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Fri, 18 July 08 – Episode # 4685

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You Might Want To Put That Knife Down “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 18 July 08 – Episode # 4685]


Tony & jack are in the corridor when Rachel approaches. She tells them that Martha is still in surgery, but that it is going well so far. Rachel comments that Martha’s decision to have a mastectomy was just as much a shock to Rachel as it was to Jack.

After Rachel walks away, Jack & Tony sit down, and Tony puts a comforting hand on jack’s shoulder


Belle & Aden are on her bed. They kiss several times and Belle insists tasty no one else will be home for hours. Belle is waaaaay keen to get intimate with Aden, but it’s too much for hum. He gets up off the bed and as he pouts his jeans on, he tells belle that he remembers that he has to be somewhere. Belle is someway intrigued.


Nic talks to Geoff about bow much she likes Elliott and how he is moving to the bay.

Geoff then goes into the kitchen and tells Irene & Roman Nick’s not on the menu [eggs] order. Roman tells Irene that he will make the eggs [yokeless I think] fop Nic.

Irene then suggest tat Roman, who was chopping vegetables, should put the knife down – Roman then see what Irene is talking about, i.e. Elliot has just entered the diner and is kissing Nicole !!!!!


Martha wakes after the operation, and jack is there by her side. Rachael & dr Wilson tell Martha that the cancer is already more widespread that they thought. They urge Martha to begin the Chemo etc treatment, but Martha insist stat she’s not going to have ANY treatment as it will harm the baby. Jack esp. can't believe it.


Elliott & roman are in the kitchen an roman makes it verity clear that he’s not so keen that Elliot has moved to the bay already. Elliott however insists tat Nic is the 1st good thing in his life in ages AND he has no intention on rushing bionmto things with her, i.e. he plans to take things slow. Roman seems pleased by this.

Nic enters the Kitchen and suggest to Elliot that she is going to take him to her home. She tells roman that they [Nic/Eliot] will keep things G rated. Nicole & Eliot bail.


As soon as they are inside, Nic is all over Elliott – kissing him etc., but Elliott is true to what he said to Roman. he tells Nic that he wants to take things slow.

She suggests that they should go for a tour of the bay’s best sites – which [Nic says] should take about 5 minutes.


Rachel, Dr Wilson & jack continuee to push the point to Martha, about starting the treatment, but Martha tearfully insist arhat they can’t asks her to choose her on life, over that of her child’s,


Belle & Irene re in the kitchen and Belle talk to Irene all about how she is keen to take things top the next level with Aden, but he doesn’t seem to want to. Irene suggest that belle should be talking to Aden about this, as Irene isn’t keen on clowning what Belle/Aden get up to when she isn’t at home.

Geoff enters the kitchen to say that he is off home – Irene thanks him for helping out at the diner today.


Jock pleads with Martha that he can’t loose her, but esp. because of the pregnancy that she aborted early last year, she just can’t do that again.

Martha gets annoyed that jack keeps on at her about this – and she snaps ita him that he may not even be the father AND that he should leave the room. Jack is shattered, but realise stat Martha is sooooo angry that it’s better to leve the room bight now, so he does.


Belle talks to Aden about how they’ve not gone further as yet. Aden is quite shocked, and suggests to her that it’s because he wants to take things slow with her. Aden is clearly hoping that suggestion works, which it does, i.e. belle insist that they are totally good again now.


Nic talks to Geoff about how happy Elliott make her feel, and tee looks of Geoff’s face suggests that he’s not that keen to hear Nic raving on about another man. Nic insist she has Geoff to thank for this [Nic/Elliott] as it came out of Geoff dobbing her in at camp [the whole in the bushes thing with “Mexico”].


Elliott is sitting on the sand. He is haloing a photo of his brother Mark & Roman. There’s a steely resolve on his face.


Jack decides to enter Martha’s room once more. Martha apologises for what she said, but jack insist that maybe that should get Roman involved AND that Martha should have the test to see who the father of the baby is.


Its might time and Belle & Aden enter he room. Belle comments that the movie they’ve just seen in the worst a she’s ever seen – despite the glowing praise of the critics.

Belle & Aden lay on her bed and Belle kisses Aden. She touches his body and starts to get really intimate with him, but the look on Aden’s face [which belle can’t see] makes it clear that he’s not enjoying this.

Aden then has flashback of with Nic came onto him/him pushing her away AND a flashback of when he stomped on the framed photo of himself & his grandfather.

Back to the present, and Aden had enough. He gets up on the bed, saying that he can’t do this as belle’s been with every guy in the Bay and is a skank!!!!

Aden exits the room, leaving behind a totally bewildered, and emotionally hurt, Belle!!!!!



The father of Martha’s baby is …..

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Nicole: dark blue scarf/gold sleeveless jacket/silvery top


Rachel: black kinda low cut knee length dress/dark beaded necklace/dark high heel shoes


Belle: red boots/white [black diag stripes] shirtdress/wide white belt/black leggings


Aden: black button up shirt/denim jeans-with red boxer shorts beneath

Belle: black singlet top

Dr Wilson: “medical blue” top

Elliott: brown [red “twirly times” t/dark long pants

Geoff: green [white “south east conference” and white lining] singlet

Geoff: light blue [yellow tropical motifs] t

Irene: grey long sleeve blouse

Jack: grey long sleeve top/denim jeans

Roman: white “the harbinger” t

Tony: green [apple green stripes across chest] polo shirt

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