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Mon, 9 June 08 - Episode # 4656

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Kirsty’s AWESOME Doubletake “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 9 June 08 - Episode # 4656]


In the kitchen, Leah comments to Irene about the irony of the Den being rally busy for the 1st time in ages – the irony being that Leah has had to cut back many of Belle’s shifts here.

Irene tries to talk to Leah about Miles, but VJ interrupts. He’s way bored here – and he wants to go and see Miles.

The phone rings – Leah answers, but it’s the hospital for Irene.


Kirsty is on the phone. When she gets off she tells Kane that Ollie is able to come out of hospital. Kirsty uses this news to tell Kane that she isn’t keen to keep running, as there have been too many close calls. Kane isn’t listening though. He gives Kirsty some money for the van rental as he heads out the door.


Miles tells Matilda that he knows that Leah is avoiding him – she crossed to the other side of the street etc.

Matilda then goes back to preparing some papers [her resume etc] on the table. Jai enters the room and wonders what it’s all about. After Matilda tells her about her interview with the uni, she realises that she didn’t printout some info on the uni, and the printer here is all but out of ink.

Jai bails and Matilda comments on how Jai is opening up on bit now. Miles counters this by saying that jai is doing so to everyone else but Miles.


In a busy [shops etc] par of town, Larry approaches Ric and suggest that he can drive today. Ric comments that Larry inlet exactly looking the best, but Ric agrees to do so [drive].


Jai enters and when VJ asks, he tells VJ that Miles is at home at present. Leah enters, and “suggests” to VJ that he shouldn't just wanders off like that without telling her. She takes his thought the kitchen door [assumable back to the Den].


Irene & Kirsty talk about her desire to stop running. Kirsty insists that she’s tried to convince Kane to give himself up.


The male owner of a jewellery store exits the shop and locks the door. After he has walked away, Kane approach the front door. It looking like he is seeing what sort of security it has.


Jai enters the kitchen, and tells Leah that he wants ti pay for the printing that he’s just done on the Den’s computers.

Leah accepts the money and then is worried about VJ, as Jai says that he’s not in the Den [after Leah asked him]. Miles enters – he hasn’t seen VJ either, so her & Leah bails.


Leah & Miles encounter Alf. He hasn’t seen BJ either. Leah suggests that CVHJ might have gone to the van park house.


Ric enters and he ask Jai is he was seen Matilda. Jai comments that the last time he was her she was getting ready. Jai says that he doesn't know what she was getting reedy for, but Ric knows he’s lying. Ric then sees that uni printouts in Jai’s hand.


Matilda sees Ric, who makes her very aware that he knows about the uni offer. Matilda insist that she doesn't even know if she’ll get in, let alone actually decide to study at the uni on the other side of the country. Matilda also insists that, after Ric’s news about Viv’s bub, it never seemed like a good time to tell him.

Matilda is still keen to have lunch with Ric, but he says that he is going back to work.


Kirsty electrets and sees no one there. She puts the rent money on the table but as she ais about to go, VJ enters the house [back patio] and wonders what Kirsty is doing. When she tells him, he says that he doesn’t actually live at this house, b7ut that his mum used to run the diner, and now runs the Den. Kirsty does a TOTAL double take when she realises who she is talking to, and VJ is surprised that she knows his name. Kirsty says that she is a firmed of Leah’s, and that she last saw VJ when he was a baby.

Kirsty hears Leah outside, and ruins out the back patio door. Miles & Leah enter, and Leah hugs VJ.


Ric catches Larry drinking on the job. Larry suggests that he had a big night last night – and he even gives Ric that alcohol flask. Ric insists tatbhe will report this if it happens again.


Leah sternly tells VJ that he just canl;t wonder off like that.

Talk turns to what VJ did whilst he was at thui house – VJ mentions that woman that knows Leah, but Miles thinks that the woman must be one of the van park cust9omers who knows Leah form the Den etc.

As Leah & VJ are abot to bail, Miles wonders to leah if they can talk – but ;eah inists tat she is busy. She & VJ bail.


Kirsty netrs, and Irene’s tells her that she’s now Ollie;s carer. Kirsty tells Irene about how she;’s just run out of the vph so leah wouldnlt see her. Kirsty alos tells irene about how she canlt believe that VJ is a little boy now [not the baby that she last saw him as].

Kirsty then inists tht iren that she IS going to make kane listen to her [as she’s rally tired of running].


Jai apologises to maddie about saying something to Ric, but Maddie thinnks its rally sweet that Jai got those print ours for her.

There’s a beep of a car horn outside, and maddie comment ts that Belle is here. As she bails, Jai wishes Maddie all the best. Maddie tells jai that she is glad that someone is happy for her.


Kane breaks into the jewellery shop


Kristy is annoyed tat Kane isn’t answering his phone. Kirsty that talk to Irene about how she is going to turn herself in. Irene agrees to look after Ollie, whilst Kirsty tells Irene that theter;s got to be a way for them to make the police she that Kane was innocent all along.


Ric & Larry are walking by the shops that they are keeping an eye on. ;Larry notices that the jewellers shop door has been forced open. He goes inside, but Kane surprised him and gets him in a headlock.

Ric hears something inidethe stores and goes in – gun in hand. He points it at Kane, and then realises who the burglar is. Kane insists that Ric must put his gun down, or he will hurt Larry. Ric complies - and Kane still has Larry in a headlock as the ep ends.



The police are after Kane!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Kirsty: blue [pink & yellow flowers on buts] dress/denim jacket/black cap


Matilda: black [white floral] way low cut v neck top [with brown top beneath]/denim shorts


Leah: black low cut v neck spaghetti strap top/white knee length skirt


Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/bone wide brim hat

Irene: light pink blouse/dark long pants

Irene: red polo shirt/dark long pants

Jai: white [grey check] t/black scarf/faded denim jeans

Kane: tan jacket/red [gold “mustangs”] t/white & black cap/denim jeans/black sunglasses

Larry: white [black security lapels on each shoulder] button up shirt/black jacket/black long pants

Matilda: light aqua [white trim] singlet top/dark long pants

Miles: green t/dark purple button up shirt/denim jeans

Ric: white [black security lapels on each shoulder] button up shirt/black jacket/black long pants

VJ: blue [white “munchen”] t/white board shorts

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