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Fri, 27 June 08 - Episode # 4670

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ One Couple Are Finished, Another Are On REALLY Shaky Ground “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 27 June 08 - Episode # 4670]


Ric is really excitedly talking to both & Maddie about this whole bait shop idea, and Alf think that Maddie’s lack of enthusiasm about the situation is becaue Miles said that Kirsty could move into one of the vans – but she insists that it’s not that.


Irene & Annie try to convince Kirsty to stay here at the beach house, but she is keen to make a fresh sprat at the van park. Irene almost tripping over one of Ollie’s toys only cements things in Kirsty’s mind.

Maddie arrives at the back door, and asks Belle if they can talk.

Maddie & Belle goes into Belle’s room where Maddie tells her about the bait ship offer AND that someone has dropped out of the WA Uni law course, and they’ve offered Maddie a place there. Belle “suggests” to Maddie that she NEEDS to tell Ric what’s happened.


Ruby & Charlie enter, and Charlie sternly tells Ruby that she & pat can’t just sleep in his car, as its illegal.

Charlie then wonders about Pat getting a job in this town, since employment opportunities aren’t that good. She also wonders if Ruby REALLY sees Pat as the love of her life – Ruby looks quite ponderous when Charlie asks her that.


Next day, Kirsty is revering out of the car park when she almost crashes into the car on the road itself. Kirsty rushes out of her car and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay verbally abuses that other driver. It’s only After her attack that she sees that its Mr Bartlett has is the driver of the other car. Kirsty then apologises for the way that she spoke to him.


Ruby & Pat are siting at one of the tables. Ruby comments on how she prefers the SBH uniform [that she is currently wearing] to the uniform complete with blazer, at her old school.

Pat is looking at the job adverts in the paper – but the only jobs going are stacking shelfs at the local market. When Pat comments about needing references, Ruby says that she’ll be one of the 3 that he needs.

Kirsty & Bartlett enters and he wishes her all the best with her job hunt.

When Bartlett walks away, Irene cements to Kirsty that she can’t believe that Bartlett is being so nice to Kirsty. Irene suggests that if Bartlett is taking any medication [for this change]; she hopes he stays on that medication.

Ruby approaches Bartlett and wonders if she can get a lift with him on her 1st day – he declines her suggestion.


In the corridor, Maddie phones Ric – and leaves a msg for him to contact her.

Nearby, Bartlett approaches Ruby, and gives Ruby her timetable. He then asks the nearby Annie to sho Ruby around.

As Annie & Ruby walk doen the corridor, Annie is rather suprised that Pat not only doesn't go to school nut that he hasn’t got any family hear in the bay. Annie makes these comments after Ruby told her that Pat has come to the bay just to be with her.

Annie then gets all embarrassed when Ruby says that she & Pat were awake for most of last night. Annie even keeps the embarrassment looks when Ruby assures her that Ruby & Pat didn't sleep together last night – if that’s what Annie was thinking.


Ric tells Maddie that he’s been loking at business planning books, and is REALLY looking fwd to this business partnership with Alf.

When they are on the back patio, Maddie tells Ric about the offer that she’s got for the Uni in WA. She wants him to come with her [to the other side of Australia]].

It’s clear that Ric is not that keen on this idea, but Maddie urges him to think about it.


Alf is talking to Tony about the bait shop -0 and how exacted alf is about it, and the partnership with Ric.

The later enters as Alf is saying this, and it’s clear that Ric is now even MORE aware of how much this mensa to Alf.


Bartlett approaches Kirsty. She thinks that he is looking for Miles, but he is looking of her., indeed, he offers Kirsty the job of his secretary at SBH. She muchly tanks him for the offer, but she says that she can’t accept – because she has no way to arrange child care etc for Ollie.


Kirsty tells Irene & colleen about Bartlett’s job offer, and what she told him about Ollie.

Kirsty almost can’t believe in when colleen says that she will look after Ollie in school hours for her – with Madge Wilkins don so when Colleen can’t.

Irene ads that the job can’t be that hard – as the school is still standing after her stint as secretary in the past.

Kirsty thanks colleen for her offer – before she balks to speak to Barkeep about accepting the job.


Ruby & pat are talking along when pat asks Ruby about her 1st day of school she tells him that it’s going well.

Ruby is then shocked when Pat tells her that he is leaving the bay. He insists that he doesn’t think that they will work in the long run, and Ruby gets quite emotional when he tells her that he’s braking up with her because he thinks that she will ditch him in the long run.


Kirsty encounters a woman who is also going for the secretary's job. The other woman comments that she’s most recently been employed at a school in the city, so handling a school with a lot less students should be a breeze.

Bartlett approaches, and Kirsty [realising the serious competition that she has] tells Bartlett that she has changed her mind – she has sorted the OIlie situation and will ACCEPT the job.

Bartlett is pleaed, but the other applicant is SOOOO not impressed, and she kinda storms off.

Bartlett welcomes Kirsty aboard [as a member of staff].


Kirsty talk to Irene about what she has to do as secretary. After Irene give Kirsty a bit of a run down of what’s involved, Irene insists that Kirsty has an advantage over Irene – Kirsty knows her way around a computer., Irene realises [form look on Kirsty’s face] that she’s not so proficient with them, but Kirsty is pleased when Annie says that she can teach Kirsty. However, her spirits are send back down when Annie suggest it will take a few months to learn all the Annie know.


Ruby is already fighting back tears when she tells Pat that he was sooooooooooooo amazing the way that he was there for her when she REALLY needed him – after her mum died.

Pat tries to lessen Ruby’s pain, by suggesting that Ruby will easily forget about him, but their parting kiss [a full on pash] and Ruby waaaay crying after Pat has walked away, suggest that she will miss him more that he thinks that she will.


On the back patio, Ric suggest to maddie that is she finished her repat yr at school, there’ll be any number of universities nearby who will want her, but Maddie insist that she wants this NOW.

Ric tells Maddie that he just can’t let Alf down, as Alf is SOOO excited about this. Maddie has more the tad of disappointment in her voice when she says “but you CAN let me down?”

Soon after, Ric is in their bedoom when Maddie enters. He talks to her about how this [bait shop] is just the new start that he’s been looking for, but she suggests that WA is a prefect place for a new start.

When he suggests that he wishes that she would spt him of this, Maddie “looses it” – she tells Ric that it’s always about what he wants [form getting another girl preggers, to the whole fight club business].

Maddie then vehemently tells Ric that she IS going to Western Australia - with or without him!!!!



Sounds like Martha & the unborn bub are in waaaaaaaaaaaay medical danger

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Kirsty: black & red [black on the front, red on the back – with multi colour floral each side] low cut singlet top/black skirt


Ruby: silver upside down tiara necklace/white [black floral] thin strap top/red & blue horizontal stripes skirt


Matilda: tan blouse/ Matilda: apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top/grey shorts


Alf: white (with black, yellow & brown vertical stripes) button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: white [red & blue check] button up shirt

Annie: SBH uniform

Annie: white [various colour thin horizontal stripes] v neck t

Belle: dark blue & white check flannelette shirt/yellow top/denim knee length shorts/red watch

Charlie: bone jacket/choc brown long pants

Colleen: black [red floral] bloused/purple scarf

Irene: green leafy long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Irene: orange elbow length sleeve blouse/brown top/ white long pants

Kirsty: white [strawberry motifs] halter neck dress

Matilda: SBH uniform

Matilda: yellow wide strap top/denim short shorts/gold butterfly necklace/white watch

Mr Bartlett: black suit/light blue button up shirt/2 tone blue diag stripes tie

Oliver: brown [black “Jo’s Flight”] long sleeve top

Pat: bone button up shirt/dark long pants

Ric: grey t/dark long pants

Ric: white [red eagle] t/black shorts

Ruby: SBH uniform

Secretary Job Applicant: silver [brown collar] long sleeve blouse/black top

Tony: black & red horix striped polo shirt

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