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Wed, 2 July 08 – Episode # 4673

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Social Death!!! “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 2 July 08 – Episode # 4673]

Note – I missed the 1st minute or two [traffic jam issues]


WITH Ollie playing with the sand nearby, Kirsty talk to Ric. She comments on her lack on computer skills and he suggests tat there should be various programmes on the comp at home [vph] that should be able to help her.

Ric then talks to Kirsty the whole situation that he finds himself in with Maddie at the moment. Kirsty can definitely relate to the situation of 2 ppl wanting different things and it not being so easy trying to get those 2 divergent ideas to be bought togther.


Aden is in the kitchen when Roman enters. Aden comments that Charlie has just entered the diner, and as roman goes to talk to her, Aden hides his bags in a less easy to find place.

In then main area of the diner, Roman sits with Charlie – and she makes him well and truly aware that she knows that he might be the dad of Martha’s baby.

Belle & Irene enter, and Irene is surprised that Aden is here already – as his shift isn’t supposed to start for ages. Roman tells Irene that Aden said that he was trying to meek up for the times that he was away form work helping his dad.

Belle tries to talk to Aden about his dad. He insist that all is going well tween them – but he say it in a defiinitely nervous way.


Roman & Charlie are walking ion the beach and Roman is rather surprised that Charlie doesn’t rally have an issue with him possibly being the father of Marsha’s baby, eps. In light of the ‘ship that she has with her own father. Charlie comments to roman about how she’s certainly now not as “full on” as she was when she 1st arrived in town [i.e. her 1st day of work in the bay when she just about offended everyone].


Larry calls out to Aden, and looks for his son. He even when he goes into Aden’s room, but of course he’s not there.

Larry goes into the kitchen, and garbs another of those hidden bottles of spirits. He removes the lid, and looks like he like her is going to drink it, but he smashes the bottles instead!!!!!

Larry picks up the phone – and starts dialling a number.


Aden’s mobile rings – but he doesn’t answer it. When roman comments, Aden says that he has told his mates NOT to call him at work.

As they goes into the kitchen, roman asks Aden about how tags are going with his dad, but what Aden “suggest” that things a totally fine [and that ppl should stop asking him that], Irene tells Roman that they have to let Aden go if he keeps up this kinda of attitude.


Martha asks Nurse Sue where Rachel is – and the nurse say that Rachel will be here in a few moments.

After Rachel gets to where Martha is, Rachel tells Martha that Tony’s operation was a success and if she'd like to speak to him before her ultrasound she can. Martha tells Rachel that she needs to talk to her about something.


Belle & Aden are both in the kitchen and Aden gets annoyed at Belle as she wants to talk about how things are for him & his dad.

Iren enters the kitchen and “suggests” that they should stop this, as the customers can hear them. She insist tat Aden should take his bark, and he’s not taking no for an answer.

When Aden has left the kitchen, Irene has a go at Belle – suggesting tat Belle should have learnt from her experience with [a bad boy like] drew. Belle however counters that by saying about how difficult Aden’s life etc is. Aden, of course walks back into the kitchen as Belle is talking, and he doesn’t look that impressed with what Belle is telling Irene. Indeed, Aden bails – clearly in disgust.


Rachel tell Martha that she’s sent Martha’s tamest results to a specialist for anaylys, and Martha insist to Rachel that she doesn’t want Jack told about this until the results are back [note – its soooo good to know that Martha NEVER changes].

Jack approaches and he is especially exited about the ultrasound that Martha is about to have.


Ric helps Kirsty access some word processing tips sites, with Ollie close by playing with some toys. Ric admits that he has lots of time on his hands at the monet, but that will change when the bait shop starts up.

Ric tire to find site on the web for Kirsty but after he says that he accessed it before and Kirsty tire to0 go back to the site the he was on, there’s a large ERROR msg on the screen, but both Kirsty & Ric don't really pay attention to it and they continue trying to find that other site.


Roman & Charlie are in Noah’s when Charlie retells Roman that she cant believe that he actually went into the stores when he took Nicole clothes shipping recently,. She tell him that Nicole would have considered that [dad in the store] to be social death!!!!

Meanwhile, next door in the pool room, Aden confmts Belle about what she said to Irene. She tries to tell him that he was trying to tell Irene about them [Aden/belle] but he vehemently insists tat she should stay out of his life!!!!


JnM are both pleased & amazed as they see unborn child as a stenographer performs te ultrasound. It’s ironic or otherwise that JnM both suggest a different option as to which way they’d like to have the ultrasound pic [profile etc]. Jack wonders whether the sex of the bub can be told to them, but on top of the female stenographer saying that the foetus isn’t yet old enough, Martha insist that they want to wait.


Ric is playing with Ollie when Kirsty gets rally worried about the comp. Ric also seems concerned when he realises that the computer has frozen.

Maddie enters, and tells ric that she has to get a few things that she left behind. You get the feeling that Maddie isn’t exactly that happy that Ric is helping etc Kirsty, whilst Kirsty [with Ollie] decides to bail


Aden and Belle are in the kitchen when Belle once more to tell aden that she only talked to Irene about what Aden is going through because of the way that Belle feels about him. She even suggests that she’s going what he wants – letting ppl know about their 'ship. Aden tells Belle that he’s been lieng to himself about his dad’s drinking problem, but he realise that he’s had enough and moved out – as slept here last night/

Belle & Aden are interrupted when Larry enters the kitten. He wants Aden to come home, but [with Roman now in they kitchen too] Aden vehemently tells his dad to get lost!!!


Matilda is lost in thought whilst sitting on Ric’s bed. She slaps out of it when he hears Ric approaching. Ric tells Matilda that he’d hoped she had reconsidered – and is going to move back in etc. Matilda counters that by saying that its bound toy be not long before Ric finds the next thing – like he always seems to. Matilda doesn't mention Kirsty by name, but you do get the feeling that that’s what her comments are about. Matilda then bails.


Nurse Sue hands Rachel Martha’s test results. Rachel looks VERY shocked when she sees the results.


Aden thanks Roman for letting him move back into Roman’s place. Belle & Aden hug.


Larry egaerly searches high & low for hidden bottles of alcohol. When his doesnn't finds any, he even goes to the bin, when the piece of the bottle that he smashed earlier. I get the felling that that last action could mead him realise how serious his alcohol problem is.


JnM show Alf, Colleen, Irene & Leah the ultrasound photo of their bub, and Colleen seems very pleased with herself, ie that she DID keep the secret [about Martha’s pregnancy].

Rachel approaches – and she tells JnM that they’ll need to do more tests on the BREAST LUMP that Martha found!!!!!



Martha eagerly asks Rachel about the test results

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Kirsty: blue [with dark blue frilling lining] singlet top/dark blue [yellow floral] long skirt


Martha: mustard [back diamond patent] sleeveless jacket/white singlet top/white [purple floral] skirt


Matilda: purple [white dots] sleeveless jacket/whet singlet top/faded denim jeans/opal necklace/white watch


Aden: black t/black long pants

Alf: marron & white check button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle: white [various coloured horizontal stripes] v neck t

Charlie: red singlet top/dark blue shorts – with a white belt

Colleen: dark blue (yellow rectangle pattern) blouse/blue long pants

Irene: light pink blouse/white long pants

Jack: bone long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants/dark blue jacket

Larry: light brown [dark brown check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Larry: blue-grey button up shirt/khaki long pants

Leah: white floral dress

Nurse Sue: blue [white collar] top

Oliver: grey t

Oliver: mauve t/blue hat

Rachel: black kinda low cut dress/dark beaded necklace

Ric: white (black silhouette of a girl’s) t/dark board shorts

Roman: olive green t/denim jeans

Stenographer: blue top

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