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Wed, 25 June 08 – Episode # 4668

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I’m The Stupid One “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 25 June 08 – Episode # 4668]


In the storeroom, and jack has a go at Martha for lying to her. She tries to tell him that she did this to spare him from any heartache if the kid is his after all. Jack bails in disgust.


Ric wonders why Maddie seem to be fussing over him more than normal tonight. She tells him that she is worried about how he is now doing nightshift. But he insists that it’s no different to a day shift.

Ric tells Maddie that he hopes that she isn’t up to long doing her assignment [that she lost some of when Jai & axel caused the comps to crash]. Maddies tells him that she’s only got a bit of the assignment to re do. Ric bails.


Aden is working on THAT assignment when he hears a knock on the door.

He is surprised that it’s Belle, who surprises him further when she gives him a printed copy of an updated version of her assignment for last year. Aden doesn’t exactly appreciate it – suggesting that she want to get him in trouble for plagiarism. She angrily tells him that she just wanted to say sorry for what she did eaqlir, but maybe Aden isn’t worth it.

As she bails, Larry calls out to Aden and Aden goes to see what he wants.


Martha is stressing about what’s happened and she is keen to find jack, but Rachel tells her that tony is out locking for him. She also tells Martha that stressing like this is not good for the bub.


Jack enters and he asks Colleen if roman is here. When she says that he is, Jack enters the kitchen and confronts Roman. Jack tells Roma that he thinks that he is using this news that the bub is a way to get back together with Martha, but Roman tries to assure jack that he is only interested as he doesn’t want to be removed from his child life like he was for much of Nic’s life.

Jack doesn’t accept that – and jack tries to punch Roman, but roman is able to prevent that from occurring. They do briefly physically clash, before Jack bails.


Martha enters, and Roman tells her that they need to speak quietly, as Nic [upstairs] has good ears.

After they fo into the kitchen, Roman tells Martha of his clash with jack. He also assures her that he’s not interted in getting back together with martha. She is worried about jack, but roman suggests that Martha should give Jack some time to cool down.


Ric & his new [male] work partner exit their car. The other guy doesn't help Ric when he comments that his dad was involved in a similar ting to what Ric whet through when Kane painted a gun at Ric.

Ric says that he doesn’t want to talk about it, and then they begin their round.

Ric sees someone in the shadows of the surf club. He is surprised that it’s tony, who wonders if Ric has seen Jack. Ric say that he hasn’t, but he will contact Tony if he does.

After tony has walked away, Ric’s work colleague approaches. He notices that Ric is shaken up – so he suggest that Ric should go home. The guy sassy that Ric won’t be docked any pay, so Ric bails.


Maddie is lying in bed, when Ric enters the room. He tells her that he was given an early mark from his job tonight. When he asks, Maddie tells Ric that she finished her assignment. Ric tells maddie that he is going to have a shower, so she should go to sleep. He exits the room, and Maddie repositions herself in bed.


It’s really late at night now, and tony sees Jack. After tony sits beside his son, jack tells tony that this would be like losing ANOTHER child [after Sam’s pregnancy, and Rory] – if roman is the father.

Tony tells jack that he thinks that Martha did something very similar to the way he handle things with Rachel recently, in trying to spear Jack any pain.

Jack is worried if the baby is roman’s whether he will fell the same way about the child, but tony tell jack that he thinks that jack will love the child as his own wevn if Roman is the dad.


Aden is having issue with THAT assignment – he’s constantly deleting bits of this new version of it from the laptop.

Aden hears his dad call out -= and when he foes into his dad’s room, Larry is out of the bed. He was trying to get his pills, but Aden insistnsthat Larry should have called him before he tried to get it. Aden also tells his dad that he’s not useless [after Larry suggested that he himself is].

Larry asked about that assignment, and Aden says that all is under control, but when Aden goes back into his room, he looks at the one the Belle handed to him.


Martha is pleased when Jack enters. She tells him that she apologises and that she is stupid [note – truer words have NEVER been spoken] she also wishes that something could be simple in her life for a change. jack agrees, and he also isn’t angry with her anymore.


Belle is in bed when Aden climbs through the window. She wants him to go but aden helps his own cause by way thinking belle for THAT assignment. Belle tells Aden that he can stay – but only dfofr an hour. He eagerly lies beside her on the bed.


As Maddie sleeps, Ric is restless. He has a flashback to the moment where Kane had a gun pouted at him. Back in the present, Ric is in bed an is way sweating.


Next morn, Belle & Aden wake [they are both in/on her bed] – and she comments on how he was only supposed to be here for an hour. Aden says that being here that long and not doing anything [to/with her] prove that he’s trustworthy.

Belle tells Aden that although they are good together she isn’t ready to tell ppl yet about them.

Aden wonders if he can come over tonight as well – and although belle suggest that he shouldn’t, she don’t exactly lay done the law about it,


JnM & roman talk about the baby and who’s the father. Martha is keen for them not to risk the bay, so she thinks that they should get the DNA tests after the child is born. Roman insists that if that’s the case, he wants to be it the unborn bub’s life until he knows for sure that he’s not the dad. All 3 agree to the post birth DNA plan.


Maddie awakes – and she noti8cves that Ric isn’t beside her. She gets out of bed, and goes downstairs.

She finds Ric on the back patio – he’s shvivering and shaking, and is clearly waaaaaaaaaaay affected by what Kane did.

Maddie does the only thing that she can think of the will immediately help – she hugs Ric.



Belle is getting closer to Aden, but then she sees his dad doing something that he shouldn’t be.

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Rachel: red low cut v neck, elbow length sleeves top


Matilda: apple green [blue lining] v neck singlet top/apple green [dark green dots] shorts


Colleen: black [green leafy motifs] blouse/black top/black [white floral] long skirt/purple scarf


Aden: black t/black long pants

Belle: white [red check and multicolour stars etc] mid thigh dress/red belt/black boots

Belle: white singlet top

Jack: black t/ denim jeans

Jack: white button up shirt/dark sleeveless jacket/grey long pants

Larry: white singlet/blue [white vertical stripes] shorts

Martha: light blue frilly long sleeve top/white singlet top/denim jeans

Martha: white [black floral] low cut v neck, long dress

Matilda: dark blue long sleeve scoop top/dark blue [light pink floral] shorts

Ric: dark blue singlet/red [white vertical stripes] shorts

Ric: white [black security lapels on each shoulder] button up shirt/black long pants

Ric’s new work colleague: white [black security lapels on each shoulder] button up shirt/black long pants

Roman: black t/denim jeans

Roman: grey t/dark shorts

Roman: olive green t/black [white “rip curl” logo] boardies

Tony: green t/dark button up shirt

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