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Ex's and Parents Can Be Such A Pain

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Ex's and Parents can be such pains.

Type: medium

Main Characters: Aden Jefferies, Belle Taylor, Drew Curtis, Amanda Vale, Nicole Franklin

BTTB Rating: G/A

Genre: Mystery, Drama, Love and some violence

Any Warnings:Some violence and Drama and bad behaviour

Spoilers: Not for Aus, not sure where the rest of the world is with Home and Away

Summary: Aden and Belles secret relationship ain't so secret, but what happenes when Drew and Amanda return and Nicole wants to noticed by someone, anyone.

Nicole turned her head as a car roared past her, it wasn't anything special. Okay, it was, but only due to its cringe worthiness. Seriously, she thought, who would drive a old, worn out, not to mention bright orange car in daylight.

Some people had no shame.

Then again, she thought, This was Summer Bay.


Aden strutted out of the water, posing every so often causing Belle to laugh as she threw a towel at him. He frowned at her as he caught it.

"Don't you wanna another photo for your collection?"

"No thanks, Don't want to waste space on my memory card"

Aden grinned as he chucked the towel on the sand next to Belle and proceeded to lie down on it.

"You know you want me"

"I thought I was only using you for your body" Belle joked back, she narrowed her eyes as she noticed Aden smile falter for a second.

"Aden are you okay?"

"Yeah, fine" he said, getting up and grabbing his towel, he began to walk down the beach.

"Hey" Belle shouted, running after him "Hey, where are you going"

"No where, You don't need to follow me everywhere" he snapped back, causing Belle to pause.

"Theres no need to be rude" She snapped back, folding her arms. She just wished that she and Aden could do something without this happening.

"Whatever, Why don't you just run home to Irene crying" Aden spat at her before walking off.


Amanda looked over the paper note again, he could of at least called her.

Rereading it, she ignored the cheesy love bit at the beginning to concenrate on what the main bit was about.

"..I'm sorry Amanda, but I will be out of State for the next week or so. Missing you already.Love Peter.

She folded the note and slid it into her pocket. Oh well, she thought, I'll make the most of this and go see Belle in Summer Bay.

She walked over to phone to call Irene, picking it she sighed as the dead tone rang her in ear. Bloody road works had cut out the phone...again. Well, that didn't matter, Belle was HER daughter, she didn't need premission to go see her.

She slammed the phone, and strode over to her room to pack. She need a gift to give Belle, actually she thought, pausing for a second, had Belle had a birthday since she left the bay.


So yeah, thats it so far. I will try and continue but I have work and school (not right now tho). I hope its good and easy to read.

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Heres part 2, hope you enjoy it.

Grinning as he hopped out of the worn out car, Drew grab a old pair of sunnies from the dashboard and walked out onto the gravel ground of the carpark. The fresh bay air washed over him and he breathed it in.

God he had missed Summer Bay. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time, leave Summer Bay and Belle, but now Drew could see it was all a mistake. He belonged here, with Belle.

He shoved the sunnies in the back pocket of his pants, next to his wallet and half ran, half fall down the sand dune onto the beach. It hadnt changed much since he had left, not that along ago mind you. Looking to the left, down the bay he saw something that hadn't been there when he had left the bay.

Blonde hair and fair skin, not to mention a body to kill for was lying down on a towel, soaking up the sun with a i-pod blasting away music in her ears.


Belle dropped the plates into the sink of the Diner, splashing hot water over her apron. Ignoring that she grabbed a washing brush and scrubbed furiously at the plates. Irene looked up, over from her salads.

"Whats wrong girlie?"

"Nothing Irene"

"Good Gawd girlie, I wasn't born yesterday. Now whats causing so much grief?"

Belle sighed, her hands resting on the bottom of the sink.

"Its just, you think you get someone and then they do something completely stupid"

"Aww, girlie" Irene said, hugging Belle tighty "I'm sure that its just a misunderstanding or something silly like that"

Belle smiled faintly, Irene didn't approve of her and Aden, on the grounds that Aden was a complete and utter jerk, but it was nice that she didn't jump on this event as an chance to ruin their relationship.


Amanda rolled her eyes as she looked in the rear view mirror to see a cop car with flashing lights behind her. She checked her speedo and it confirmed she was only do 60, granted it was a 50 k speed zone but come on, 10 k's wasn't that bad, everyone does it.

Pulling over and stopping, she put on her "I'm a innocent and sweet virgin angel officer" smile, after adjusting her top of course.

"Oh hello officer, I'm sorry I was just so busy keeping a eye on the road ahead that I didn't notice my speed creep up" she said in her best innocent tone.

"Lazyness is no excuse for speeding" came the sharp and female reply, Amanda turned to see for the first time the officer with a ticket book out.

She had long brown her and she didn't look to bad in the blue police uniform, with a little help she could be a really hot babe but right now Amanda was only concerned on getting sweet sweet revenge on woman cop.


Belle was wiping down a table in the Diner when Aden walked in, she didn't acknowledge him and carried on cleaning. Aden looked around sheepishly and he looked a tad out of his depth, Belle almost felt sorry for him. Except not, cause he was a total jerk to her before.

"Umm, about before" he started before she cut him off.

"Let me guess, your sorry you snapped at me"

"Well, yeah"

"And now I'm meant to run into your arms and go oh thank god its all okay in Adenland" she snapped.

"Belle, please" he started.

"Why don't you explain what happened on the beach?" she asked, picking up the trays off an abandoned table.

"I just need sometime to myself"

"So you yelled at me?" she asked in disbelief, "Good one Aden"

"I'm sorry, if I could I would go back and change it, but I can't, I can't change anything" He fell back into a chair and rested his head on his arms.

"I am really sorry Belle, you didn't deserve that" he said quietly.

Belle rubbed her temple before chucking the rag in the general direction of the kicthen and dumped the trays on a table before pulling up a seat next to him.

"You are the best thing that ever happened to me" he said, not daring to look over to her.

She smiled and wrapped a arm around him, pulling him close.

"Yeah, yeah, so you keep telling people. Kept it up and people might start believing it" she joked.


"Your blocking my sun" Nicole complained to the loser sufer boy standing in front of her.

"Hey there, nice to meet you too" he grinned, sitting next to her.

"I never said it was my pleasure" she pointed out, sitting up. His tanned skin and dark curly hair would almost look hott... if not for the fact it didn't. Besides, as hard was it was to believe, Nicole had more important things than boys on her mind.

Like her retarded dad going out with ho cop. She tried to be a good daughter, even cooking tea and trying to listen to his stupid problems about stupid people and still he ignore her, except when he yelled at her.

"Well, this dog has bite" he laughed, she put on her best "I'm so not amused by you its funny" smile.

"I'm a bitch, not a dog." with that statement made, Nicole saw no need to toture herself with his presence for any longer and walked off, leaving loser sufer boy to himself.

Not that she need that mental picture.

Coming up :D

Nicole and Amanda pair up to break up Charlie and Roman

Drew tries to break up Aden and Belle

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