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Thurs, 3 July 08 – Episode # 4674

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Nicole Versus …. The ENTIRE World!!! “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 3 July 08 – Episode # 4674]

Note – computer issue means that this ep guild is less detailed than usual. I’m either add IADL for this ep to #4675 or to this one if it’s not locked by tomorrow when I post the guide for 4675]

JnM [Rachel’s house] are way stressed about what’s occurred, and the talk of med procedures reminds Rachel that Tony is waiting for her at the hospital.

When she gets there, Tony is talking to Dr Bentos, and as Rachel talks to Tony he thinks that there is soet5hing wrong with him, but she then tells him about Martha.

Next day, the senior stenogragher tells jnM, after looking at the lump on an ultrasound that they will have do a biopsy. Rachel & the stenographer perform that procedure and they sent the tissue sample to pathology.

Btw, just before the procedure, Martha suggests to jack that maybe they should tell roman, but the subject isn’t bought up again in the end.

JnM at home way stressing about what’s happening [esp. Martha] when Rachel arrives – she tells that the they will have to wait a bit longer for the results, as the tissue sample had to be sent ton the city for analysis.

At the diner, Irene is rather surprised when colleen tells her that everytime she thought of telling someone the [Martha’s pregnant] secret, colleen just started counting.

Colleen also tells Irene that she is looking fwd to Lance coming to visit soon, but she gets a phone call form Lance saying the his wife or child is ill, so he can’t make it. Colleen decides instead to g and visit lance – and Irene is totally ok with the idea [esp. since Aden is keen to do so many shifts these days.

Kristy enters the van park house, and tells miles that she isn’t exactly looking fwd to her 1st day at her new job, and, after Kristy & miles have gone,. Alf isn’t pleased that Jai was laughing at Kisrty’s concerns.

At the diner, Irene gives Annie the signed consent forms for school camp.

Annie then talks to Geoff ^& ruby about Belle/Aden, and when hey ask Nic about it, she sooo isn’t keen to acknowledge the ‘ship or say anything about it at all.

Kristy & Nic bump in to each other at the diner – spiling coffee all over Kirsty's dress. Nic [in the wrong] doesn’t apologies whilst Kristy goes form home to get changed.

Kisrty’s day at school isn’t that brilliant either. She goes iotnto miles class and tells him that she thinks she’s totally deleted an important file. Miles gets Jai to help Kisrty, and whilst that’s happening, in miles’ classroom, Ellie [dark pony tail haired girl] gives Geoff a note – to meet her at lunch.

Kirsty with jai’s help is able to retrieve the file – and Kristy saves jai form getting in trouble form Bartlett [as jai was supposedly just wandering the halls]. Kirsty says that jai helped her with some heavy boxes.

At lunch at the diner, Nic decides the best way to stop Ellie form being interested in Geoff [who isn’t interred in Ellie] is to meek it look like Nic is Geoff’s new g/f. it works, as Ellie exits the diner almost as soon as she enter, but Ruby, Annie and Geoff all voice their disproval at nic’s tactics.

Nic further annoys someone when she goes to throw her drink at Ruby, its Kristy who cops it!!!

Later that arvo at school, Kristy tells miles about her bad day, but after miles has walked away, Bartlett tells Kristy that he was very pleased with her 1st day – so Munich so that he wants her to be one of the supervisors at this weekend’s school camp.

Soon after, at diner, Kirsty breaks up at verbal catfight tween Nic & Ellie – by grabbing hold on Nic by both upper arms and not letting go until she vehemently tells Nic that she [Nic] has NO idea on what being tough is – esp. compared to Kirsty’s 3 years on the run form the police etc.

Kirsty tells Nic that if she keeps up her current attitude, she’ll end up with no friends, let alone ANYONE’S respect.

As Kirsty walks away, Nic looks stunned, whilst the nearby Irene looks VERY pleased that someone has given “princess” Nicole a good talking to.



There’s a surprise proposal!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL) ......

TO BE ADDED !!!!!!

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