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Mon, 16 June 08 - Episode # 4661

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Things You SHOULDN’T Do By Answering Machine “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 16 June 08 - Episode # 4661]


On the front patio Rachel; can’t believe that Tony wants to break off their ;ship, but he insist stat whilst she may love Tony now, Rachel should thinks about the future, ie Tony doesn’t want Rachel t resent him in 10 yrs if she’s still not a mum. Tony urges Rachel the give this some serious thought.


Morag tells Irene & Kirsty that she is going to fight both Kane’s original charge [form 3 yrs ago] which should mean, if she’s successful, that the charges Irene & Kirsty will be dropped.

As Morag bails, Miles enters. He’s bought over some things that KK left in the van because of their hasty departure. Kirsty officially introduces herself, and Oliver is VERY pleased with the toy lion that Miles bought over for him.


Rachel talks to Leah about what’s Tony said to her/ Rachel’s in a quandary, but she does admit to Leah that she is worried that part of her believes that what Tony said is right [maybe she will resent him in the future].


On back patio, Kirsty talks to miles about how she is annoyed that Irene is in trouble because of KK. Miles assures Kirsty that Irene definitely knew what she was getting into when she helped them. Kirsty tells Miles that, after comments like that, she can see a lot of Sally in him, but Miles insist that Sally is WAAY more together than he is. Kirsty suggest that Miles' modesty is another trait that he has in common with Sally.

Ollie & Irene come onto the back patio. Irene comments tight Ollie can’t sleep, and Miles [after pulling a coin out of Ollie’s ear, the whole magic trick thing] that the coin is why he can’t sleep.


Next day, Miles does some mire coin tricks for Ollie, with Kirsty close by.

Colleen approaches and voices her opinion to Kirsty about how wrong it is that Irene is in trouble, but Kirsty “bite her tongue”.

Kirsty goes into the ketch, and she apologises for Kane stealing Leah’s money, and the other things that Kane has done [Ada in hospital]. Leah kinda forgives Kirsty, but Kirsty then doesn’t help her own cause by commenting how friendly etc that Miles is.

Soon after, Miles is doing different coin tricks now for both Ollie * VJ, with Kristy once more seated near him.

Leah approaches and tells VHJ that he just can’t wonder off like that [and annoys Miles]. Leah leads VJ through the kitchen door.


Leah tell VJ top say in the Dan, but he responds by stying that he can’t help it if she is grumpy all the time.

Miles approaches and he & Leah go into the kitchen. When Miles wonders if Leah is behaving the way she is because Miles is hanging out with Kristy & Ollie, Leah snaps at Miles. She insists that she’s got a LOT more problems that Miles, esp. the fact that the Den is loosing oodles of oodles of money and she fears that she may have to close it down soon if thing don't improve. Miles decides that he can’t deal with Leah when she’s like this. He goes out to kitchen door [into the diner], whilst Leah looks like she regrets that she snapped at Miles.


Kane & Morag are siting opposite each tother at a table. Morag tells Kane that he should plead not guilty to the original charghe against him, and if that goes their way, there’s mitigating circumstances for the crimes that he committed since.

The public prosecutor, Ian Muir, approaches, and suggests that he has a deal for kane. Kane says that he is interested, despite Morag suggesting that he shouldn’t talk to Muir.


Rachel Is totally in totally. Nearby [out of Rachel’s sight] Tony sees her. He gets his mobile and out his pocket as he walks away.


Miles approaches Leah and sys that one of the van park customers would like Leah to bake them some cakes for a party, but Leah insists that all the cakes in the world won’t save the den at the monet.

Miles wonders if they can talk elsewhere – and Leah agrees.


Leah & miles are siting on a beach, when miles brings up the “moment” [holding hands] that they had recently. Leah is pleased when he says that he isn’t looking to really push things fwd [‘ship wise] tween them. Miles wonders what Leah is thinking, But she insists that all her bthough5ts are consumed by the Den. She then runs off.


Rachel enters, and listens to an answering machine msg. She can’t believe it when she hears Tony say that he saw her earlier and he’s making the decison for the nm now – he’s calling OFF the wedding!!!!!!!


Rachel enters, and well & truly tells Tony that she can’t believe that he broke off their wedding that way. Rachel insist tat she has REALLY REALLY thought about this and she knows that she loved Tony enough top deal with anything [even no kids] that the future has in store for them. Tony & Rachel; waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hug.


On the back patio, Leah tells Miles that their moment DID freak her out, and she is scared that she has feeling for miles SOOOOO close after Dan's death. Leach insists that because she is punishing herself like this, She knows that she is NOT reday to be in a ‘shoip with Miles. She wonders if the can still be friends 0- which Miles agrees to.


Ian Muir tells Kane & Morag that Irene & Kristy won’t be charged if Kane pleads guilty. Morag can’t believe that Muir has suggested such and offer, but he insists that Kane should think about it.

Soon after, Morag is shocked when Kane tells her that he had contacted Ian moiré – to tell him that Kan accepted his offer.


Morag [with Irene & Ollie also in the room] tells Kristy what Kane has agreed to. Kirsty is distraught.



Will Kane be found Kane guilty???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: blue wide strap [lace trimmed] top/black long skirt


Leah: purple [with silver wide horizontal stripe across bust] wide collar top/dark long pants


Kirsty: white [wide collar, Red floral lining] top/black & white check knee length skirt


Colleen: cream (pink floral motifs) blouse

Ian Muir: dark suit/white button up shirt/yellow tie

Irene: aqua long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Irene: olive green long sleeve blouse

Kane: dark green prison t shirt

Kirsty: black [off white floral] top/red knee length skirt

Leah: red wide strap top/black knee length skirt

Miles: dark purple button up shirt/green t/brown long pants

Miles: white [multicolour pattern – like an abstract painting] button up shirt/beige t shirt/brown long pants

Morag: black v neck top/mustard jacket

Morag”: dark suit

Oliver blue long sleeve top

Oliver blue long sleeve top/dark blue [grey unknown motifs] PJ long pants

Oliver: brown [white unknown motif] t

Oliver: dark blue long sleeve top/grey shorts

Rachel waaaaay low cut v neck top - with black top neath/black long pant

Rachel”: black polo shirt/dark blue long pants

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

Tony: brown [unknown white logo] t

Tony: red [unknown black logo] t/faded black shorts

VJ: red & white horizontal striped [black kinda tropic motif] t

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