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Fri, 20 June 08 - Episode # 4665

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ So This Is What It Would be Like If Cassie & Charley Got Together “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 20 June 08 - Episode # 4665]

Note – Charlie Buckton is listed as main cast now on the end credits


JnM tell Colleen & Alf that Martha is pregnant. Both are surprised yet overjoyed. Colleen comments on how intriguing their situation is – JnM got married, divorced, are having a baby, then getting married again.

JnM tell colleen that she can’t tell anyone yet as they haven’t told Morag. Colleen is soooo chuffed that she knows this even before Morag does.


After Roman tells den that he thinks that he is doing the right thing [moving back home to help his dad], Aden thanks roman for all his help [letting him stay here etc].

Nic descends the stairs and Aden tells her that he is moving out. Nicole sarcastically tells him the have a nice life, before she wonders what is for breakfast.

When Nic is out of the room, Roman wonders what is going on tween them. Aden tri to tell roman that tings are good tween him and Nic, but then he concedes that things have gone a tad sour lately tween them.


Nic tells Geoff that Aden is moving out, before she asks him about melody. Geoff says that he’s not heard form her since their split. As Nic & Geoff continue their friendly chat, Annie enters the diner – she doesn’t look that impressed that Geoff is hanging out with Nic.


Charlie encounters roman as she exits the gym. She apologises for kissing but roman isn’t that stressed about it, indeed he suggests that they should go out for a drink. Charlie tells him that she’ll be busy for the next few days, as her sister is coming to the bay for a visit. Roman responds by something that he is kinda surprises that there’s a member of Charlie’s family that she likes. The pair then tentatively agrees to go out for that drink in a few days.


Colleen’s head is in the clouds as Ross tries to pay for his coffee. She keeps on saying that it’s wonderful, and she is about to tell roses about Martha’s news, when Alf interrupts.

After colleen walks way, Alf suggest that colleen is this way because of how the diner is moving into the room previously that was the Den.

Alf then wonders about how Ross is – and Ross sys that he is looking fwd to his daughter ruby coming to visit. When Alf comments that he doesn’t think the bay can handle both Buckton daughters, Ross assures Alf that Ruby is nothing like Charlie, as Ruby is quiet and not trouble whatsoever.


A previously unseen teen couple are French kissing like there’s no tomorrow [in the pool room]. Annie & Geoff enter the room, and Annie suggests that the couples display is disgusting. Geoff tells Annie to ignore them, but when Charlie [in uniform] approaches the kissing couple, Annie tells Geoff that this should be fun to watch.

When Charlie suggest that kissing like this is inappropriate, the girl turns around, and Charlie is SHOCKED that it’s her sister Ruby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Note: Ruby & Pat, the kissing couple, are played by Rebecca Breeds & Lachlan Buchanan, who are also currently on Australian screens in the teen series “Blue Water High”. In that series, Rebecca & Lachlan play characters called Cassie & Charley].


Aden &* Larry enter their house. Aden isn’t really surprised that the place is a mess – with beer bottles etc everywhere.

Aden then has an [audio only] flashback to the fight with his dad earlier this year – the one where Aden confronted his dad about doing nothing about his grandfather’s attacks.


Jack is in the kitchen, and he wonders to Martha [who is out of the room] ho long Colleen will be able to keep their secret.

Martha enters the room, and jack can see that she is distressed. Martha says that she is bleeding!!!!


JnM are walking down on of the corridors. Martha tells jack that she is very worried, and jack gives her a comforting hug.


Ruby & Charlie are siting side by side when Charlie wonders why she came to the bay with a “lowlife” like Pat. Charlie asks Ruby what Pat does for a living, but then we cut to Pat & Ross by the bar, and when Ross asks Pat the same question. He isn’t impressed when pat say that he is “the maintenance guy” at ruby’s school.

Back to Ruby & Charlie, and Charlie has a go at ruby fir falling for the someone when she’s so young, but ruby [upon seeing Charlie look at roman, whose just entered the room] verbally oatcakes her sitter for being in town for “5 minutes” and already having fallen for someone. Charlie insets that she’s much older so it’s different, but when Charlie says that Ruby shouldn’t be “sleeping” with anyone, ruby sys that although for wanted to sleep with Pat, he told her that he didn’t think that she is ready.

Pat & Ross [now that twelve got the dinks] come overt and sit with ruby, and pat tells ruby that he ^& ross have been getting to know each other.


Martha [in a white hospital gown] & jack are told by Rachel that Martha has spotting, which is a common thing for pregnant woman. Rachel says that she will, however, arrange for some test to be done.

After rach leaves the room, Martha admits to being pretty scared about what’s occurred. Jack hugs her.


Aden approaches the dor to the room in which his grandfather did those things to him. He works up to courage to open that door – with [audio only] flashback to THAT big confrontation with his dad].

Larry call out to Aden, and when Aden is beside his dad, Larry tells Aden that he’s been working all morning [the place looks much cleaner now] and that Aden should take a break.

Aden bails and his dad [with a walking stick] go over and grabs a bottle of spirits that was hidden. He unscrews that lid, but then his hand goes and shaky, and he slams the bottle down on the beach [resisting the temptation to drink it].


After Pat tells Ross & Charlie that he wouldn’t have guessed that ruby is a family of cops, they are concerned when pat says that he’s not known any police on a personal level before this prompts Charlie to wonder in what capacity that pat has encountered the police before.

Before he can answer, Ross wonders about how Ruby is going and school, and she says that she doesn’t know why he is wasting his money by send her to a private school, i.e. same strict rules and loser kids. Ross isn't pleased when pat says that he’s been keeping a close eye on Ruby.

After Charlie commets that she has to bail soon, Ruby & pat comment that they’ve got thins to do. Ross says that Ruby can stay with him at the sands resort, and he isn’t impressed when pat & ruby say that ruby is used to sleeping in Pat’s double swag [sleeping bag].

When ruby & pat have bailed, Charlie can’t believe it when Ross accuses her of being the cause of this mess [ruby/pat] but she vehemently put that blame firmly on his shoulders.


Geoff tells Nic about how Charlie busted her sister pashing in public, and Nic comments that Geoff wanted Ruby to get in trouble. Geoff says that kissing is a private ting, which Nic thinks is sweet.

Annie & then Aden enters. When Aden asks, Anni tells her that Bell won’t be working her until the diner is fully set up in the old Den room.

Annie suits with Geoff, and Nic goes over and speak to Aden, who has a go at her for her “chat” with Belle recently. Aden tells Nic once more to stay out of his life.


Charlie is walking along when Roman approaches her. She says that she can’t deal with him right now because of what’s happened with Ruby & Ross. She also can’t believe that Roman continues to be soooo mice to her [even after she surprise kissed him]. Charlie ads that she has to cover for jack at work because he took Martha to the hospital. With that, roman tells Charlie that he has to be somewhere.


After rach tells JnM that there are some forms to sign, Rachel & jack exit the room, and moments after they do, roman enters. Martha can't believe that he is here, as roman said that he wouldn’t be involved, but roman insists that he just HAVE to know if he is the father.


In the pool room, Ruby & Pat are pashing when Geoff & Nic enters the room. Nic says that she will sort them out, but when she confronts Ruby, the latter suggest that Nic is jealous because her b/f won’t do the same ting with her. Nic points put the Geoff isn’t his b/f, which Ruby says if a GOOD ting, as Geoff is SOOOOOOO out of Nic’s league.

As Nic & Geoff go into Noah’s. Geoff comments about how Nic was unsuccessful in “sorting out” Ruby & Pat.

Back in the pool room, Ruby kisses Pat, but he pulls back and suggests that she is just using him becasue of the reactions that they are getting form her dad. Ruby assures pat that she TRULY love him.

They kiss once more, just as Ross & Charlie enter the room. Ruby tells them that she has an announcement that she couldn’t tell them on the phone. Ross & Charlie are worried, and they aren’t impressed when Ruby says that she has left school!!!!!!!


Aden enters an finds his dad on the floor near the kitchen bench. Larry ayes that he was trying to help clean up, and with Aden hugging him, Larry say that he is muchly sorry for all that’s occurred.


After Martha agrees to roman’s request that they should get those DNA test done, rach & jack re-enter the room. Roman says that he was at the hospital to visit Larry – as he didn’t know that he had been discharged.

After roman & Rach leave the room, Jack tells Martha the is muchly looking fwd to their arrival of their baby, abut as jack hugs Martha, we can see that she looks VERY worried about the results of the DNA tests !!!!



Will JnM break up AGAIN!!!! ..... if Roman is the father of Martha’s bub ???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: black short sleeve [faint white check] jacket/grey top/dark knee light skirt/black leggings/white open shoes/wide silver bracelet


Nicole: brown & blue [white curvy vertical stripes] long dress


Charlie: red [white trim] sports singlet top/black [2 red vertical stripes] track pants


Aden: black t/denim jeans

Alf: blue & red check (think the SBH uniform) button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: SBH Uniform

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt /dark blue long pants

Colleen: 2 tone purple blouse

Geoff: SBH Uniform

Geoff: faded black t/dark green [white check] shorts

Jack: white long sleeve top/blue t

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt /dark blue long pants

Larry: light brown [dark brown check] button up shirt/grey long pants

Martha: dark grey singlet top/dark long pants

Nicole: SBH Uniform

Pat: khaki button up shirt/blue t

Rachel: black top/black beaded necklace/dark long pants

Roman: grey t/dark long pants

Ross: bone long sleeve button up shirt

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