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Wed, 9 July 08 – Episode # 4678

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ To Mother’s House We Go …. Maybe “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 9 July 08 – Episode # 4678]


As JnM wonder about what treatment they can have, Martha is clearly affected when Dr Wilson says that there’s no chance that the foetus will survive radiology treatment, and even the option of chemotherapy will most likely lead to their child developing abnormalities.

When Martha enquires about how long they can wit to start the termed to fight the cancer [after a lumpectomy which won't affect that baby at all], she is way worried when Wilson tells her that they mustn’t delay treatment until when Martha wants too [after the birth] as the cancer might be too far advanced Wilson recommends that they should terminate the pregnancy.

JnM insists tat they will talk through things, and after they exit the room, Martha suggests that they should talk to Rachel about this. Jack hugs the very wored Martha.


Jack wonders to Martha when she is planning on telling the likes of Alf about what’s occurred. She doesn’t want anyone to know and she REALLY can’t believe it when Jack says tayt he told Charlie [to explain why he’s not at work]. Martha, with a disgusted tone, “suggest” that jack should tell Alf ]since he’s so good at such things].


Roman enters the kitchen and Nic tells him that she has cooked dinner for them. Roman is kinda surprised but he isn’t so surprised when Nic asks him about why Elliot wanted to talk to him. Roman however is more ken to deal with the Martha situation right now, and he can’t believe it when Nic so quickly movies on form the Martha situation [after he tells Nic about her cancer] to wanting to know everything about why Elliot was looking for him. Indeed, Roma “goes off” four only being interested on herself.


Miles & Ric are having dinner and they comment about Jai being at the movies tonight with Axel.

Alf enters and ric & mile worry about the not so good look on Alf’s face. He tells them about Martha.


Roman apologise tn Nic for going off at her – but things aren't helped when Nic says tat she threw his dinner in the bin.

However, Nic & Roman verbally clash once more – over Nic wanting to know about the Martha & Elliott situation. It gets to the point where Nic suggest that she is better off being at her mum’s place fight now. Roman tells her that he hates it tat he’s not in control of my of hi life at the moment, but Nic isn't so understanding of her dad’s issues.


It’s late at night, and Ric is surprised and pleased when Maddie arrives. Both are in shock about Martha.

The topic of conversation makes its way back to thri own situation. Both still can’t believe tat they broke up a few days ago, esp. When it’s so hard for both of them to be without the other. Indeed, Maddie & Ric KISS!!!

Next morn, Miles is rather surprised when he sees that Matilda has spent the night here.

After Miles bails form the room, Maddie insists that last night [i assume they slept together] shouldn’t have happened. Maddie bails.


Jack tells Tony that he is worried about Martha – or ire to the point, her thoughts of delaying the chemo etc. jack makes it clear to Tony that he is more interested in Martha than the bub.


Roman enters, and wonders to Martha how she’s coping with the news. Martha tell him that she thought going to the specialist would help – but its mad things worse, i.e. Dr Wilson stern suggestion about terminating the pregnancy.


Alf &* ric are on the back patio. Naturally, they are talking abo Martha – Alf tells Ric that Jack is going to be the one who tells Morag & Colleen.

After they both carry some buckets into the main room, Ric & Alf talk about how Matilda stayed over last night, and how it made Ric thinks of old times tween he & Matilda – and how the night made it feel like they weer back together again. Alf suggest that Ric has to work out what’s best for him. Alf then “suggest” that they should bail [with buckets etc in hand] as their new business won’t clean itself.


Matilda enters and sits with Tony. They talk about what happened tween Ric & Matilda, and how Matilda is perhaps re-evaluating things upon the news of Martha’s cancer. Tony however suggest that Martha’s news should actually be inspiring Matilda TO live her dreams [rather than staying her bayside. Tony also suggest to Matilda that if she does stay here, will she regret it and use that against Ric in the future when times inevitably get tough tween them. It’s clear that Tony has given Matilda plenty to think about.


Jack enters, just as Roman is bailing. When Jack wonders what Roman & Martha talked about, Martha insist that Roman helped her sort through things.


Roman is in the kitchen when Nicole enters. He is frustrated that she clearly doesn’t “get” what being grounded means. This starts a verbally clash tween them, which leads to Nicole angrily saying that she is going to her mum’s place for the school holidays. The equally angry/frustrated Roman hands her a bus timetable!!! Nicole bails.


Roman wants to take Nicole to take bus stop, but she doesn’t want him to take ner now as that would mean sitting at the bus stop for over ½ hour before the bus comes. Roman wants to now as he has to get back to work. Nicole insists that she will walk to the bus stop. Like the previous scene, both Nicole & Roman are snapping at each other.


Martha tells jack that she’s decided. She is going to have the opertion [the lumpectomy] but that’s it – no chemo etc until after the bub is born. Jack insist that the doctor said that that would be too late for Martha to have any kind of chance to beat this cancer, and that’s it’s her health/life that he is more concerned about. Martha gets quite emotional as she tells/reminds Jack that the chemo etc will most likely make her unfertile Jack suggest tat there are other ways they can become parents, but Martha vehemently insist that she wants THIS baby!!! and it’s clear that she isn’t going to change her mind about it.


With a acoustic guitar instrumental playing, we see :

Ric [vph] & Matilda [hunter house] looking anguished/deep in thought;

Nicole is waiting at the bus stop when she sees Elliot pull up in his car – she heads towards his car;

Jack [Rachel’s] crying - Tony gives him a comforting hug; and

Martha walking on the beach near the diner – the nearby Alf sees Martha and hugs her!!!


Ric is sitting at the dining table when Matilda arrives at the back patio entrbce to the house. She knocks on the door frame and Ric glad that she is here. Ric tells Matilda that he knows that he CAN do a long distance ‘ship with her [especially in light of what Martha’s going through right now]. Matilda however insists that she can’t [so the long distance thing]. Matilda tells Ric that she is here to say goodbye!!!!!!!!



Looks like Jai & Axel, Maddie & Belle and Larry are all involved somehow in a deadly road accident!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Matilda: scarlet spaghetti strap top [with white thin strap top beneath]/tan mid thigh skirt


Matilda: blue & white tropical motifs [with baby pink straps] singlet top/opal necklace/grey shorts


Nicole: yellow [occasional green floral] strapless dress/white belt/white famed sunglasses


Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/cream wide brim hat

Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt

Dr Wilson: white [pin stripe] long sleeve blouse

Elliott: white t

Jack: grey elbow length sleeve top

Jack: light pink polo shirt

Martha: silver satin nightgown/white [red floral] PJ long pants

Martha: black & white mosaic like long sleeve top

Martha: black low cut v neck long [white floral?] dress

Miles: dark button up shirt/green t

Miles: white button up shirt/dark [black & white photo of a man] t

Nicole: white [royal blue wide horiz band at the bottom] knee length dress/royal blue headband/silver heart necklace

Ric: black [black & white pic of a man with a guitar] t

Ric: brown [blue coin like motif] t/denim jeans

Roman: black t/dark long pants

Roman: grey t/dark long pants

Tony: off white t

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