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Mon, 30 June 08 - Episode # 4671

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The World Is Your Oyster “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 30 June 08 - Episode # 4671]


Matilda is walking on the beach. She looks lie she’s deep in thought.


Ric talks to Miles about Matilda’s uni offer. He wonders why she has to take this now – as it’s only another ½ a year till she finishes her repeat yr and go apply to local universities. Mile tri top make Ric understand that Matilda has been working for a LONG time for this opportunity to come her way.

The phone rings – its Alf, who asks Ric to meet him at Noah’s a little later, as they are going to meet up with Morag to discuss the bait shop’s business plan.

Ric agrees to be at the meeting, but when he is off the phone, Ric tells Miles that he’s unsure if he should tell Alf about Matilda’s uni offer. Miles “suggest” that he should.


Aden & Larry enter, and Aden comments that dinner is on him.

As Aden goes into the kitchen to check the latest rosters, Larry thanks Belle for not saying anything about him drinking.

Aden sees them talking, and when he gets back to the table that he & Larry are at, he wonders why Belle & Larry looked so serious at they chatted. Belle tells Aden that they weer talking about the jewellery stirs hold up – as Ric is certainty afcetd by it.

When Belle has gone back into the kitchen [it’s her shift at the diner at the moment], Aden wonders further about his dad’s chat with Belle. Aden is surprised with Larry mentions that Belle came round to their place recently – this is the 1st that Aden had heard of it.

Larry, to get off topic or otherwise, Then tells Aden that he thnks Belle is a GREAT girl.


After Morag looks at the profit etc projection figure that Alf gave her for the bait shop, she suggests that they are a tad ambitious.

Both Alf & Morag notice that Ric isn’t exactly enthusiastically taking part on this meeting, and he tells them about Matilda’s WA uni offer – and how he is feeling about the sitatuoion.


Rachel has just taken some food out of the oven that she has cooked. Tony jokes that the hospital should be on full alert [as the recurring theme of how bad a cook Rachel is is bought up again].

Tony then surprised Rachel by suggesting that she should move into this house – since spends that night here often anyway. Rachel tells Tony that she will give it some thought.

Matilda enters, and has a worried look on her face. Ton & Rachel are both surprised that she IS so worried when she tells the the uni offer news, but when she tells them about the whole ‘ship stationing with her & Ric [incl the bait shop], Tony & Rachel “get” where Matilda is coming form.


Belle is in the kitchen and when Aden enters, he wonders why be has been avoiding him all night but, at the same time, keeping a close eye on the table that Aden & Larry are sitting at.

Aden comes to the conclusion that he thinks it’s because of how Belle wants to keep t6he ‘ship a secret [incl form his dad], Aden assure be that he won’t say a ting to his dad about Aden/Belle.

Aden exits the kitchen, leaving Belle with a worried look on her face.


Matilda talk to Tony & Rachel about aht happening. Matilda is especially worried because of the different vibe tween her & Ric right now.

Tony, with Rachel backing him up, focuses on the uni offer – saying how proud he is of Matilda AND how proud Beth would be of what Matilda has achieved.


Larry & Aden enter, and Aden tries to ascertain what’s going on – why Belle & Larry seem to be keeping something form him. Larry insist that its just Aden imaginary problems on a ‘ship that aren't there.

As Larry heads off to bed, Aden is still clearly looking for answers.


Matilda is in bed with Ric gets in the bad beside her. she tells him that she loves him, and form the way that Matilda is behaving, you get the feeling that she wants to “be with” with Ric tonight, but he insist that he is tired.


Next day, Aden is doing the old take out your aggression ion the punching bag thing when Nic enters. Aden tells Nicole that he’s soooo not in the mood to talk to her right now – and he tells her tho get lost.


On the front steps of the house, Tony gives Matilda a necklace that features one pearl. Tony tells Matilda that Beth intended on giving Matilda the necklace as a present for getting into university [the whole “the worlds your oyster” thing.

Tony tells Matilda that he’s not trying to sway her one way of the other [go to uni, or stay here with Ric] but he does tell her hat Beth looked fwd to her children living the kinds of life that she didn’t.


Ric enters and tells Alf that he 100% wasn’t into the bait shop paternership. They shake hands on the deal.

Nearby, Aden approaches Nicole and tries to apologise to her, but, in Nicole’s eyes, anything that Aden just said to her was ruined when Aden looked straight at Belle when she enters the room. Nicole [“slightly” in disgust] bails.


Matilda & Ric are on their bed. After Matilda & Ric tell each other that they are firm in what they want to do, both agree to that they’ll be able to have a long distance ‘ship.


Aden catches up to Belle. Aden tells Belle that the only reason why she could be acting thai way around his [and his dad] is because Larry must have told Belle about Aden’s granddad, but Belle makes it clear that she has no idea what Aden is talking about.


Belle & Aden is by the bar when Belle asks Aden about why he thinks that Larry told her about his grandfather. Belle also is keen to know just what it is that Aden is actually referring to, but Aden counters by wondering about the wired vibe tween Belle & Larry of late.

Belle tells Aden about how she found his dad drinking when she visited the house. Aden can’t believe what belle has just said. Before Aden storms out of the room, he tells Belle that she is as bad as his father [for keeping this info form him]!!!!!



Matilda wants to leave town, but Ric urges her to stay!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: red scoop top/aqua & maroon beaded necklace/black jeans


Matilda: white [pink floral] thin strap nightdress


Nicole: dark [predominantly yellow & blue peacock’s tail motifs] knee length dress


Aden: black t/dark long pants

Aden: dark blue singlet

Aden: red [white “Desala [something] Viva and arc like motif] t//light brown long pants

Alf: blue [dark blue check] button up shirt

Alf: white [red & blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle: green [red & yellow tropical motif on the front and “Bali” on the back] off the shoulder top/yellow bra

Belle: grey [with asymmetric yellow & blue rectangles] thin strap dress – with a hot pink t-shirt beneath

Larry: blue-grey button up shirt/khaki long pants

Matilda: orange thin strap top/brown [white jagged horizontal stripes around the knee] long skirt

Matilda: tan blouse/ Matilda: apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top/grey shorts

Miles: grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t

Morag: choc brown v neck elbow length sleeved top/bone long pants

Ric: black [white “Harley Davison” logo & brown eagle crest] t/faded blue shorts

Ric: red [white vertical stripes] shorts

Ric: white [red eagle] t/black shorts

Tony: black [with grey sides] SB gym t

Tony: blue t/dark shorts

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