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Wed, 11 June 08 – Episode # 4658

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Dumbfounded Kirsty “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 11 June 08 – Episode # 4658]


Kirsty is muchly worried about Kane – she hopes that police aren’t put in a position where they have to shoot Kane.


Kane runs amongst the barns etc of the farm, with Jack & Lara liking for him. Kane enters a nursery and realises that there’s nowhere else to run. He throws that gun away, and even before Jack & Lara corner him [form either side of the nursery], Kane has already put his hands in the air.


Nic sees Belle and wonders why she is here – Belle insists that no one was here for Aden, but Aden tells Belle that she & roman are her now, so Belle can scram.

Nearby, Nurse Gloria approaches Aden, and tells him that they’ll have to operate of his dad. Aden seems surprised, and that shock is added to when Dr Bentos urges that thet need to prep Larry for surgery. Aden seems anguished as Gloria goes with Dr Bentos,


Kane vehemently insists to Jack & Lara that Kirsty wasn't involved in any of his crimes, and that he wants to be sent to a jail far from here. Jack can’t believe that Kane is making demands – giving what’s happened.


DR Bentos suggest to Aden that he should talk to his dad before the surgery, but Aden isn’t keen to do so [even with the additional urgings of Roman, Belle & Nic.


Kirsty & Irene continue to be worried about Kane.

Annie & Geoff enter, and they are pleased to see Ollie again. Iren tells them that Kirsty is ollie's mum, and then Kirsty tells Annie & Geoff the KK story [on the run for 3 yo after a crime that Kane didn’t commit].

Lara & jack entre – they want Kirsty & Iren to go to the station with them.


After Kirsty & Irene enters the station with Lara & jack, the police insits that thet need statements from both.

As another officer takes Irene to the interview room, Jack & lira tell Kirsty then they have evidence [security cameras footage etc] that Kane’s done a LOT of robberies over the last 3 years. Kirsty is dumbfounded, whilst Jack & Lara can’t believe that Kirsty appears to not have known about any of this.

Soon after, Iren thanks Alf for coming to the station. After Alf makes a comment about what Irene go now, Irene tells him that she is going to go back home [check on Ollie, who is with Annie & Geoff] and then she wants to come back here for Kirsty.

Kirsty is called into the interview room. She is VERY hostile with her manner towards the police – he insists that Kane is being “set up” again.


Aden tells Roman & Belle about how his dad is drinking again. He tells them that his dad used to drink [and lost his business because of it]. Aden also tells them that Larry almost had his kids taken away from him, which is the reason why Aden’s grandfather came to stay at the house.

Nic approaches and tells them that there’s no news about Larry, and Aden uses this interruption to bail.


Jack & Lara suggest to Kirsty that they should be bail to give theat Kane is guilty by naming several place & dates that crimes have occurred. After not having luck with Kirsty rememerbring ones for a number of years ago [the early days that KK were on the run], the officers mention a crime form mid 07 in Sorrento [Victoria]. The look on Kristy’s face tells the police that she realises what they are saying “might” be true.


In the kitchen, Leah tells Belle that she is surprised that she is here, but Belle says that there’s nothing that she could do at the hospital.

Belle can’t believe that Irene “put her neck out” for Kane, but Leah insists that if Belle was in the same boat, Irene would do the same for Belle.

The phone rings =- Leah answers and she tells Belle that Aden’s dad is out of surgery.

Geoff enters the building, and frantically tells Belle & Leah [at the counter] that “everyone’s been arrested”.


Kirsty wonders if the police will keep there word and let her speak to Kane. She is pleased when Kane [in handcuffs] is led into the interview room.

Kirsty can’t believe that Kane did all of these crimes, but he insist that there's no way that they could live on the money that they got form fruit picking etc. He salos says that he only robbed form ppl that he thought could afford it. Kirsty can’t believe that Kane let her believe his lie, and she also now think that they should have given themselves up form the start [3 yrs ago] now.


Aden is drinking when Nic approaches. It’s clear that he’s already drunk a fair bit too. She tells him that she thinks that it’s silly that he is drikninkng, considering how much he hates his dad for drinking. Aden walks away.


Geoff, and to a lesser extent Annie can’t believe that even Belle is feeling sorry for KK. Kirsty & Irene seem pleased when Belle insist stat she understands moire now, but she also realises that Irene *& Alf are keen to talk, so she takes Ollie out on the room for his bath time, Annie & Geoff go too.

Irene tells Alf that they never mentioned that he knew that ken is in town. Alf is pleased by this, and hopes that Irene won’t suffer to badly for helping KK. Alf bails.


Its night time, and Aden is sitting on the wharf. Nic approaches and is keen to know why Aden is feeling the way that he is, but Aden thinks that he just wants to know his secrets. Nic insists that she is jealous of the way that Aden has been hanging out with Belle.

Aden surprises Nic by kissing her – but she pulls back, and insists tat she doesn’t want to be with him when he’s a mess like this. Nic walks way.


Belle’s in bed [with the lights off[ when she hears a sound. He turns on the lights – its Aden, who has climbed through the window. He lies across the foot of her bed. He thanks her for being there for him at the hospital. Belle insists that Aden can stay here – but only if he sleeps on the flor – indeed, she kicks him off the bed!!!

Later that night, Aden climbs into bed beside Belle. He says that the floor is too hard. Belle insists that Aden has to get out of her bed.

Next morn, Annie, Irene, Kirsty, Geoff & Ollie are at/near the dining table. Iren tells Annie & Geoff that she & Kirsty are going out to speak to a lawyer, before they approach Morag about this. Irene is pleased when Annie says that she will look after Ollie whilst there are out.

After Kirsty & Irene are gone, Geoff voices his annoyance at what’s happening, but Annie insists that not Ollie’s fault.

Ollie then heads for Belle’s room, and although Geoff & Annie try to stop him, Ollie gets to her door, and Annie & Geoff are shocked to see that Aden is next to belle in her bed. Btw, as Geoff & Annie shield Ollie form what’s happening, Belle looks annoyed that she’s been caught, but Aden looks very content with the situation.



Will Kane be sent to jail?

Will the father of Martha’s bub be revealed?

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Annie: purple [black birds?] top/green shorts


Leah: black low cut v neck thin strap top/white knee length skirt


Annie: green [black horses motifs] top/dark shorts


Aden: black t/black long pants/brown jacket

Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle: black singlet top

Belle: maroon [red straps] singlet top - with blue singlet top beneath/yellow belt/aqua shorts

Dr Bentos: medical blue top & long pants

Geoff: light blue [black “fortitude” and lion motif] t/dark long pants

Geoff: white [black wave and red & yellow sun motifs] t

Irene: grey long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Irene: light pink blouse/dark long pants

Jack: light blue police uniform shirt/dark blue cap/dark blue long pants

Kane: olive green button up shirt/white t/dark long pants/blue cap

Kirsty: blue [with pink & yellow flowers on bust] dress/black sunglasses/black cap

Kirsty: red v neck dress

Lara: light blue police uniform shirt/dark blue cap/dark blue long pants

Nicole: white singlet top/yellow shorts/gold necklace

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Oliver: red [with partly grey sleeves, and 2 white vertical stripes on sleeves] long sleeve top

Oliver: red t/blue [2 white vertical stripes] track pants/black & white sneakers

Roman: faded black t/dark long pants

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