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These are three fanfictions I am going to write, I can't decide on which should be first priority so I need your help, take a vote and as soon as I get 15 total votes, I'll post the first chapter of the story, here are the choices:


Matilda has a horrific and realistic nightmare of which she dreams that Ric gets badly hurt and placed in hospital after being hit by a car after she turned her back on him after an argument. She then awakes in a panic and attempts to ring Ric, she is then told to go to the hospital as that is where he will be found.


Geoff&Melody and Aden&Belle were walking down the beach, going towards each other without knowing when they meet and things turn rough. As the girls stand back and watch, the boys battle, over nothing of course, but just enjoying the feeling of fighting. How will is result and are they putting their girlfriends in danger as they battle it out?


When Ryan comes down for the summer, him and VJ are always stuck at the Den are are downright sick of it, so they rebel. VJ takes the keys from his mom when she isnt looking and hands them to Ryan. That night, they sneak out and break in, destroying everything in the Diner and Den.

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