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Thurs, 12 June 08 - Episode # 4659

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ You’re In NO Position To Take The Moral High Ground “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 12 June 08 - Episode # 4659]


Belle insists to Annie & Geoff that she & Aden didn’t actually sleep togther – he just slept in her bed, and even that was against her wishes.

After Annie & Geoff have gone back up the hallway, Belle throws Aden’s shirt and him, and insist tat he should go out the window [doesn’t want any more embaressment etc]. Aden is [jokingly] annoyed that Belle won’t gave him a goodbye kiss. He the bails [window].


In one of the bedrooms, Jack & Martha are painting, and commenting about having to do the same thing for a nursery for their child, when Tonty enters the room. Jack & Martha tell Tony that Martha is preggers, but that they will hold off on making it public knowledge for a while. Tony is very please for them.


Colleen tell Morag & Ross that, in her opinion, Irene shouldn't be charged for what she did, but both Morag & Ross don’t seem to hold the same view as Colleen.

Colleen goes into the kitchen and she & Roman congratulate Rachel when she tells them that Rachel & Tony have set a wedding date. Colleen suggests that the month that they’ve chose is traditionally the rainiest of the year.


Harper talks to Jack about a new officer that’s been sent to their station. The person is question has been fast tracked through the system.


In the kitchen, Belle “suggest” that Annie & Geoff shouldn’t tell Irene about this, as she’s already got enough worries. Belle that reminds Geoff that, given his troubles with Melody & her mum, he can’t exactly take the moral high ground with Belle over what happened today.


Nicole is sitting at one of the tables when Aden sits beside her. He tells her that he slept in Belle’s bed last night. Nicole wonders if Aden remembers what occurred tween them last night, but Aden tells her that he can’t remember anything involving Nicole.

Despite this, Nicole tells Aden that she covered for him lat night – and told Roman that Aden was staying at a friend’s place [near the hospital].


Jack speaks to a female uniformed officer with the surname Watson. He tells her to inform the DPP that Kane has been transferred to the city.

Charlie enters the station and comment to Jack about how they would have handled things differently [apprehending Kane] in the city. Jack tells Charlie that he can’t really talk to her about this, before Jack realises that Charlie is the officer that has transfer to their station.

Charlie doesn’t appreciate Jack’s suggestions that she’s had things handed to her on a platter. She then wonders where her locker is, and jack asks Watson to show her.

When Watson & Charlie are on the main room, Harper gives jack some bad news – Charlie is his new partner. [Note – I hope Charlie’s arrival doesn’t mean that we loose Lara Fitzgerald].


Tony tells Rachel that news about Martha being preggers, and Rachel uses this as a springboard to tell Tony that she is keen ton start a family of her own.

Rachel leaves the room, as jack enters. Jack tells Tony that he’s got the partner form hell [Charlie].


Morag & Ross are somewhat annoyed when Nicole throws a menu on their table, rather then placing on. Nicole doesn’t seem to care though.

Charlie arrives at sits with Ross & Morag. Charlie` tells Ross that he’ll have to go home [city] as she is transferred here and some one will have to look after Ruby when she’s on holidays.


As Rachel & Tony do some painting in the room where Jack & Martha were doing the same thing earlier, Ra tells Tony hat she’s lined up the best surgeon for the operation to reverse the opearation that he had a few years ago. Rachel says tat she has arranged for an appointment today, but it looks like Tony isn’t exactly keen on the idea.


Charlie can't believe it when Ross tells her that not only does he think that Ruby will like it her in the bay, but that he is selling their home in the city [i.e. all those childhood memories, and memories of her mum]. In the middle of it all, Ross tells Charlie that he loves Morag, and as Charlie is about to bail, Morag tells Ross that she loves him too.


Rachel talks to Martha about how Tony seems a little uneasy about the operation etc, but Martha responds by joking at how men have a low pain threshold compared to woman.


Jack & tony also talk about what’s happening. Tony says that although it’s not exactly what he had in mind, he know that Rachel R#ALLY wants kids. Jack tells Tony that he’ll be a great dad just like he was to Jack & Lucas.


Belle is on her bed with her laptop when Aden climbs in through the window. Belle is annoyed, but she has to leave the room when the phone rings.

Whilst Belle is out of the room, Aden looks on the laptop at what belle was working on … and he likes it when he sees those pics of him she took at the beach recently.

Belle re entrs the room, and Aden eagerly comments about the photos. Belle claims that Aden just happens to be in those pics [i.e. that she wasn't deliberately photographing him] but Aden doesn’t believe her.

Belle insists that Aden has to leave – and he eventually does.


Tony speak to Dr Fagan about the operation to reverse the “snip” that he had years ago. Fagan tells Tony that because of the complications that Tony suffered after the operation, there’s NO chance that Tony can [biologically] father children again!!!


In the kitchen, Nic complains to Colleen that serving etc the customers is worse than doing the dishes, but colleen insists Nic has to be more pleasant with the customers.

Colleen exits [to go back into the main aera] as Roman enters the kitchen. He can tell the Nicole is down, and he wonders why. She tells him how a “friend” of hers likes a boy, but that this boy likes another girl. Roman empathises with Nic, but he doesn’t actually mention his own situation [roman & Martha].


Belle enters her room, and is shocked the Aden is in there. He has a camera phone, and insists on taking pics of her [as payback]. Belle “suggests” that Aden should go, but when they are right beside each other, Aden kisses Belle, and, more to the point, this ISN'T just a one way kiss!!!!



Will Kane be sent to jail?

Will the father of Martha’s bub be revealed?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: green, yellow & orange [with wide white lining at the top] dress – with blue singlet top beneath/red belt


Nicole: gold vest/black blouse/dark long pants


Morag: plum shawl/bone top & long pants


Aden: black t/black long pants

Aden: green [white crest] t/brown shorts

Annie: green [black horses motifs] top/dark shorts

Belle: black singlet top /grey PJ long pants

Charlie: cream long sleeve jacket/dark long pants

Colleen: red floral blouse/apricot top/maroon long pants

Dr Fagan: powder blue button up shirt/light grey long pants

Geoff: white [black wave and red & yellow sun motifs] t

Jack: light blue police uniform shirt/dark blue long pants /dark blue jacket

Ken Harper: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Martha: dark brown [blue wolf on yellow moon-like background] t/denim jeans

Rachel: orangey-red scoop top/dark long pants/blue tropical fish [whilst paining] poncho

Rachel: black,grey white & yellow [black bust, grey horiz wide stripe under bust, white & yellow beehive type design] singlet top/dakk chunnky beaded neckalce

Roman: white chef’s jacket/dark long pants

Ross: black [white vertical stripes] button up shirt/bone long pants

Tony: green t

Tony: red [white “PUMA” logo] t/denim jeans

Tony: black & white horizontal striped rugby jersey/dark track pants

Watson [female uniform officer]: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

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