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Thurs, 26 June 08 - Episode # 4669

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ A “Little Princess” Moment “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 26 June 08 - Episode # 4669]


Ric, Matilda, Alf & Miles are all in the longue room. Ric tells that that he is still way stressing out, so Alf suggest that Ric should go and lie down.

When ric is out of the room, Miles suggest that they should take Ric to a hospital, but Matilda sys at th ric wouldn’t be keen on that idea, so they agree to ask Rachel to come here and see Ric.


Kirsty is in the kitchen when Irene enter – the latter comments about how bad Annie’s snoring is [as Annie is “bunking” in with Irene because Kirsty & Ollie are sleep in Annie’s room]. Belle enters eh kitchen, and she isn’t that pleased when Irene suggest that Annie can sleep in Belle’s room tonight. Kirsty is also against the move, suggesting that Annie can move back into her own room [with Kirsty & Ollie in there too], but Irene isn’t listening to either of those suggesyuions. She insists that Annie is in with Belle tonight.


Rachel is talking to Ric in his & Matilda’s room. He tells her about how stressed he was when he saw someone in the shadows at the surf club [when he encountered Tony]. Rachel suggests that it’s not just this latest thing [the thing with Kane etc, and then Tony] that the whole problem, and that it’s a build up of things.

Rachel wonders if Ric did see a counsellor after the Kane incident – and isn’t surprised when Ric says that he didn’t. Rachel leaves the room.

Rachel then talks to Miles, Alf & Matilda in the min room of the house. She tells them that this is a build up of things [incl the whole fight club ting] that has contributed and thaye they have to convince him to take it easy.

When Rachel is gone, Matilda mentions that one of the main reasons Ric got the security job is to pay back Alf the money that Alf loaned him. Alf responds by stying that if he had known that it was stressing ric that much, he would have arranged something [to ease the stress].

Matilda goes uipstrs and speaks to Ric, who is lying on their bed. She assures him that they’ll make it through this togther. Matilda then hugs Ric.


Larry & Aden are in the kitchen. When Larry ask, Aden says that he has finished that assignment, as it was easier that he thought it would be [think Belle].

Larry wonder if Aden would like to have a great night in with him [watch DVDs etc] but Aden says that he has plans. Larry then kinda teases his about having a new love in her life.


Kirsty talk to Leah about how she wants to get a place of her own and get a hob.

Nearby, Belle is talking to Matilda about Aden, when Matilda realises that Kirsty is nearby and goes overt to Kirsty are verbally attacks her for the way that Kane’s actions have waaaaaaaaaaaaay affected Ric. Matilda bails, and Kirsty is quite stunned at what’s just occurred.


Alf & Miles is pleased when Uric tells him that Ric is going t0o have a break away form work, so he can de-stress.

Kirsty enters and apologises to Ric for what’s happening. Although Ric insist that it’s not all Kane’s fault, when Matilda enters the room, she “blasts” Kirsty once more. Kirsty bails – and Miles goes after her.


Miles catches up to Kirsty, and way assures her that Ric’s problems aren’t just about what Kane did to him.

Kirsty tells Miles about her situation – looking fof her own place and a job, and she is rather surprised when Miles won’t take no for an answer when he “:suggest” that she & Ollie can stay in one of the vans [incl rent free until she finds a job].

After Kirsty accepts Miles’ offer, he walks away, and then she has a flashback to when Kane rushed into the van after the jewellery store hold up.

Colleen interrupts Kirsty’s thoughts when she comments about how Kirsty has come home. Colleen adds that although Lance is far away for her, she knows that, like Kirsty, she’s never alone because she has such great friends etc here in the bay.


Aden is about t9 head off for school. He wonders if Larry would like to walk with him part of the way – for the exercise, but Larry suggest tat he’s not quite up to it yet.

Aden bails, and virtually straight way, Larry starts drinking.


Miles tells Alf about how Kirsty will be staying in one of the vans rent free. Alf wishes that they could think of a similar plan to get ric moving fwd in his life again.


Larry is drinking when Belle approach the front door. She can see [through the window] that he is drinking. Belle thks about walking away, but decides to speak to Larry about it.

When Belle is inside the house, Larry tells her that although he used to have a drinking problem, he doesn’t anymore. He adds that the only reason that he is drinking now is because he has run out of pills and is trying to ease the pain.

Belle suggests tat if that’s the case, Larry won’t mind it if she pours that rest of the content of the bottel of spirits that he had down the sink. When Belle does pour the alcohol down the kitchen sink, Ada looks very anxious – i.e. all the alcohol wasted. Belle then bails.

[note – when the whole alcohol down the sink moment was occurring, the look on Larry’s face reminded me of a scene in the film “a little princess”, i.e. after Sara had just bought herself a treat at the bakery, which was her 1st nice food in months, she saw a young girl even worse off than her nearby who was making the actions with her mouth of eating that nice tasty treat that Sara had].


Irene enters and K2 tells her about Miles’ offer. Kirsty also comments that must realise that this isn’t charity, it’s just a friend being nice to her etc.

Kirsty gets all teary eyed, and wishes that Kane was her with here. Irene hugs Kirsty.


Belle close the front gate and is about to walk away when Aden approaches. He tells her that he is looking fwd to tight, but she tells him that tonight is off [because Annie will be sleep in Belle’s room].

Aden is disappointed, but he understands.


On the back patio, Belle tells Matilda about her encounter with Larry. Matilda isn’t so sure if Belle’s plan - of staying out of this and NOT telling Aden – is a good one.

Soon after, Alf & ric are in the longue room. Alf tells Ric that he is going to buy the bait shop that is near the diner AND he’d liked Ric [when he’s fully up & about] to be his partner in the business. Ric sounds like he REALLY like the idea.

Miles & Matilda enter, and Miles hands Matilda a letter. She sees that it’s for that uni in Western Australia that she had the interview for recently. Because Matilda is districted by the envelope, when Miles tells her that Kirsty is moving into one of the vans, Matilda says that she is cool with that.

Matilda goes upstairs into her room. She opens the letter and the look of joy on her face tells you that she’s got IN to the uni.

Ric enters the room, and tells her about Alf’s bait shop partnership offer. Matilda tells ric that she is really pealed for him, but as they hug, Matilda has a worried look on her face.



Matilda vehemently tells Ric that she IS going to Perth with or without him !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Matilda: yellow wide strap top/denim short shorts/gold necklace/white watch


Rachel: black vest/red v neck top/black & gold beaded necklace


Kirsty: white [strawberry motifs] halter neck dress


Aden: red singlet/dark blue track pants

Aden: SBH Uniform

Alf: maroon dressing gown/dark blue [white vertical stripes] PJ shirt

Alf: white (with black, yellow & brown vertical stripes) button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle: dark blue & white check flannelette shirt/yellow top/denim knee length shorts/red watch

Belle: white singlet top/grey PJ long pants

Colleen: blue top/yellow [white floral] blouse

Irene: orange elbow length sleeve blouse/black top/ white long pants

Leah: red low cut singlet top

Larry: grey button up shirt/denim jeans

Matilda: apple green [with sky blue lining] v neck top/apple green [with darker green & blue spots] shorts

Miles: brown jacket/dark purple button up shirt/green t/white [blue check] long pants

Miles: white t/dark blue shorts

Ric: grey t/dark long pants

Ric: red [white vertical stripes] shorts/dark blue singlet

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