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Fri, 13 June 08 - Episode # 4660

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Melody – And How Her Life Will NEVER Be The Same Again “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 13 June 08 - Episode # 4660]

Note 1 – I missed the 1st 5 or so mins of this ep, due to road traffic congestion etc.

Note 2 – thankfully, the scenes I DID see had several insights onto what I missed.

Note 3 – when I arrive home, it was just at the end of an SBH scene featuring Jai & Annie. It looked/sounded like they’d not gone so well in class today.


Charlie talks to Colleen – she comments on how she likes most of the ppl that she has met in the bay. As Charlie says that, she looks at the nearby Roman, and it’s clear that he’s one of the ppl that she doesn’t like.

Roman approaches Charlie, and “suggest” that he shouldn’t be so hard as Morag – Roman even refers to Morag as part of his family [well, I guess they are now living ion the same house etc]. Charlie tells Colleen that she’d now like her coffee in a takeaway cup, as Roman is muchlyt bugging her.

[Note – since we’ve not seen, before this ep, a clash tween Roman & Charlie, I’m guessing that there was a clash tween them in the scenes that I missed at the start of this ep].


The bell goes and as the students bail from class, Miles tells Jai & Annie that he wants to talk to them.

He is worried that they BOTH got F’s for the tast that they’ve just done. Annie tells him that she did the best that she could – and will endeavour to do better, and red more, in future.

Jai goes to leave the room with Annie, but Miles tells him to stay. Jai insists that he will do better next time, but Miles says that it’s not that simple. He suggests that jai should be tutored, to catch up with the others because of all the different schools that he’s been to lately. Jai seems annoyed that Annie seemed to get off lightly, but miles insists tat he knows [schoolwork wise] Annie is.

Jai is pleased when he is able to leave the room, whilst Miles is a tad frustrated that things still are icy tween them.


Melody tells Geoff that she is VERY annoyed that the police won’t be doing anything about what Axel did to her. Melody emotionally tells Geoff that she totally feels helpless. He gives her a comforting hug.

Soon after, Jai is at the computers when Annie approaches. She wonders if she could perhaps tutor him. Jai tells Annie that that’s a bad idea, since she did just as badly on the test, because Annie counters that by seeing that she only wnet6 that badly as she was trying to help him throughout the exam.

Annie then goes over and sits with the nearby Cara & Geoff, who are talking about what’s havened to Melody. Cara suggest ghat its pretty normal for a drunk guy to try to “hit on” a girl, but [naturally] Melody is standing behind her – and she waaaaaaaaaaay has a go at Cara for what she said.


Maddie approaches Jai in the corridor, and says tat she got great marks in her exam. She thanks Jai for helping her last night [i’m guessing that’s one of the scenes that I missed]. Jai then tells Maddie about his latest test results, and wonders if she will tutor him – she muchly agrees to do so.

Maddie then goes into a classroom and speak to Miles. He is shocked that Jai asked maddie to be his tutor, because of Jai’s reacton to the idea earlier. Maddie tells Miles that its must be that guy thing of wanting to believe that it was his [Jai’s] idea to get a tutor.


Tony enters and talk to Rachel – its clear that she already knows that the operation he had in the past can’t be reversed [another scene I missed I’m guessing]. Just after Rachel starts talking about other options for them, Tony rather surprisers Rachel when he says that he knows how much Rachel wants kids of her own, so, if she thinks it’s the best thing for her, that they should break of their engagement and go their separate ways, then they should break up


Melody approaches Axel and well & truly [waaaaaay emotionally] tells him that what he did to her was oh so VERY wrong. Great performance from Celeste Dodwell, and its clear that Axel is affected by what she has said – thoughts of when Kane truly began to understand what he’d done to Dani when they had those mediation sessions with Flynn.

After a sorrowful looking Axel walks way, Bartlett approaches Melody. He tells her tight she is a VERY brave girl for doing what she just did. Melody says that she thought that confronting Axel and seeing what she did would make her feel better, but she knows that she’ll only truly fell happy when Axel owns up to what he did.


Axel enters, and speaks to an unknown male uniformed officer. Axel says that he’d like to change his statement, as the one he previously gave to the police is wrong.


Melody is in the kitchen [looking out the window] when Geoff [behind her] tells Melody that Axel’s gone to the police and told them the truth. Geoff tells Melody that maybe they’ll be able to talk to Melody’ mum AND get back together. The look on Melody’s face [that Geoff can’t see] suggests that she’s not so keen on the idea.



Will Kane be sent to jail?

Will the father of Martha’s bub be revealed?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel waaaaay low cut v neck top - with black top neath/black long pants


Colleen: blue & white swirls blouse/blue [white floral] top


Matilda: SBH uniform


Annie: SBH uniform

Axel: SBH uniform

Cara: SBH uniform

Charlie: black & white horizontal striped singlet top

Geoff: SBH uniform

Jai: SBH uniform

Melody: dark blue school dress [with light blue blouse beneath]/dark blue tie

Miles: white [multicolour pattern – like an abstract painting] button up shirt/beige t shirt

Mr Bartlett: red: dark suit/white button up shirt/red [with green diag stripes] tie

Roman: faded black t/dark shorts

Tony: brown t

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