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Wed, 18 June 08 – Episode # 4663

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Break Up Central “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 18 June 08 – Episode # 4663]

Note – i missed the 1st minute or 2 of this ep [road traffic issues etc]


Geoff & Melody are in the pool room and Geoff is way pleased that he & melody can hang out like this now [without the police being able to charge Geoff],

The mood is bought down went Axel walks by [into Noah’s]. Melody comments that she can’t believe that he only got 100 hours of community service for what he did to her.

Geoff invites Melody over for dinner, but she says that she has to get home now, but she will call him later. Melody bails.


Kane emotionally tells Irene that he thinks that Kirsty & Ollie deserve a much better life that just hanging around waiting for him to get out of jail. Irene insists that Kane has to tell Kirsty in person what he’s just told Irene.


Belle is lying on the beach, when Aden approaches and sits next to her. Aden suggest to Belle that she should stop playing hard to get, whilst he admits that his “sweet lips” line earlier [i’m guessing that I missed that scene] wasn’t that great.

Aden suggests that Belle should go into the water with him and she agrees. As they play at the waters’; edge, Nicole walks by - she doesn’t like what she sees.


Geoff & Annie is discussing what he should make for when Melody comes over, but the dishes they’re talking about are rather grand, Iren suggests that they should go for something more simple, like a roast.

Iren tells Kirsty about what Kane said. Kirsty insists that she will be able to convince Kane to change his mind.


Belle is in the kitchen when Nic enters. She has a go at Belle for hanging out with Aden when he should have been visiting his dad. Nic bails, and Belle is kinda amazed that Nic launched this quick shrike against her &^ then bailed.


Leah tells Roman & Iren that the Den is in big money trouble and that she thinks it’s a failure AND the she is going to close the place down!!!


Kirsty tire to convince Kane that she’ll be with him every step of the way [move to a place near the jail etc], but kane tells Kirsty that he wants her to forget him & move in with her life. Kirsty can’t believe it when Kane removes his wedding ring and gives it to Kirsty. She TOTALLY inn tears as he walks out of the room.


Roman & partic Irene try to convince Leah that the Den isn’t a failure and that Dan would be very proud if her, but as Iren & Leah hug, Roman has a very thoughtful look on his face.


Belle is on her bed when Aden enters the room via the window. Belle comments about Nic’s outburst eelier. Belle suggests that Aden should go & see his dad, but Aden isn’t keen on giving his dad another chance.

Aden [outside the room] calls out to bell – that diner is rady. Belle & Aden both go to the bedroom door just in case Annie tries to enter.

After Belle tells Annie that she will be out soon, Belle & Aden kiss, before Belle suggesters to Aden that he should bail. As Aden is heading out the window, belle suggests that Aden should go and see his dad.


Iren & Roman talk in the kitchen about Leah’s sittauition. Roman says that he might have a solution to Leah’s problems.

Roman & Irene go out into the main area, where they tells Leah that they with solve her issues by moving the diner into this room – as it has more floor/table space here. It also means that Belle stays on as an employee and that Leah can stay on as a partner in the business. All 3 are VERY pleased with the new plan.


Melody & belle tells Geoff & Annie that the meal they’ve just had was great. Geoff is rather surprised when an emotional Melody says that she was to bail, which she does.


Melody is sitting down when Geoff approaches her. He sits with her and says that he’ll do anything [not put any pressure on her] as long as she says that she isn’t breaking up with him. Melody insists that she need to break up with Geoff, as she needs to be by herself at this time in her life.


An emotional Kirsty tells Iren that Kane doesn’t want her to write to him and even send him photos of Ollie whilst he is in jail. Irene suggest that Kane just wants Kirsty to have a normal life, but Kirsty tells Irene that she can’t imagine life without Kane, and she hopes that this ISNLT the end for them.


Next day, Nic is in the kitten when Aden enters. She tells him that she visited his dad and gave him some flowers. Aden isn’t pleased with that at all, and also realises that Nic is jealous of him & belle. Nic’s had enough of this – so she bails.


Geoff is throwing little rocks on the water when Nic approaches. They tell each other what's happened with Melody & Aden. They both agree to walk together and talk some more about this.

Nearby, unknown to Nic & Geoff, is Melody. She sees them - maybe for one last time – beefer she walks away.


Belle is lying in her bed, with Aden beside her. They kiss, whilst as a counterpoint to that, we see Kirsty [main room of beach house] in tears, and Kane being led out of the jail close to the bay – to another prison far from Kirsty.



Charlie is rubbing everyone the wrong way, but will Roman be able to get through to her?

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Melody: aqua thin strap top/white knee length skirt


Annie: blue wide strap dress – with baby pink t beneath


Leah: red singlet top/tan knee length skirt


Aden: grey [orange & yellow unknown motif] t

Aden: red singlet/blue track pants

Aden: faded black singlet/white [red & blue wide diag stripes] boardies

Axel: red [white “seek, ride, Norton”] t

Belle: grey & black bikini

Belle: white [black diag stripes] shirtdress/green belt

Belle: black singlet top

Geoff: white [black unknown logo] t/dark blue [white check] shorts

Geoff: yellow [dark blue tropic] t/dark long pants

Irene: brown floral v neck top – with black top neath/dark long pants

Kane: dark green t/dark shorts

Kirsty: white thin strap top/black [white floral?] long skirt

Melody: peach top

Nicole: black [gold floral”] asymmetric top/black shorts

Nicole: white [large red flower motif] wide strap, mid thigh dress

Roman: white chef’s jacket

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