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Thurs, 19 June 08 - Episode # 4664

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Maternal Bonding “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 19 June 08 - Episode # 4664]

Note – due to various circumstances, this ep guide is less detailed than usual.

Maddie [vph] is tutoring Jai when she is surprised that he knows the name of the perfume that she is wearing. The two had an awkward moment when they both go to grab a pen at dame time – they interlock hands. Both quickly pull their hand away, and jai bails.

Miles enters the room, and Maddie comments that she thinks tat jai has a crush on her.

Soon after, miles talk to Jai about how Maddie is in a ‘ship with ric etc and how jai agreed to cut back on the tutoring. Jai is all “can I go now” and he bails.

Later, Jai tell Maddie that he doesn’t need any ore uttering, but instead, soon after, Jai is in maddie’s room. He picks up the bottle of perfumes AND he smells some of her clothes hanging in the wardrobe. Ric catches him and is NOT impressed. Miles & Maddie enters that room, and ric isn’t exactly impressed that Maddie has some inkling that Jai is interested in her.

Miles finds Jai at the diner. Jai tell miles that Maddie, with her perfume etc, reminds jai of his MUM … and how much he REALLLYT mises her.

At Roman’s place, Nic & Aden have a verbal clash – which is started by roman telling Nic & Aden about the new diner plans.

Aden goes to the hospital, where his dad is pleased to see hum. A nurse called Sue comment that Larry is always talcum about Aden.

Aden then speaks to rach, who tells him that Larry can go home soon, but he needs a fair bit of care. Aden comments about how all their family & friends have gone by the wayside, and Rachel comments that the compensation money won’t be that great because Larry had been drinking.

Aden [romans] kinda angrily tells that he is annoyed tahty he always has to pick up the pieces after his dad.

Belle enters Noah’s and Nic has a go at her – Nic sees that she saw belle & Aden in the beach and the belle doesn’t deserve Aden.

Soon after, belle goes to9 roman’s and has a go at Aden for telling Nic about t6hem. Belle insists that the few kisses they’ve had don’t mean that they are together.

Aden goes to the hospital, and tells his dad that he is going t9 movie back home & take care of Larry.

Charlie gets many ppl off side. She:

1. has a go at Jack because of his vague police reports;

2. won’t take bribes [a coffee “on the house” at diner] from colleen;

3. accuses Alf of selling alcohol to minors [Nic, whose drinking a mock tail] at Noah’s;

4. is totally hung ho when dealing with Jimmy [the psyche patient that Ric calmed done recently at the hospital;] – even when Jack has got jimmy to put down the broken bottle that he is threatening to hurt some teens with, Charlie manhandles jimmy as she ‘cuffs him.

5. has a go at Rachel at the hospital for letting someone like Jimmy back into society;

6. offends Roman, Martha & Alf with various comments [she’s off duty now, btw] at Noah’s.

Throughout they day, jack keeps on suggesting to her that she has to ;earn that this is a small town, and that Charlie has to get along with ppl ion the town.

In the end, charlie comments to Roman [at night near the pier diner] that maybe cops being fast tracked isn’t the best of ideas after all – as a bit more [of her own] experience would have helped her today. Roman & Charlie then KISS ….. but she pulls back, and runs off



Will the father of Martha’s baby be revealed?

[ note – I was hoping for the preview to be about someone MUCH more important than JnM]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: silver shimmery singlet top/dark long pants


Matilda: red kinda low cut spaghetti strap knee length dress


Martha: dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirtdress


Aden: grey [orange & yellow “Z”] t-shirt/dark long pants

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Belle: black jacket/white [multicolour check] wide strap knee length dress

Charlie: Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt /dark blue long pants – with dark blue cap attached at the waist

Colleen: red rose motifs blouse/blue top

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt /dark blue long pants

Jai: dark grey [black check t/grey scarf/dark long pants

Jimmy: grey t/olive green long pants

Miles: dark blue button up shirt/blue & white horiz stripes [black tropical motifs] t/faded denim jeans

Nicole: white thin strap [large red flower] dress

Nurse Sue: blue [white collar] t

Rachel: red [yellow leaves] scoop top/grey knee length skirt – with a black belt

Ric: white [black security lapels on each shoulder] button up shirt//black long pants

Roman: dark blue t//dark long pants

Roman: white chef’s jacket

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