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Tues, 17 June 08 - Episode # 4662

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Liking The Teacher More Than The Subject “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 17 June 08 - Episode # 4662]


In the kitchen, Miles tells Matilda about his chat with Leah – he’s glad they’ve reached an understanding now. Miles also tells Miles that he’s almost glad that Leah knocked him back as, besides his ‘ship with jazz, he’s been out of the dating scene for a while.

Talk turns to Jai, and Matilda says that she’s finding it [the tutoring] to be a good way of getting to know Jai.

Unbeknownst to Matilda & Miles, Jai [at the foot of the stirs] has heard part of their chat, and is making sure he looks good [in the mirror] for his next tutoring sessions.


Kane is in a small room when Kirsty, Ollie & Morag enter. Kirsty pleads for Kane to change his mind, but he insists that he went with Morag’s judgement 3 yrs ago and that didn’t exaltedly work out.

Morag tells Kane that she think that the prosecution is just offering this deal as a way of getting even more convictions against Kane, but the look on Kane’s face says that he’s not changing his mind.


Ric enters the main room, and Miles is quite surprised that ric has his security uniform on. Ric says tat he’s been offered some extra shifts and he’d rather be at work than moping about.

On the back patio, Matilda is tutoring Jai, and his comets that she makes the school work seem so easy. Ric comes onto the patio, and Jai goes back inside. Matilda, like miles is a tad surprised that ric is going to work. He does, however, agree to grab a juice with her before he is off to work.


Kane’s hearing [in the court room] begins, and Kane tells that judge that he pleads guilty.

Morag is the 1st of the lawyers the state thri case, as Morag tells the judge that she has numerous character witnesses/statements for Kane. Morag that calls her 1st witness, Kirsty, to the stand.


Matilda & Ric enters as Ric gets annoyed when an unknown male teen bumps into them. Matilda apologises to the guy, and when they are in Noah’s, Matilda suggests tho ric that he rally should get some more sleep [and not be so snappy with ppl].


With Irene & Ollie in the court room, along with the lawyers, Kane etc, Kirsty give a tear filled testimony about how Kane would do anything for not only her & Ollie but completer strangers. It was a nice touch that she said that he would go into a burning building to save someone – as that’s what he did for Noah & max when the DIC burned down after a few yrs ago.

Also, I love how Ollie was imitating his mum, i.e. as she wiped tears form her eyes, he mimics those hand actions.


Jai is lying on the couch listening to classical music [rather loudly] A shirtless Ric charges into the room and has a go at Jai for doing this when Ric was trying to sleep. Jai initis that he didn’t know that ric was even home, but ric soooo doesn’t want to listen to anything Jai has to say.


Ian Muir, the prosecutor states his case. He eps highlights that in his opinion, an innocent man doesn’t run away form a conviction. Kane, Morag & even the judge doesn’t like it when Muir beings up the subject of the charges that were made against Kane involving Dani. Indeed, the judge instructs that those comments will be disregarded and be stricken form t record.


Leah & Jai are talking about the Den’s finances. Miles suggest the rather cutting costs, that she be speniodng money on advertising etc, but Leah isn’t so keen on the idea. Nor if she that much of a fan of asking Roman & Irene for a loan until te insurance money form the old diner comes through.

After Leah walks away, Miles approaches the nearby Jai. Miles sees that Jai got an A+ for an assignment on Egyptian Mummies, but Jai “suggest” that the work is private and miles shouldn't be looked at it.


The male Judge tells the court that although the charsacer witnesses etc for Kane are VERY good, he can’t get past the idea of a running being not the thing that an innocent man would do. He sentences Kane to 9 years in jail, with a 5 yr non parole period. Kirsty, Mop & Irene are devastated, but Kane is rather nonchalant about it.

Soon after, in the small room hat they were in the 1st court house scene in this ep, Morag & Kirsty urge Kane that they can appeal this decision, But Kane is merely interested in spending a few manures right now with Kirsty & Ollie, so Morag & Irene leave the room.


Matilda is typing away at a lap top with Ric enters the room and suggests that they should go out and watch the sunset. Matilda insists tay she’s got way too much schoolwork for that.

Miles & Alf enters the room, as Ric bails. Miles asks Matilda what she’s been tutoring Jai on. Matilda tells hios that they’ve been doing stuff about Egypt & the mummies.

Maddie leaves the room and Miles comments to Alf about how Jai is getting Maddie to tuttor him inn subjects he knows VERY well. Alf realises that Miles is inferring tat Jai has feelings for Matilda, but he insist that Jai knows about Matilda/Ric.


Kirsty urges Kane to reconsider, but he insist that Kirsty & Ollie deserves so much more that he has to offer than. He also tells Kirsty that he doesn’t want Ollie to see him like this [a convinced man]. An unknown policeman urges Kirsty that their time is up, but Kirsty urges for a short time longer. KK then waaaaaaaaaay hug & kiss, and Kane hugs etc Ollie, before Kirsty takes Ollie out of the room.


Next day, Matilda, Jai, Miles & Alf are having breakfast, and for one reason or another, Ric snaps at ALL of them. Jai, Matilda & Alf bails, before Ric realises that Matilda has made him an awesome breakfast.


Miles approach Jai, who tells miles that he loves how quiet this place is. Miles “suggest” that Jai should give Matilda & Ric a bit of apace.


Ric enters the main room, and Matilda urges him to give Jai chance [and not “jump down his throat” all the time. Ric suggest that maybe he does need counselling like Rachel suggested. Ric wonders if Matilda can forgive him – she responds by hugging him.


Morag enters and tells Kirsty that she has some bad new. Kane is not6 only NOT appealing te guilty verdict, but, much MUCH worse, he NEVER wants to see Kirsrty again – Kane wants Kirsty to get on wit her life.


Kane sits in his cell. He is silent, and looks a tad anguished.



Kane asks Kirsty to break up with him, but will she do it???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Matilda: white [blue bird motifs, and baby pink trim] wide strap v neck top


Kirsty: cream [black floral motifs] sleeveless blouse/blue v neck top/blue [with yellow & red patches] long skirt


Leah: yellow wide strap top/grey long pants


Alf: light blue [dark blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Judge [Kane's court case]: dark suit/white button up shirt

Ian Muir: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark tie

Irene: red v neck elbow length top – with black top beneath/dark long pants

Irene: brown floral v neck top/dark long pants

Jai: multicolour v neck t – with aqua t beneath/dark long pants

Jai: pink & white horizontal stripes v neck t shirt – with red t shirt beneath/grey shorts

Kane: dark green prison t shirt

Kane: light blue [dark blue check] button up shirt/dark grey suit

Kirsty: white thing strap top/black [white floral?] long skirt

Matilda: cream [blue tropical motifs] wide strap top/dark shorts

Miles: brown button up shirt/re t/denim jeans/yellow belt

Miles: white button up shirt/brown t

Morag: dark suit/tan top

Morag: dark suit/white blouse

Oliver: light blue long sleeve top/dark long pants

Ric: black [white crest?] t/grey shorts

Ric: white [black security lapels on each shoulder] button up shirt/ black jacket/black long pants

Ric: plum [yellow “ed hardy” logo & black top hatted skull motif] t/yellow [dark tropic themed] board shorts

Ric: white [red & blue horizontal stripes and black “78” on chest] polo shirt

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