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It is basically "On the run" rewritten and re-posted.

Story Title: Izzie

Story description: Just about the introduction of a new character and her interactions with people in the bay

Type of story: Short/Long (Not sure)

Main Characters: Izzie, Aden, Belle, Rachel, Roman and others

BTTB rating: T

Does story include spoilers: Possibly for none Aussie viewers

Is story being proof read: no

Any warnings: Language possible violence

Summary: Just following the introduction of a new character in the bay


Just so you know, Aden is Still living with Roman. He is on the beach because he just found out about his dad still drinking and is thinking. Thats why he was crying. He and belle are a couple

Chapter one

Her breath shortened as she ran at full speed down the beach. People flashed passed her, the sand flicking up as her feet slammed on the beach floor and her backpack bouncing up and down on her back. She was struggling to breathe but she told herself not to stop.

"Never stop, Never talk and never stay" She said to herself, but she was finding it too hard. She slowed down and looked behind her. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder and fell to the floor, landing on her arse. She looked up to see the face of a young teenager, 17 maybe eighteen. His eyes were red and his hair was a mess. She took a moment and studied his face. He had definatly been crying.

"Oi watch where you’re..." He started to say before noticing the blood on her torn dress and the pain and fear that filled her eyes. He extended his arm to help lift her up; she accepted it reluctantly and was pulled back to her feet. Grabbing her bag, she shouted a hasty thank you back towards the boy as she ran ahead. His mind full of concern and questions, the boy watched as she ran out to the distance, clutching her shoulder as she did so. He shook his head and gazed out towards the sea, his momentarily lost thoughts returned and he sighed.

Meanwhile, the girl struggled to continue running, her chest tightening and her muscles filled with pain. She needed to stop, now. Reluctantly she slowed and looked around for a hiding place. There were no alleys, secluded placed, only the beach, the sea and a few posh houses. The beach was two open, so she slowly approached the closest of the houses. She carefully moved around the edge and found a slightly opened window

"These people trust each other way too much" She said to herself as she opened the window slightly more and use her pain free arm to lift her small figure through. She slipped in a landed on the top of a kitchen side.

"God I'm knackered" she said breathing heavily and trying to concentrate on her surrounding, Things started to blur and her eyes wouldn’t do as she wanted. The world started to spin around and around. She closed her eyes tight and tried to steady her. Her hand slammed down on a cold surface as her knees weakened. Her breath became short as she lowered herself to the floor. All she wanted to do was block out the pain, the coldness, the hunger. She got her wish, her mind was filled with blackness and it all went away

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I really don't like the way the call ended up going, I might edit it later


The next thing she knew she felt was the shaking of her body and all she could hear was the a worried voice telling her to wake up. She reluctantly parted her eyes and was met by the face of the boy from the beach. His green eyes looking into hers as he weakened his grip from her arms. She forced herself to sit up and the a sudden urge to gag came over her throat. She started to cough as she tried to stop herself from being sick.

"Oh my god, are you ok" He said as he looked on. She looked up and managed to nod slightly before she could not longer stop herself. Vomit filled her throat and as released onto the tiles floor. He jumped back as the vomit landed in front of him barely missing his shoes. As the vomiting subsided, she breathed, took one final cough a relaxed her body. She flopped back and laid for a few seconds on the freezing cold floor as that terrible pungent smell filled her nose. He stood there shocked for a few moments before he grabbed his mobile and opened his contact list.

"What are you doing" she said as she lifted her head up

"Calling someone, anyone, you need help" He replied searching down the list

"I don't think so. I'm getting out of her. She lifted herself back up but as she got to her feet she realised how weak she was. Her knees could hardly hold her and her mind was going foggy again. His hand reached and held on to her, her eyes opened barely. He held on to her and slowly placed her back onto the floor.

"What’s your name" He said trying to get her to stay awake

"Izzie" She replied weakly

"I'm Aden. Try and stay awake... please" He pleaded but she had already become unconscious again. He carefully placed her head on the floor and grabbed his mobile back of the side. He slid it up and called 000. He told them where he was and the problem before returning to the limp girl on the floor. Just to be on the safe side he checked her pulse before deciding to give Roman a call to explain everything. He propped her head on his lap grabbed his mobile.

He opened his contacts and clicked call on romans number

"Hey Aden whats up" The voice on the other line replied

"Yeh, something Odds happened. I got home and there was a girl in the kitchen" Aden answered

"What!. Who is she, why was she there" Roman said in a worried tone

"I have no idea but she was unconscious and when she woke up she puked and then fainted again" Said Aden hurriedly and without taking a break. There was a pause on the other side of the phone before Roman replied

"Is she Ok"

"I dunno, I’ve called 999 and they are on their way. I'm gunna go with her, i just thought i would tell you what’s going on. Oh and could you tell Belle that i won; be coming over later? He asked

"Sure, call me if anything happens" he said before saying goodbye and hanging up. Aden closed his mobile and looked down at the girl again. Her face was pale, her breaths small, her lips cracked.

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