddie & Nathan are walking next to one of the uni buildings. They talk about how drunk, and embarrassing, Nathan was last night.


Ric rings Maddie’s mobile, but we sees that its recharghibg in her room.


Alf wonders about that shelving [form the den] that Ric was going to collect form the diner. Ric exist that bait shop [that is on the beach level of the building where the diner is]. As Ric charges off, Miles & Alf talk about ric. Alf insists that Ric is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay missing maddie, and that he knows that Ric [when he went into this business with Alf] was thinking with her head, and not his heart. Alf comments that Alf & miles know that life is too short for things like that.


Ric enters the kitchen and Leah points out where the shelving is. She also comments on how great it is that Ric & Alf have gone into business like this. She can however see his lack of enthusiasm at the moment.


Jack enters Martha’s room – roman is still in there. Jack can’t believe it when Martha tells him that roman supports her decision.


Alf enters the shop, and sees that Ric has just finshineshed putting up those shelves.

Alf then tells Ric that he is giving him the sack!!!!! Alf exist the shop & Ric follows him. Ric can’t believe that he’s done this but Alf comments about how Ric is sooooo missing Maddie. Alf then hands Ric a 1 way plane ticket to Perth, on the last flight tonight.

Ric can’t believe it, and wonders what will happen if he & maddie don’t work out. Alf insists that they bait shop will always be here.


Jack is still expressing his disbelief and roman insists that it’s Martha’s choice.

Ric wnetrs the room and tells Martha & the others that he is going to Perth to be with Maddie. Ric waaaaaaaaaaay thanks Martha for helping him so much, and always being there for him. They muchly hug, and Martha insist tat she will always be there for Ric.


Charlie has just finished exercising when roman approaches. Roman tells her that he’s just got too much on his plate at the moment, so all he can manage right now is a casual ‘ship with her.


Its night time, and Ric talks to Alf & miles. He tells them that he’s just going to arrive in perth and surprise maddie.

Leah enters and wishes Ric all the best, whilst Alf suggest to Ric that order/way in which he can say farewell to various groups of ppl [like Tony/Rach etc], but when Kristy’s name is mentioned [i.e. her being at the farewell diner they are having her tonight], Leah tells Ric that she can't stay for that as she has to go back to work.

After Leah bails, Ric comments tat he can’t believe that he is leaving the bay – given all that’s happened here – but Alf tells Ric that, just like he told sally, the bay will always be with you.


Maddie approaches Nathan, and wondered if he’s even eaten today. After he responds, she tells him that no, 2 minute noodles don’t count. She suggests that they have dinner together.


Charlie enters, and tells roman that she is TOTALLY ok with his plam form them to have just a casual ‘ship.

They kiss, but are interrupted when jack enters. He is most angry, and suggests to roman that he only cares about the child. Jack vehemently tells roman that if Martha dies, it’s ALL roman’s fault. When jack bails, Charlie comforts roman with a hug.


Next day, Massie & Nathan are in her bed [in the clothes that were in lat night]. There’s a knock at the door, and as maddie heads for the door, she comments to Nathan that it’s probably daisy at the door [who’s misplaced her key maddie suggest].

Maddie is shocked when she partly opens the door and sees that it’s RIC. She comments tait she can’t believe that he is here. Ric wonders if he can come in, and maddie [after 10-20 seconds] opens that door some more. Ric sees Nathan is in the bed. Ric instantly bails – as Maddie tries to tell him that this isn’t what he thinks it is!!!!



Can Maddie find Ric before she loses him forever???

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Matilda: sky blue [silver on bust & pink floral pattern all over] thin strap nightdress


Leah: dark purple thin strap top/black knee length skirt


Daisy: red [yellow lining] cami top/red PJ long pants


Alf: green button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: maroon dressing gown/red & blue check PJs

Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/cream wide brim hat

Charlie: cream top/silver knee length skirt

Charlie: red [white lining] sports singlet top

Charlie: silver knee length dress

Jack: black sleeveless jacket/blue t/grey long pants

Jack: dark blue long sleeves top/dark long pants

Martha: silver night gown/dark grey singlet top

Matilda: light pink thin strap top/blue [dark blue floral] long skirt/opal necklace

Matilda: blue [white floral] sleeveless cardigan/white top/denim shorts/opal necklace

Miles: red button up shirt/black [cityscape] t/dark long pants

Nathan: dark blue [red vertical stripes] jacket/light blue top/dark long pants

Nathan: dark jacket/white button up shirt

Nathan: white [grey wide horiz stripes] long sleeve top/dark long pants

Ric: black [white “scream feeder”] t

Ric: white [red eagle] t/faded denim jeans

Ric: white singlet/dark long pants

Roman: purple [black “SL340”] t/ dark long pants

Roman: 2 tone brown horizontal stripes [G Star Original] t/dark long pants

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