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Mon, 14 July 08 – Episode # 4681

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Fearless “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 14 July 08 – Episode # 4681]


Aden tries top phone his dad – but there is now answer.

Geoff approach Aden and Aden isn’t that keen on Geoff offering him words etc of support in the wake of Axel’s death. Aden tells Geoff that he thinks he is a hypocrite, before “suggesting” that Geoff should go away.


Jai talks to Miles about what’s happened. Jai is muchly in shock about it all.

Kirsty arrives, and ask Jai ho he is feeling. Jai bails and Kristy berates herself for asking such a silly questions.


Jai is walking along in a bit of a daze – so much so that he walks onto the road without looking if anything is coming. Alf has to quickly stop his Ute to avoid hitting jai. Alf get up off the car and suggest that jai should come home with him, but Jai insists on being by himself. Jai walks off.


Alf enters the kitchen and tells Leah about what’s just happened with Jai. Leah tells Alf that she’s about to have her break – so she will go & tall miles about it.


Kirsty & Miles talk about how Jai has suffered yet another loss of someone close to hi8m.

Martin Bartlett enters, and asks Kirsty if she would help him [on school holidays] with a strategy for the school to deal with the traumatic impact tat Axel’s death might have on some on the school student. Kirsty agrees to help.

As Martin Bartlett & Kirsty bails, Leah enters, and tells Miles about the Jai – Alf incident.


Jai is siting when Annie approaches and sits beside him. She expresses her sorrow at what’s happened, but Jai calls Annie a hypocrite, before he gets up and walks away.


Irene suggests to Belle that she should take Annie to the movies when Annie gets home – toy lift her spirits etc.

Irene bails, and moments later Aden enters the house. Belle is quite surprised by this. She is also somewhat shocked when Aden tells he that he thinks that his dad was the driver of the car that was involved in the crash.


Kirsty is a tad surprisers when Martin Bartlett tells her that his dad passed way when he was young, so he kinda knows what’s it like for Kirsty to have to raise Ollie all by herself.

Milos enters, and apologises for rot helping them with the school’s [post Axel’s death] plan but both Kirsty & Martin insist that more important for Miles to find Jai.


Nurse Julie sees Larry and wonders about the patched up cut on his forehead. Larry tells her that he fell as the medication he is on made him woozy. Larry enquires about Axel – and Nurse Julie tells that Axel didn’t survive.


Belle & Aden are in her room, Belle urges Aden to go to the police with his suspicions, but Aden is ken to speak to his dad 1st. Aden’s mobile rings – when hie is off the phone, he tells Belle that it was Nurse Julie on the phone, and that his dad with at tehr hospital. Aden & Belle exit the beach house.


Kirsty & Martin talk about Kirsty’s situation, and Kirsty admits tat Kane is being true to his sword -= he hasn’t taken ANY of her phone calls when he’s been in prison.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Leah doesn’t look that impressed when Irene comments that one of the main reasons why Kirsty is so together at the monet is because of Miles.


Larry pushes his car off the road – there’s steam pouring out of the engine.

Soon after, Aden & Belle see the car on the side of the road as they drive. They get out and Aden confronts his dad. We see a black & white flashback as Larry insist that Axel was hooning about and came out of nowhere, but Aden isn't keen to hear it esp. since larry just left Jai & Axel on the road. Aden wants huis dad to go to the police but Larry insists that he can’t do it fight now – he suggest that Aden gets him a drink to calm his nerves etc.

Aden insists that Larry MUST stay here – before Belle & Aden get into Belle’s car and rive off.


Miles enters, and is pleased to see that jai is at home. Jai talks to Miles about how its weird etc that he has survived both times when those close to him have died. Miles tries to give Jia words of comfort, but you get the felling that it hasn’t rally worked.

Jai tells miles that he is gong so a walk – miles suggest that Jia should phone every few hours to let him know how Jai is doing.

Jai bails, and moments later, Kirsty enters. Miles agrees to her request toy use the computer to type something up for the post Axel plan. Miles comments on how dedicated Martin is – but Kirsty says that she thinks work is all that Martin has.


Geoff enters and tells Annie that they should go round to Axel’s family and see if they can help. Annie tells Geoff about how Jai called her a hypocrite. Geoff is worried when Annie tells him that she is going out to see how Jia is doing – Geoff suggest that Annie will be the one who gets hurt with her emotions being that strong.


Aden & Belle rtn to the spot where they left Larry, but there’s no sign of hi9m and Larry’s car has been torched. Aden berates himself for trusting him dad AGAIN.


Irene, Aden & Belle enters, and Irene well and truly is NOT pleased that Belle & Aden didn’t go toteh police sooner.

Irene AND Geoff aren’t keen on Annie’s plan to tell Jia who is rpesponsible for Axel’s death, but Annie ignores the suggestions, and bails.


Jai is siting on a rocky cliff. Annie [on the nearby beach] sees him, just as Jai stands up. Annie is worried – band she is even more so when Jai jumps into the water below. Annie looks out into the ocean – she is pleased when he finally comes to the surface of the water, but is worried once more when jai calls out “I’m invisible!!!!!!”



Ric kisses Kirsty !!!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: hot pink [with plum lining and vertical stripes] spaghetti strap top/black jacket/black & white scarf/green shorts/black leggings


Jai: blue [hot pink triangles] t/white [black horizontal & diagonal stripes] hoodie/dark long pants


Annie: grey singlet top – with apple green benareth/red shorts


Aden: grey & black horizontal striped v neck t/denim jeans

Alf: orange (green checks) button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Axel: black t/bone jacket/dark long pants

Geoff: light blue [with dark blue “Zenearde Athletics” logo] singlet/dark shorts

Irene: green (leafy) long sleeve blouse/bone long pants

Jai: yellow t/black [white & grey vertical stripe on left leg] board shorts

Jai: white [multicolour TV test pattern] t/grey hoodie/dark long pants

Kirsty: black spaghetti strap top/black [white floral?] long skirt

Larry: powder blue button up shirt

Larry: white long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Leah: white [black forest motifs] wide grey strap dress

Martin Bartlett: maroon button up shirt

Miles: dark purple button up shirt/white [green & orange rainbow] t/white [brown check] long pants

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse

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