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Mon, 21 July 08 – Episode # 4686

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You Want To Marry Her, You Think She’s Beautiful “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 21 July 08 – Episode # 4686]


Aden enters and is surprised tat Roman is still up – roman says that he is waiting for Nic. Roman wonders why Aden is home [as he is supposed to be sleeping over at Belle’s]. Aden says that he doesn’t want to talk bout it.

Nic & Elliott arrive, and Roman reminds Nic & Elliott that it’s a school night. Nic is keen for Elliott to stay a bit longer, but he goers with what roman said and bails. Nic is ceratinkly6t not happy with Roman.


Irene is in the kitchen when she hears noises in tee main area of the diner. When she investigates she sees that belle is there. Belle says that she’s got nothing better to do so she is helping Irene close up [put chairs on tables etvc].

Irene wonders what’s going on 0- and Belle emotionally tells her about how Aden behaved [i.e. the whole calling her a skank thing]


Rachel triple checks with JnM that the paternity test is what they REALLY want – and they both are still way ken on the idea. Rachel suggest that both of them Sheol get a VERY good night’s sleep tonight [and that mean that jack should ahead for home and not sleep here at the hospital]


Next day, Belle is in the kitchen eyeing off a bright bunch of flowers that are in there. Aden enters the kitchen and Belle & Aden almost immediately verbally clash over what happened last night.

Irene enters the kitchen and wonders what’s going on. Roman then enters and says that Aden is here [when he wasn’t roster to be] as aden is covering for roman who is about to go to the hospital.

Irene suggests that Aden should go home, as he’s not supposed to be here. Aden bails.


Ruby & charlie walk by the diner. Charlie insist that she’s not going in there because she doesn’t want to push things =- as she thinks that roman seem to have more time for others that he does for her.

Ruby & Charlie see roman exit the diner with the bunch of flowers that belle saw in the kitchen. Roman wonders if he & Charlie can catch up letr – as he is taking the flowers to the hospital for Martha.

After roman walks away, ruby admits to Charlie that she thought that flowers were for Charlie.


Elliot & Nic are kiang in the corridor when Geoff approaches and sugge4ts that Elliott shouldn’t be on school grounds. Although Nic is keen to kiss some more, Elliott inits tat Geoff is right and he walks away.

Nic has a go at Geoff for doing that, and she insists that the old [waaaaaaaay passionate] Nic is back. After Nic walks way, Ruby approaches Geoff – she tells him that she preferred it when Nic was a train wreck.


With Rachel trying to reassure Martha as much as possible, the stenographer prepares to take a sample of Martha’s ambiotic fluid. As the stenographer does that, Rachel sees that roman is approaching when the flowers. She tells roman that Martha is having another test, which he is curious about, but Rachel insists that it’s all to do with Martha’s cancer etc. She also insist that she will give Martha the flowers/tell her who they’re from when etc.

Soon after, Martha is back in her hospital room. She thanks Rachel for not telling Roman that they were doing the paternity test when he arrived.

As Rachel examines that results of the mastectomy surgery, Martha wonders what the long term affect will be. Rachel tells her that there is currently a bit of scaring which will lessen to a thin white permeant [incision] line.

Jack enters the room, and Rachel backs Martha up when she says that she would like jack to come back later. He exits that room.

Tony approaches jack – who tells him about what’s just occurred. Tony suggests that some coffee is a good plan right now.


Nic gets up form suit8ng next to Elliott. Belle approaches and wonders how things went if/when Nic & Aden got together. Nic insists tat she was too much for Aden – who “ran a mile” when she tried to get intimate with her.

Nic goes back oer to where Elliot is, and roman, who’s just entered the diner “suggest”: that Nic should be on her best behaviour [in light of the incident at camp] and that she should be back at school [as lunch is over]. Once more, Eliot suggests tat Nic should go with what roman said, but it’s clear that Elliott isn’t impressed with t6he situation. Indeed, Elliott bails, and Nic goes after him.


Nic catches up to Elicit at ether water's edge and insists that he should stay – as Elliott suggested that he should leave town because of how roman was treating him. Nic hugs Elliott as she tries to convince him – and he hugs her back – but not with the same level of intensity as Nic.

The nearby Geoff comments to Ruby that she doesn’t think that Elliott is good for Nic, but Ruby tells Geoff that she thinks that he is only saying that because Geoff waaaaaaaay likes Nic. Indeed, Ruby [waaaaaaaaay tongue in check] suggest that Geoff wants to marry Nic – btw, Ruby is holding an apple with both hands close to her chest, and its clear that she is imagining the piece of fruit are the flowers that a bridesmaid would carry up the aisle AND Ruby is walking as she would if she were making her way towards the altar. [note – I just LOVE Ruby’s playful style]


In the corridor, jack tells Tony that the way that Martha retracted earlier is though she doesn’t want him to be close to her, but Tony tries to reassure jack that Martha is still dealing with the surgery etc.

After Tony walks way, jack enters Martha’s room. She appears to be asleep. He kisses her on the forehead, and tells her that she is beautiful. Jack leaves the room -= after he placed the flowers that he bought in slightly closer to Martha that they ones that roman did. When jack is out of the room, Martha open her eyes – it’s clear that she was only preentendiug to be asleep when he entered.


Aden is showing a blonde teen girl [who reminded me of Bec Hewitt] how to play pool when Belle enters. Belle “suggests” that the girl should bail, and the girl does.

As Ruby & Geoff enter the room, Belle confronts Aden – sugge4sting that she believes that he’s never had a serious ‘ship despite supposedly being this big stud. Aden decides tat he doesn’t want to deal with this - so he bails.


Nic is waaaaaaaaaaaay kissing Elliot6 and she’s kinda annoyed when Eliot beings up the subject of her dad -= but Nic uses that to show Elliot the medal for bravery that Roman won. As she comments tat she doesn’t know why he doesn’t have it on display [she got it form in a drawer], roman enters and suggest tat nic should put the medal back. As he does that, Elliott comments that roman should tell Nic how he got it [and you get the feeling that the medal has something to do with the mission in which Eliot’s brother was killed. Elliott & Nic then bail.


Jack enters Martha’s room and she apologises for before. Jack insists that they can get through anything as long as they are together.


Roman puts the medal away in the drawer. He then looks in Eliot’s back pack [that Elliott left behind in his & Nic’s haste to bail]. Roman finds a knife in the bag, but quickly put it back in the backpack when he hears someone approaching outside.

The person that Roman heard was Bell, who ants to speak to Aden. After Roman points out that Aden ois in the room that’s next to the main room, belle approaches Aden. He walks away form her and itnytotrhe kitchen but belle follows. She suggest to Aden that the reason that he acted tee way that he did is that he must be a virgin, but Aden merely responds by telling belle that she just has to accept they are over. He suggests tat she bails and doesn’t come back. Belle is worried about Aden -0 but she does bail.


Ruby & Charlie are in the kitchen of their new abode as Ruby is kinda teasing Charlie about Roman/Charlie. Ruby is waaaaaaaay helped when Charlie gets a text message form Roman – asking her to come over tohis place.


Roman tries to talk to Aden about what’s occurred with Belle, but Aden tells roman that he isn't going to talk about it.

After Aden goes upstairs, Charlie enters. She comets that she is in uniform as she is about to start her lasted shift soon – but she is keen to know what the msg was all about. Charlie is however surprise, and clearly annoyed, when Roman asks her if she can run a background check on Elliott!!!


Nic & Elliott are kissing, before Nic tells Elliott that its sooo lucky that they found each other. Elliot tells her that luck had nothing to do with it, and as they hug, there’s a sinister look on Elliott’s face.



The father of Martha’s baby is …..

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: royal blue [arctic village like motifs] thin strap top/hot pink bikini top/dark shorts


Ruby: silver vest/grey top


Rachel: green wide strap top/dark & silver beaded, with a silver flower, necklace


Aden: black button up shirt/denim jeans-with red boxer shorts beneath

Aden: black t/dark long pants

Aden: green [white crest] t/brown long pants

Aden’s Pool Student: yellow [black horiz stripes] low cut thin strap top

Belle: dark blue & white check flannelette shirt/yellow top/dark long pants/black boots

Belle: red boots/white [black diag stripes] shirtdress/wide white belt/black leggings

Charlie: blue singlet top/white jacket

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Elliott: brown [red “twirly times”] t/dark long pants

Elliott: cream t/dark long pants

Geoff: grey button up shirt/dark long pants

Geoff: SBH uniform

Irene: grey long sleeve blouse

Irene: red long sleeve blouse

Jack: black polo shirt/grey long pants

Jack: grey long sleeve top/denim jeans Nicole: dark blue scarf/gold sleeveless jacket/silvery top

Nicole: dark blue scarf/gold sleeveless jacket/silvery top

Nicole: SBH uniform

Rachel: black kinda low cut knee length dress/dark beaded necklace/dark high heel shoes

Roman: faded black t/olive green long pants

Roman: white singlet

Ruby: SBH uniform

Senior Stenographer: dark blue scoop top

Tony: light blue t/denim jeans

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