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Fri, 11 July 08 – Episode # 4680

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay ! My Fave Cop IS Still Around “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 11 July 08 – Episode # 4680]


Larry looks at a scene of carnage on the road – Jai, Axel & the scooter are lying there. Larry thinks about doing something about what’s happened, but then seeing the bottle of alcohol reminds him that he’ll be the one in trouble because of this. Larry gets in his car and drives off.

Jai slowly stirs and then gets up. He can’t believe what happened. He sees axel lying there on the road. He then sees Alf approaching in his Ute. Alf ghosts out of the car, and discerners that Axel is still alive. Alf calls for an ambulance.

[Note – Now that its clear that Matilda isn't involved in the carsh, i'll say that alhough i know we’ve lost a fair few of the main cast this year, but Matilda’s departure has “hit“ me even harder than even when Sally left the Bay. I’ll always think of Maddie as being one of my ALL TIME fave Baysiders!!!!!!!!]


Kirsty & Bartlett enter and turn on the lights. Bartlett thanks Kirsty for being her on the weekend to help with that report that they have to do because of Nic’s antics at the science camp.

Kirsty seems rather shocked when Bartlett suggests that Nic should be pout in isolation for a week – but he adds that what it is, i.e. one on one [teacher & student] detention.

Bartlett tells Kirsty that he’s rally pleased with her progress since she started here at school, and is looking ibto getting her up to the next pay band. Kirsty is most appreciative.


Larry drives into the car port. He gets out of the car, and sees the damage that the crash has done to the front of his car. Naturally, Larry than drinks some more.


As the ambulance officers wheel Axel into their vbvehicle, Lara asks jai quarions about what happened. He tells her that he thinks it was a grey station wagon that hit them, and although Axel was gong quite fast at times during their joyride, he had motility slowed [sown to about 20 kph] to take the corner where the crash occurred.


Belle & Aden enter and Belle’s still quite surprised about how ric didn’t come to Maddie’s farewell. Aden isn’t so shocked, given Maddie’s recent history with Ric. Belle wonders where Aden went to when her left the party. Aden tells her that he visited his dad in hospital. Aden tells her that although it’s good that Larry après to be going well tis time, he toiled Larry that he’s never coming back home. Aden tells belle that many of Aden‘s problems have stemmed for his dad’s drinking, and any stuff ups now [if they happen] will be all Aden’s fault.


Larry packs a suitcase. Blood is still coming from his head wound. He appears to be light headed at the moment.


Leah arrives with some biscuits. She thanks miles for helping with Maddie’s farewell.

Leah then tells miles that she’s realised that her place is much too big for just her & VJ, So she; s thinking of eioether geteing in some boarders, or selling the place.

The phone rings are miles answers. He sounds shocked as he hears whatever news it is. When off the phone¸miles tells Leah that Jai & axel have been in a road crash. Leah & miles quickly bail – for the hospital.

[note – Leah’s talk on getting in borders reminded me that I’m still not rally sure where both Charlie and mnore importantly Ruby are living at the moment]


Irene approaches Belle & Aden and comments on how they are at the diner on their day off. Belle comenst that she is tragic, esp. in light of Madie going to Perth, but Aden insist tat Belle is sooooo not tragic. Belle says sthat she knows that he thanks that, as Maddie tooll her about what he said. Belle also suggests that he told maddie that because he didn’t have the guts to say it himself to Bell. Aden [who was siting across that table form bell] hoes overt and sits beside her – and say that her that she is the beset thing to eve happened to him.


The ambulance officers wheel Axel; in and the lead one tells Rachel what the current dilatation with axel is.

Son after, as Rachel tries to sort out Axels’ injuries etc, Nurse Gloria insist to jai that they have to examine him as well;’ jai want to stay to se what’s hapemnined with axel, but Alf convinces jai to be seen to by Gloria.

Leah & Miles arrive, and they suggest that Axel’s next of kin be contacted.


Kirsty I walking in one of the corridors when Bartlett approaches her. He tells her to access Axel’s NOK details, as Axel & jai have been in an accident.


Axel’s mum approaches Miles – hoping to her some news. Rachel approaches them, and tells axel’s mum that they may need to operate on axel’s brain – to relieve a build up of pressure etc. Axel’s mum is keen to see her son, so Rachel takes hi in that direction.

Miles asks Jai about the crush – and jai insist gat this wasn't axel’s fault.


Larry is now wearing a different [since the white one was blood stained]. He has put a wade bandaid on his head as well.

He phones Belle [diner] on her mobile.

He tells belle that he rang her as he knows that Aden would just hang up on him. Larry tells belle to tell ane that he loves him and theta his is proud of him etc.


Belle enters and tells Aden about bow strange lairy sounded on the phone. he passes on the message, incl that Larry is going to get out of acne’s life.

Belle tells Aden that this just makes today even bigger – on top of Maddie leaving and what happened to Jai & Axel. Belle is shocked that Aden didn’t know about the crash – but Aden looks a though he think that it was his dad who was the other car involved [after belle motioned a grey satiation wagon]


Aden & belle enters and Aden looks around. He tells bell that many of Larry’s clothes are gone. Aden voices his concerns of the crash, but Belle suggests that maybe Larry bailed [in a good way] because of Aden and not beacu eof the crash.


Anne & Geoff are sitting withy Jai, who insists taht axel wasn’t a bad person.

Miles approaches and suggest jai that they should head for home – asn they can rtn the moment they hear any news. Jai aggress to go with Mils & Jai.

When they are gone, Annie is worried that she’s only ever said bad things about axel.


Belle [diner] phone Aden who tells her that he is still at h9me – hoping that Larry will come back. Aden tells bell that he’ll be here a bit longer.

After the cal ends, Aden goes over and looks at a framed pic of himself with his dad. Aden then sees something that catches his eye in the bin. He removes a blood stained white shirt =- which confirms his suspicions.


Rach is telling Axel’s mum that they’ve stabilised axel’s condition when Nurse Gloria call out that Axel is in trouble. As Rach rushes over to him, she calls for the crash cart.


Alf, Kirsty, Miles & Jai are at the dining table when Bartlett arrives. He tells them that Axel has DIED!!!!



Roman is worried – Nic is missing, and there’s something shocking behind a door that Roman & Charlie are about to open


Jack begs Martha to save her own life, rather than the life of their unborn child!!!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: hot pink thin strap top/black shorts


Belle: black & white mosaic top/green belt/green [black floral?] skirt


Jai: white [multicolour TV test pattern] t/grey hoodie/dark long pants


Aden: grey [orange & yellow “Z” motif] t/dark long pants /white wide leather wrist band

Alf: green [yellow check] button up shirt/bone long pants/ cream wide brim hat

Ambulance Officer: white [ambulance symbol etc lapels] button up shirt

Axel: black t/bone jacket/dark long pants

Axel’s mum: dark green cardigan/red scoop top/dark skirt

Geoff: faded black t

Irene: red long sleeve blouse/ white long pants

Kirsty: red shirtdress/red high hell shoes

Lara: yellow fluro police vest – with light blue police shirt beneath/dark blue long pants/bark blue police cap

Larry : powder blue button up shirt

Larry: white long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Leah: yellow [green diamond motifs] dress

Miles: olive green button up shirt/off white t/denims

Mr Bartlett: brown button up shirt/bone long pants

Nurse Gloria: yellow scrubs – with mauve blouse beneath

Rachel: yellow scrubs – with white [yellow & red swirls] blouse beneath

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