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Aden/Belle Videos

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I've made various kinds of videos for Aden and Belle so check out my youtube channel but you can choose what kind of video you like from the list below, thanks for watching if you do, means a lot!

I made this trailer for Belle finding out about Aden's grandfather, please enjoy!


This is a music video of Aden and Belle to the song It Doesn't Matter by Alison Krauss


This is a music video medley of the different stages of Aden and Belle's relationship:


...and lastly Aden and Belle's story so far with the background music of Vienna Teng's Harbor and instrumental bits of Shawn Colvin's Never saw blue like that.


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Will you please upload onto Megaupload please or a site similar so i can download it as i haven't been able to watch videos on youtube for quite a while now - i would really appreciate it.

Or even i will give you my MSN address and you could send it to me through MSN. I am a really big Aden and Belle fan - i think they are great together. So please upload on Megaupload or send me the video via MSN.

Thank You

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