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Tues, 1 July 08 - Episode # 4672

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Let’s Hope THIS Diner Doesn’t Collapse On Him “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 1 July 08 - Episode # 4672]

Note – on 1 website forum or another, I’ve been doing these ep guides for just over 5 years now [i started doing them on the then H&A official site forums in late June 2003]


Aden enters and confronts his dad about what Belle told him about Larry drinking. Larry feeds Aden that same story – the painkillers aren’t enough sometimes, but Aden’s own thoughts of what’s going on are confirmed when he finds 2 bottles of alcohol hidden in 2 different spots entirely.

Aden waaaaaaaaaaaay clas his dad a lair before Aden goes into his own room. There’s an anguished look on his face after he sits on they bed.


Matilda enters the main room carrying lots of books – she tells Ric that Miles got these 2nd hand uni text books for her. Ric uses her uni comment to bring up the fact that, by looking at websites [like he is doing now], he camlet believe that it’s more expensive to fly to Perth than it is to fly to south east Asia.

Matilda tries to change the subject by competing on the “I’m proud of you” card that Tony gave her, but Ric responds back by saying that it’s not like Matilda has ever expressed any happiness towards his decision to do the bait shop thing. Ric isn’t that impressed when Matilda suggests that she happy for him now.


Rachel speaks to Dr Fagan about a serious problem that took place during an operation yesterday. It’s the same kind of op [a reverse vasectomy[ that Tony is booked in for. Fagan tells Rachel that it was just the incompetent local anethnetitist that cause the issue, and that there shouldn’t be any issue with Tony’s procedure.


Rachel tells Tony about her concerns, and about how there’s many other ways that they can start a family, but Tony doesn’t paper to be to swayed by any of Rachel’s arguments.


Aden packs his bags, and is about to bail when Larry sees him. Aden says stat he don’t know where he is going but he can’t stay here. Aden then emotionally “asks” his dad why he didn't stop his grandad form doing the thing he did to Aden. Larry ties to tell Aden that he is sorry for what happened, but that just makes Aden angrier, he insists that he NEVER wants to speak to/see Larry again. Aden storms out of the house.


On back patio, Ric is tinkering with the scooter when Matilda approaches. She wonders, since he has been talking about doing a small business course at TAFE than maybe he could do that in Perth, but Ric insist that he want to stay here.

Ric isn’t impressed when Matilda wonders if selling bait is all the he wants to do with his life, and Ric responds by saying that he’s not keen to hang around the stereotypical uni student. Matilda bails – and Ric looks as though he wished he’d not said what he had.


Aden thinks about phoning Belle – he even brings up her # on his mobile and all – but he decides not to call her.


In their room, Matilda & ric apologise for what they soda to each other, but since both are firmly set on what they want to do, Ric suggest that he doesn’t thinks that this can work – and that maybe they should go their separate ways.


Aden tells Belle that his dad has always been a drinker, and that on occasions Larry was down completely off the rails. Belle asks Aden about why he thought that Belle knew about his grandad She suggest that his grandad must have had a drinking problem too, but it’s all too much for Aden – so as soon as he sees [the also ion duty] Irene exit the kitchen, he tells Belle that he has to get back to work.


Matilda solos isn’t keen on Her & Ric doing anything as a copula [incl going away for a few day together] tween now & when she goes to Perth as all she’ll be thinking bout it that their’ ship has an expiry date looming large.

Ric is further shocked when Matilda tells him that, to back up the “clean brake” idea, that Matilda is going to move out [asn go back to the hunter house] !!!!!!


Rachel talks to Nurse Gloria bout a paitent before she sees Tony approaching. She tells him that she’s arranged an appointment with Dr Fagan to go through things througly with Tony, but Tony insist that he IS gong to have this operation – no matter the risks. Rachel is concerned but she is also kinda pleased about the whole thing.


In the bedroom, Matilda packs the last of her things, incl a framed pic of her & ric.

In the main room downstairs, Belle leaves a msg ion Aden’s phone – asking him to call her.

Matilda enters the room with her bags in hand. She tells Belle that she imagined that Ric would be here to say goodbye,

Just as Belle & Maddie are almost out the door, Ric enters the house bvais the back patio. He urges Matilda to say, but she says that she has to go. They do hug before Matilda & Belle bail.


Aden enters – its bout the close of business so there are no lights on etc.


Meanwhile, Larry has another drink.


To a soulful ballad called “love won’t wait” we see –

Aden trying to sleep [at the diner];

Belle, mobile in hand, thinking about calling Aden [near the surf club???];

Ric looking forlorn [on his bed at the Van park house]; and

Matilda waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay crying [just outside the front door of the hunter house]!!!



Looks like Martha’s ultrasound reveals something not good

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: yellow open shoes/grey [with asymmetric yellow & blue rectangles] thin strap dress – with a hot pink t-shirt beneath/black leggings


Matilda: orange thin strap top/brown [white floral] long skirt/opal necklace/white watch


Rachel: black v neck t/grey knee length skirt


Aden: black [black raised eagle like motif] t/dark long pants/wide white leather wrist band

Dr Fagan: maroon long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Irene: red blouse

Larry: blue-grey button up shirt/khaki long pants

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Ric: black [white “Harley Davison” logo & brown eagle crest] t/faded blue shorts

Tony: blue t/dark shorts

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